Embrace The Corruption


For Donald Trump, the best way to end a probe into corruption is to engage in more corruption.

I published a cartoon September 25, predicting that Sessions would be fired right after the midterms. I re-shared it on social media to boast about my amazing abilities to predict the political future, and a lot of my readers complimented me on it too. But to be honest, it didn’t take the Amazing Kreskin or Miss Cleo to see this one coming. I was only half-right as Rod Rosenstein wasn’t fired, at least not yet. I was also off in believing Andrew Gillum had Florida, so I won’t be off to Vegas for a career in making wagers.

Trump didn’t have to fire Rosenstein as he put in a lackey to temporarily run the Justice Department. Typically, the Deputy Attorney General would be the interim director, but Trump made Sessions’ chief-of-staff, Matt Whitaker, the new head which directly puts him in charge of the Special Counsel’s investigation into the Russian investigation and Trump’s obstruction of justice.

As we have all come to know too well, Trump likes lackeys. He’s been upset with Sessions ever since he recused himself from the Russia investigation, despite it being the right thing to do. Trump said more than once that Sessions should have told him beforehand that he’d recuse himself so Trump could have hired someone else. That’s Trump admitting that any Attorney General should have seen he would come under investigation. That’s another thing you didn’t have to be Miss Cleo to see coming.

Trump wants someone in charge at Justice who will kiss his ring, pay homage, join the cult, and want the embrace. Trump gave a press conference yesterday blaming Republicans who lost their races on their refusal to embrace him. He even called them out by name, refusing to realize that each of the losses was his fault.

Whitaker wants the embrace. He’s written more than once and spoken on cable news about obstructing Robert Mueller’s investigation. He’s speculated about cutting Mueller’s funding and even accused him of “crossing a red line,” despite him not knowing where any lines are. The White House considered Whitaker their “eyes and ears” of the Justice Department, an agency they consider hostile toward Trump. Whitaker has referred to the investigation as a “lynch mob.”

Whitaker was also the campaign manager for Sam Clovis’ campaign for Iowa State Treasurer, who went on to work on the Trump campaign which made him a witness in the Russia investigation. Now, Whitaker is overseeing the Russia investigation where he can also inform Trump what Mueller is doing. Whitaker has conflicts of interest and needs to recuse himself. This is how you build an oligarchy.

Thankfully, the House will be led by Democrats who can issue subpoenas into Trump’s obstruction, collusion, corruption, and everything else shady he’s been doing. The House will now do the job the Republicans should have been doing. Trump lost Devin Nunes leading the Intelligence Committee, who would run to the White House to share committee information with Trump and leak memos to the press. But, Trump has a new Nunes to temporarily lead the Justice Department.

I wouldn’t trust Whitaker to manage a Taco Bell less enough the Justice Department.  The integrity of Mueller’s investigation must remain intact, but we know Trump and his sycophants don’t do integrity.

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Drain The Deep State


I’m sure corrupt Republicans were corrupt long before Donald Trump became the cult leader of their party. But, he totally emboldened them to push the limits of greed and self-serving.

Donald Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution by making money from his office. Anyone who feels the need to get on Trump’s good side, which he makes very clear is required, stays at his hotel in Washington. From Republicans to foreign dignitaries, they put their money into Trump’s pockets. Recently, the embassies of Kuwait and the Philippines held parties in the ballroom in the D.C. Trump Hotel.

It’s not just in Washington either as revenue for the Trump Hotel in New York rose by 13% after two years of decline, just by one five-day visit from a Saudi Prince. Neither the Prince nor any members of the Saudi royal family actually stayed at the hotel, as they have standards and probably heard what Trump does on the mattresses with hookers, but he sent his entourage to stay there.

Trump also makes huge windfalls every time he plays golf at one of his resorts as the United States government needs to pay for members of the administration and various government employs to book rooms. There’s also his restaurants at the resorts and hotels, golf cart rentals (which the Secret Service has to pay to watch Trump cheat at golf), and other incidentals.

Trump also stole from his charity to buy gifts for himself and settle lawsuits for his businesses. The charity was also managed by the Trump Campaign during the presidential race, and coordinated for political events. Other acts of corruption and cons are Trump’s fake university and paying off porn stars and Playmates to keep quiet about sleeping with him. He’s also giving do-nothing campaign jobs with huge salaries to former White House staffers, so they’ll keep their mouths shut too.

Trump is rewarded for all of this with an approval rating from Republicans nearing 90%. So, when other Republican politicians witness this, why wouldn’t they think they could get away with it? When Trump’s corruption is investigated and people are going to prison, he cries “witch hunt” and perpetuates the ridiculous deep state theory.

Republican congressman Duncan Hunter is blaming the deep state for his troubles. He has been indicted on a series of counts ranging from conspiracy to campaign finance violations. He is being accused of spending campaign money on personal expenses.

In a seven-year period, Hunter and his wife overdrew their checking account over 1,100 times with overdraft fees of $37,761. The Hunters took more than $250,000 from his campaign.

They would make personal purchases and later claim they were campaign related, like buying golf clothes and later claiming they were golf balls for a Wounded Warriors project. They spent thousands on vacations to Italy and Hawaii, on video games, books, puzzles, trips to Costco, Target and Walmart, computers, and lavish meals. Duncan Hunter once claimed miles on a trip where he didn’t take his car. He also made his wife his campaign manager, so she could collect the salary.

His wife once paid an overdue balance to her dentist and then later told the campaign’s treasurer it was for a charity called “Smiles for Life.”

Then, there’s the bunny. Hunter spent $600.00 to fly the family’s pet rabbit. No word yet if Hoppy ever got his own room at a Trump resort.

When he would be questioned by his staff about the expenses, he would accuse them of not being loyal. Does that sound familiar? Also, familiar sounding, when the indictments came down, he blamed a “deep state” conspiracy among “partisan Democrat prosecutors,” despite the fact they’re coming from other Republicans. The prosecutor was appointed by Jeff Sessions. He also blamed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and claims this attack on him is a way to get to the president.

Hunter was the second Republican in Congress to endorse Trump for president. The first Republican to endorse him was Chris Collins from New York who was just…wait for it…indicted for insider trading. Yes, the first two Republicans in Congress to endorse Donald Trump have been indicted. Once you go orange, you don’t go back.

They love to shout “drain the swamp” at Trump rallies. Trump has said he initially didn’t like the phrase as he thought it was cheesy but grew to like it when it became a chant. Obviously, it’s about the chant and not the definition. Even if Trump does know what “drain the swamp” means, he has no real intention of ending corruption in Washington as his administration may already be the most corrupt in American history.

If Trump really wanted to end corruption in D.C. and “drain the swamp,” he would resign. Maybe that would be an act other Republicans could follow.

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MAGA Corruption


Have you seen a Trump rally on TV, or even worse, been to one? If so, you’ve witnessed the Trump sycophants chant “lock her up,” despite there being several people from the Trump campaign, administration, and assorted goons connected to him who will be the ones locked up soon. They like to chant “build the wall,” while not realizing that their goofy asses will be the ones paying for that wall. Now, they like to yell “space force,” despite not knowing what it is and not thinking how they’re going to pay for it when they haven’t even started paying for that racist wall yet. But, one of my favorites is “drain the swamp.” Drain the what now?

The swamp, man. The swamp. It’s a metaphor for all the corrupt Democrats who are profiting from their government positions and squirreling around protecting each other.

Like Hillary Clinton. She sold all of our uranium to Russia who took it out of our nation to use it against us in nuclear weapons (because Trump told us uranium is nukes) and then she took all the money to buy pantsuits. Oh, wait. That’s not even remotely true. She didn’t approve the sale, didn’t get any of the money, and Russia can’t take the uranium out of the United States. Darn.

But, Hillary did take money out of her charity, the Clinton Foundation to purchase gifts for herself, pay fines incurred by her businesses, and pay off corrupt politicians. What? That was Trump and his charity, the Trump Foundation?

Didn’t Hillary at least host charity events at her golf resorts and make huge profits from it? Wrong? That was Trump too, and Hillary doesn’t even own any golf courses? Does she at least play golf?

Didn’t she charge her campaign and the Democratic National Committee rent and make buckos off that? Trump again with his campaign and the RNC? Well pooh.

At least there’s that one Democrat in Congress, who was a wrestling coach, knew about another coach showering and touching young boys, and he kept his mouth shut about it. That’s pretty swampy. My bad. That was Republican Jim Jordan, who wants to be the next Speaker of the House, by the way, and who I do not want to see in a wrestling singlet (ew).

What about that Democrat caught on a microphone saying his party is the only thing standing between investigations and the president and will try to impeach the Deputy Attorney General? Yikes. That was Republican Devin Nunes and that happened just this week. Nope. Don’t wanna see him in a wrestling Speedo either.

Obama played a lot of golf, right? Well, every time he played it was at one of his resorts where he charged the government for his staff to stay, and he even charged the Secret Service golf cart fees to follow him around while he cheated at golf. What? Trump again? Obama doesn’t own resorts either?

What about Malia Obama? While her dad was president, her made-in-China products were excluded from tariffs and her personal wealth increased $81 million during her dad’s first year in office. That was Ivanka? Are you sure? Malia was still in high school, and she doesn’t even have a product brand? Man…

Well, how about Sasha Obama’s husband? His wealth increased too and foreign policy was shaped to punish nations depending on whether they loaned his family money or not. Come again? Sasha doesn’t have a husband and wasn’t even old enough to get married? Don’t tell me that was Jared. It was Jared.

What about Obama’s head of the EPA, who was taking charter flights everywhere, building up personal security, purchasing a soundproof booth, getting sweetheart deals by renting from lobbyists, and…That was Scott Pruitt, Trump’s appointee?

This one is new. Congressman Chris Collins served on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over the pharmaceutical industry in which Collins was deeply invested. He was seen on the phone, while on the White House lawn for a picnic, telling his son to sell stock where he served on the board of directors and was the largest stockholder. Collins learned that a test for a potentially revolutionary multiple-sclerosis drug had failed, and his son saved $768,000 by selling the stock before the public could. That guy is a Demo….crap.  Another Republican. He was also the first Republican in Congress to endorse Trump? Well, this is starting to look kinda bad.

Ya know, if I didn’t know better, I’d start to think all those dorks at the Trump rallies are stupid hypocrites.

Maybe we should drain a Trump rally.

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Haz Mor Corupshun


EPA Director Scott Pruitt’s defense that he used his position to unethically seek a Chick-fil-A franchise for his wife was that he really likes fried chicken. That’s like defending yourself of taking kickbacks by saying you really like money.

On Thursday at an event at FEMA HQ, Donald Trump said to Pruitt, “EPA is doing really, really well. Somebody has to say that about you a little bit, you know that, Scott.” Yeah. Somebody has to say it because nobody else is saying it.

Over 100 lawmakers, including Republicans, have called for Pruitt to resign or be fired. Chief of Staff John Kelly, who has defended a wife beater on his staff, has lobbied for Trump to fire Oklahoma Scottie. The restaurant in the White House basement in the West Wing has requested for Pruitt to stop eating there so much. One of his top aides, Millan Hupp, has resigned with reports saying she was tired of being “thrown under the bus.”

Pruitt may be the most corrupt member of Trump’s administration, which is a hefty accomplishment among shitweasels. He attempted to give Hupp a raise of over 50% and involved her in all sorts of schemes, from buying a used nasty mattress from the Washington Trump Hotel to goad Chick-fil-A into giving his wife a franchise. After hearing the rumors of what Trump had Russian prostitutes do to a mattress, that’s the last thing I’d want from a Trump hotel.

There are currently more than a dozen investigations into Pruitt’s scandals. So many in fact, that Republicans are trying to decrease funding for the watchdog agency tasked with the investigations. With that many investigations, a lot of people wonder why Pruitt still has his job. I’m wondering why he’s not in jail.

It’s a long list of scandals for Pruitt. They include him getting a cheapo rate for boarding at a lobbyist’s condo, excessive travel expenses and security, spending around $1,500 on fancy pens, attempting to spend mega bucks on a portrait of himself, buying a soundproof booth, buying expensive doors for his office, wanting his security to use their flashy lights and sirens so they can run red lights and get him to get him to French restaurants quicker, and the pay raises, Trump’s mattress, and now Chick-fil-A.

Let’s hope for Scottie that the investigations are also closed on Sundays.

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Drain The Sewer


While everyone, including myself, has spent the majority of the Trump era focused on Russia, the real danger for the orange stain on the presidency may be corruption. Make no mistake about it, the Trump administration is corrupt.

Donald Trump refuses to release his taxes, and we can only speculate based on the trails of Russian money and the popularity of his condos with money launderers, where the bulk of his income comes from. He also refuses to relinquish his businesses. Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm when he sought the presidency in order to avoid the appearance of conflict. Trump is taking money from foreign hotel guests who visit Washington.

The fact is Trump is making money off the presidency. Foreign dignitaries make sure to stay at the Trump Hotel in Washington to curry favor with the administration. Trump rents office space to the Secret Service at his properties, forcing the federal government to pay to protect him. Every time he goes to Mar-a-Lago or another of his resorts, he makes money off employees of the government and foreign dignitaries who rent rooms, purchase meals, rent golf carts, etc. He hosted the leaders of Japan and China at his Florida digs so he could use the ruse of diplomacy to make a buck off his guests. He even charges the Secret Service rental fees for the golf carts they require to follow his chunky ass around on the course. I’m starting to think it’s not really about the golf.

Ivanka’s fashion business has won a lucrative trademark in China, rare for a U.S. Company. Her husband Jared, the most powerful man in the country who can’t obtain a security clearance, is using the White House to negotiate business loans for his debt-heavy NYC properties. He’s attempted to obtain bribes from Qatar, and when that failed our nation initiated a blockade on the Persian Gulf nation.

The precedent for the rest of the administration is set at the top, and slime slimes downhill. Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has caught heat for his expensive travel and purchasing a secure phone booth in his office that cost $43,000. Pruitt also has an around-the-clock security detail that consists of nearly 30 people, which should finally stop the long history of assassination attempts on EPA chiefs.

One of Pruitt’s excuses for traveling on military and luxury flights, like Emirates which has those snooty Jennifer Aniston commercials, is because when he flies coach other passengers tell him he sucks.

When Pruitt goes home to Tulsa, which is quite often, he charges the government for him staying in his own house. Seriously. Now, it’s come to light that he’s had a sweetheart deal from a lobbyist to rent a Washington, D.C. condo at $50 a night, but just for the nights he stays there. Pruitt’s daughter was allowed to stay for free in the condo less than a block from the Capitol. I’m going to ask my landlord if I can deduct from my rent the nights I’m not home.

The condo is owned by a lobbyist’s wife. This lobbyist has hosted fundraisers for Pruitt in the past and represents companies that need approval from the EPA to poison the environment. The EPA approved Canadian energy company Enbridge’s plan to expand a pipeline carrying oil to the United States from Canadian tar sands.

Washington is an expensive place to rent. The average rental in the city is $113.00 a night and condos in the same building as the one Pruitt rented go for $5,000 a month.

Pruitt gave an interview to Fox News on Wednesday night. He probably figured it was as safe as a $43,000 phone booth to plead his case to an audience of one to keep his job. As it turns out, Fox’s Ed Henry was actually tough on him.

Pruitt claimed he had just found out about raises totaling over $84,000 that went to two of his friends in his agency, despite the White House declining to authorize the raises. Pruitt said he found out about the raises Tuesday, and he put a stop to it. No answer on who gave the buddies, who followed him from his job as Oklahoma’s attorney general, those big pay bumps.

Pruitt also challenged the host to go on Craigslist to discover his rental price for the condo was in line with D.C. rental prices. Is there an alternate Craigslist out there, because the one I looked at doesn’t list any condos a block from the Capitol for $50 a night? Maybe there’s a special lobbyists Craigslist for corruption. If you stay at a place in Washington for $50 a night, you better enjoy stab wounds.

Trump has been defending Pruitt and even called him to reassure his job was safe. But, a phone call or a promise from Trump can be the kiss of death, especially if he’s made up his mind.

Trump does like the job Pruitt is doing rolling back Obama-era environmental regulations. Plus, you know Trump doesn’t care about corruption. Pruitt may not make it through today, but that would only be because of public pressure.

Scott Pruitt is corrupt. He’s a thief and he’s stealing from us. He has to go. His boss is also stealing from us and he should go too.

The slime runs downhill.

Here’s the video.

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