Caw-Caw to Racists

Alabama must not care about its image of being a racist state because it sent a racist to the United States Senate. In addition to being one of the dumbest members of Congress (he thinks World War II was a battle against socialism, that Al Gore was president-elect for 30 days, and the three branches of government are the House, Senate, and Cracker Barrell), Tommy Tuberville is one of the most racist members of Congress.

Tuberbille is currently singlehandedly blocking over 200 promotions in the military over…wait for it…wokeness. I told you he’s dumb. Tuberville believes the Pentagon is forcing members of the armed services to read liberal books and is providing abortions.

Tuberville said, “They’re politicizing the military so much, they’re ruining our military,” while he’s blocking promotions and harming our military’s preparedness because of politics. Tuberville’s actions on the military are so extreme, that other Republicans have criticized him for it, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The military is the most trusted government institution. While Americans have distrust over the presidency, Congress, and even the Supreme Court, most give high marks to the military. Most Americans support our troops. Perhaps having a black Secretary of Defense is what makes it so difficult for Tommy Tuberville to support our military because Tommy Tuberville is a racist.

At a Trump event last year in Nevada, Tuberville equated black people with criminals. He said, “They want crime because they want to take over what you got. They want to control what you have. They want reparations because they think the people that do the crime are owed that.” That’s pretty fucking racist.

A couple days ago, Tommy Tub-Tub gave an interview on a radio show and howled about conservatives being oppressed and kicked out of the military, which isn’t happening. In the interview, he said, “The Democrats are attacking our military, saying we need to get out the White extremists, the White nationalists, people that don’t believe in our agenda.”

He also said, “We, our military and (Defense Secretary Lloyd) Austin put out an order to stand down and all military across the country, saying we’re going to run out the White nationalists, people that don’t believe how we believe and that’s not how we do it in this country.”

When asked if White nationalists should be allowed to serve in the military, he replied, “They call them that. I call them Americans.” This is the most support white nationalist terrorists have received from an elected official since Donald Trump said “stand back and stand by” to the Proud Boys.

Tuberville wasn’t complaining about the left villainizing Trump supporters and painting them as racists and domestic terrorists. No, he was defending white nationalists. He was defending racists. Do you know who commits the most terrorist acts in this nation? White nationalists, that’s who.

And if he was trying to defend conservatives from accusations of being racists, he failed big time because he’s stupid.

Tubby got his argument from Tucker Carlson, who also defended white nationalists on his primetime show before Fox News fired him (and not because he’s a racist). When President Biden promised to “confront and defeat” the “rise of political extremism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism,” Tucker took issue with that.

Tucker didn’t say, “Yeah, let’s defeat racism.” No, Tucker defended the racists. Tucker asked on his show, “What does it mean to wage war on white supremacists? Can somebody tell us in very clear language what a white supremacist is?”

The thing is, you don’t have to tell Tucker in “very clear language” what a white supremacist is. All you have to do is hand him a mirror. And while we’re at it, hand one to Tommy as well, because when that stupid motherfucker looks in a mirror, the person he’ll see staring back at him is a stupid white nationalist.

I’m not worried about the lifting of Title 42 allowing more Latino migrants into this nation. I would rather have them than homegrown white nationalists like Tucker Carlson and Tommy Tuberbille.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head – somewhere in the DOJ there has to be a Law against Racist or White Supremacy/nationalists and report it to the FBI. Need to cut the head off the snake before the south rises again and the tide cannot be turned off. Tuber not supporting the Military needs to be a talking point for the Dems that the “GOP Does NOT Support the Military”, someone spread it on social media and the news (TV and papers), it’s not a lie, miss truth – It’s a FACT.

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    1. The median IQ in Alabama is lower than the median age. Alabamans worship Jesus/Football above all else so why not elect a bible thumping football coach? Simple logic!

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      1. Sigh. Sadly, you are right. Education isn’t a high priority in states like Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi … and they follow the loudest voices. How else could Herschel Walker have come as close as he did to winning a Senate seat, or Marge Greene be sitting today in the House of Representatives.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    TUBBERVILLE!! — Damn Alabama!! You deserve better!! Then again, this may be YOU — “Alabama must not care about its image of being a racist state because it sent a racist to the United States Senate. In addition to being one of the dumbest members of Congress”

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