Treasonous Business

Republicans don’t actually care about corruption. They only care about taking partisan shots.

Donald Trump is corrupt. Donald Trump didn’t just take money from foreign nations at his hotel and resorts during his presidency (sic). He openly sought it, like the time he attempted to host the G7 Summit at one of his failing bedbug resorts. But do Republicans go after his corruption? Do they go after Clarence Thomas? Do they go after George Santos? No, instead they go after assumed corruption in the Biden family.

Republicans love to call the Russia investigation a “hoax.” But the real hoax is their attempt to frame the Biden family for corruption where there isn’t any.

There’s an old expression, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” meaning that if you see smoke, then there has to be a fire. But we don’t see any smoke from the Bidens.

Again, it’s like Hunter’s laptop. Sure, he probably owned a laptop and if you listen to Republicans, that’s the crime. Just merely owning a laptop is a sign of corruption. Never mind that a Republican stole it and gave it to Rudy Giuliani. Not one Republican in this nation, or Ted Rall, can specify any evidence of a crime on Hunter’s laptop.

And yeah…members of the Biden family conducted business in foreign countries. That’s not a crime. The Trump family has done the same thing. And, there’s no evidence that President Joe Biden ever conducted business with a foreign nation or sold access to anything…but Republicans keep saying he did. But, no Republican can point at any evidence that suggests he did. No Republican can find any evidence that President Biden committed a crime.

There’s no smoke.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is looking to see how Trump’s company worked with foreign nations while he was president (sic), and quite possibly after his presidency (sic) while he had stolen classified information pertaining to specific companies. And he should look at all that. Why?

Because Donald Trump is corrupt.

Creative note: I attended an event today at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. This cartoon was started on the train and finished at the Library of Congress. Also, the blog is short and late because I wrote it on the train home.

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  1. The real smoke is rising anywhere a Republiican accuses a non-Republican of a crime. The only way a Republican knows what a crime looks like is because he or she or their friends committed that exact same crime already! So if you see smoke, look not at who is being accused, but at who is doing the accusing! There you will find not only smoke, but fire!

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  2. Yep, there is definitely a double standard. Joe Biden is somehow subservient to China (??) but it’s totally fine that Trump praised Kim Jung Un who wrote such “beautiful letters” to him! The MAGA universe never makes any sense….


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