The Biggest Anchor Baby


Jeb Bush used the term “Anchor Baby” and is confused when people find it offensive. He says it’s “not his term.” He’s probably surprised there’s any sort of dust up because he didn’t say “Beaner Baby.”

The term “Anchor Baby” is used to refer to a child born to a noncitizen mother in a country which has birthright citizenship, especially when viewed as providing an advantage to family members seeking to secure citizenship or legal residency. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t actually give any advantage to a child’s family. That’s another one of those right-wing lies, like illegal immigrants are here to vote and sponge off our welfare system (they can’t vote and they can’t get on welfare).

Jeb is the biggest anchor baby. As in he’s trying to get a job based on his name. His brother used all his daddy’s friends’ money. They were in his administration. They were the lawyers fighting the Florida recount which gave him the presidency when he got fewer votes. Today Jeb is using his daddy’s friends’ money. They’re all his advisers. Jeb says he’s his own man. His actions show different. He is a Bush. He’s just like the other Bushes and his presidency will be a fourth Bush term.

No thanks.

His father went to war over oil. His brother went to war for oil. Started a war. He told us lies to start that war. Gave no-bid contracts to his buddies. He got thousands of Americans killed. He got tens of thousands more Iraqi citizens killed. He gave us ISIS. He created a terrorist state in Iraq. He had people tortured. He wrecked the economy. He watched a major American city get destroyed and didn’t do anything for the people there. He ignored warnings before 9/11. He destroyed America’s image throughout the world. His supporters even tried to rename “french fries.”

I’m not really eager to give these people another opportunity.

You might have a short memory or a conveniently forgetful one. If you supported the Iraq war then I don’t ever want to hear your opinion about our nation’s debt or the Iran Nuke Deal. You can’t be trusted.

That goes for the anchor baby Jeb!. You like that explanation point? I have another one for you.



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