Mickey Walks

Your mouth has probably gotten you in trouble at least once in your life. Hopefully, when you did it, it was when you were much younger and back in school and not during your adulthood like Ron DeSantis just did. What I’m talking about is when you say something and get yourself into trouble yet you keep talking, dig a deeper hole for yourself to climb out of, and get yourself into more trouble. Maybe it got you extra homework, suspension, detention, being grounded by your parents, or even getting your ass kicked. I think I did all of those. What Ron DeSantis did was keep talking until he got his ass kicked. What’s he doing about it now? He’s still talking.

Ron DeSantis is not smart enough to know when to shut up.

When the Walt Disney Company opposed the “Don’t Say Gay” law, DeSantis and Republicans should have just shrugged their shoulders. Speaking out in disagreement with Disney wouldn’t have harmed them either. But instead of just accepting that not everyone agrees with their homophobia, Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans in the legislature declared war. Ron DeSantis set out to punish Disney for exercising its right to free speech.

Remember, this was over a difference of opinion. Disney was not campaigning against Ron DeSantis, Republicans, or even their hateful legislation. For the goons, it was, “How dare they disagree with us.”

First, Republicans took Disney’s self-governing district from them, of which there are over 1,800 in the state. It was just this one that belonged to “woke” Disney that had to be dealt with. But DeSantis and his goons then had to figure out how to move the costs of the district, that Disney was going to pay for it, back onto Disney and not the residents inside that district. It looks bad on a Republican governor, especially one who’s about to run for president, to raise taxes.

DeSantis created a new board to govern the district and filled it with religious fundamentalist goose-stooping zealots of his. The intentions of the new board weren’t just to regulate roads and sewage, but to hold Disney hostage, and refuse to improve areas in the district unless Disney made its entertainment product more family-friendly as Ron DeSantis saw it. It was a fascist move. But, before the new goon board took over, Disney pulled a fast one and the outgoing board made new rules that made is so the new board couldn’t make any changes until the years after the last living member of the royal family dies. This means the new board will NEVER make any changes or be able to hold Disney hostage to its fundamentalist whims.

So Ron DeSantis sued Disney…and then Disney sued DeSantis for attacking their freedom of speech which is how this entire thing started.

Ron DeSantis likes to say Florida is “where woke goes to die.” DeSantis is making Florida where the First Amendment goes to die. Ron DeSantis is making Florida hostile to business and free speech.

DeSantis should have known to leave well enough alone, but he’s stupid and he doesn’t have the personality or charisma to fight this war with one of Florida’s largest employers and largest tourist attractions.

Last Thursday, Disney announced it was scrapping plans for a $1 billion development in Orlando that would have involved the creation of a new office complex, importing a division from California, and generating 2,000 new jobs.

Disney intended to relocate its famed Imagineering department over the protests of its employees to take advantage of Florida tax incentives. Those employees did NOT want to leave California for Florida. Who can blame them? Now, Disney is going to keep those people in California. Some employees have already been relocated to Florida and Disney is working on new plans for them which may be re-relocating them back to California.

Disney parks chief Josh D’Amaro didn’t mention the culture war with DeSantis when he made the announcement, but Disney CEO Bob Iger was explicit in a call with investors last week when he asked, I’m assuming rhetorically, “Does the state want us to invest more, employ more people, and pay more taxes, or not?” Apparently, the state does not.

Ron DeSantis is stupid. He’s a Republican and Republicans are supposed to be good for business. Right? DeSantis is always talking about how great Florida is for business, yet here he is going to war with one over free speech. DeSantis has even talked about raising taxes on Disney, installing toll roads into and out of the resort, and even building a state prison next to it. Do you really want to move your business to Florida where there’s a petulant governor who may use his power to go after your business if you dare disagree with him?

So, how does Ron DeSantis run for the Republican presidential nomination when he’s killing business, jobs, and revenue for his state? Riddle me that, dumbass.

David Jolly, a former Republican Congressman from Florida said, “I think it’s a humiliating defeat for DeSantis nationally. It shows a mix of incompetence, vanity, stubbornness, and failure. Those are all the wrong themes for someone about to announce a run for the White House from a relative position of strength.”

Chris Christie said, “I don’t think Ron DeSantis is a conservative, based on his actions towards Disney.”

Donald Trump said DeSantis had been “caught in the mouse trap” and “now is doing even less for Florida’s economy.” Do you know how stupid you have to be to get owned by a Donald Trump quote? That’s like losing a spelling bee to Lauren Boebert.

Ron DeSantis understands business less than Donald Trump understands tariffs. Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed greatest businessman who ever lived (not true), and who also claims to have given Americans the largest tax cut in history (also not true), raised tariffs on imports that American consumers paid, which was a tax hike of over $80 billion.

Right now, Ron DeSantis is trying to save face and his ego, so he’s continuing his war with Disney when if he was really smart enough to be president, he’d know it’s past time to shut the fuck up.

Ron DeSantis isn’t even smart enough to understand that eating pudding with his fingers or stomping around in big white rubber boots will go viral, but it’s Mickey’s boots that are made for walking…walking out of Florida.

Creative note: I struggled this morning. I didn’t care that I had just drawn a cartoon on Ron DeSantis a few days ago (which went crazy popular on social media) or that I had just drawn Mickey for CNN. I hadn’t touched this issue yet and I made it a priority to do it today. The only problem was that I didn’t have a good idea for it. I wrote three ideas this morning and I think they were all OK, but I kept writing even though it was getting later in the day. Then I wrote a fourth idea I liked very much. And just as I was finishing up the rough outline of it, this idea hit me. And for a few seconds, I thought which one do I go with…Yeah, I gotta go with the boots.

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    1. “How dare you… how DARE you insinuate that Ms. DeathSentence and Ms. HawseFaceley could POSSIBLY be GAY!!!???
      They are such Sweet, Sweet Boys, and Ms. DeathSentence does wear those Cute White Boots that she borrowed from Ms. Green M&M, and Ms. HawseFaceley can run so amazingly fast on her High Stiletto Heels, and they are such Sweet, Sweet Boys, and it just Breaks My Heart… It Just BREAKS MY HEART!!!… ⊹sob⊹ ⊹sob⊹ “/s😉

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  1. That’s just it, the Republicans are, hypocrites, they preach about one thing then, do the, completely, opposite to what they preach, and what’s worse, is that, the voters are, still, in a, comatose, following, them…the U.S. is destined to get screwed over, if the Republicans were to, take over the, country…

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    In a nut shell … “David Jolly, a former Republican Congressman from Florida said, “I think it’s a humiliating defeat for DeSantis nationally. It shows a mix of incompetence, vanity, stubbornness, and failure. Those are all the wrong themes for someone about to announce a run for the White House from a relative position of strength.”


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