Biden Crime Family

What’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop that’s evidence of a crime? Have you heard or seen anything verifiable? Sure, you got MAGAts all over social media saying there’s proof without providing any. You got them showing pics that are fakes they claim are from the laptop. You have them saying there’s evidence on the laptop that President Biden is corrupt….except there’s not.

Pay attention when Republicans talk about crime within the Biden family. Sure, Hunter Biden used his father’s name to make money in Ukraine and maybe China. Then there are other members of the Biden family who have done business with foreign nations. And just like with the laptop, Republicans are making a lot of noise without providing anything of substance. Even the accusations they make about the Bidens aren’t accusations of crimes.

It’s not a crime to do business with a foreign country. It’s not a crime to get hired because of who you know or who you’re related to. It’s not a crime to own a laptop.

Republicans held onto the laptop for years without showing us any crimes on it. If there was evidence of a crime on the laptop, we’d have seen it by now. The only crimes associated with the laptop is that it was stolen by…wait for it…Republicans.

Now, Oversight Committee chair James Comer has released a 36-page report accusing some Biden family members and associates of using a “complicated network” of more than 20 companies, mostly LLCs formed when Joe Biden was vice president and used “incremental payments over time” to “conceal large financial transactions.” Oh my God! No! No! Say it isn’t so. Say it…wait. What crime was committed?

Comer said, “From a historical standpoint, we’ve never seen a presidential family receive these sums of money from adversaries around the world.” Which adversary, China? Comer says the family made $10 million from foreign governments, not all of them “adversaries.” But, Ivanka got 41 patents approved by China WHILE she was pretending to work in the White House. Reports estimate that Ivanka and Jared, Javanka, made between $178 million to $640 million while in the White House, Jared received $2 billion directly from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia shortly after he left the White House.

Talk about getting a job because of your last name or who you’re married to.

If doing business in foreign countries is illegal, then why is it OK when Republicans do it? At this very moment, Donald Trump is raking in millions from Saudi Arabia by allowing their golf tournaments on his courses. Trump even made millions from foreign nations while he was president (sic). His very first overseas trip as president (sic) was to Saudi Arabia, who’s dropping billions on the Trump family since they left the White House.

None of the Biden family members that Republicans claim made money from foreign governments ever worked in our government. They don’t influence policy. They don’t write legislation.

Comer said, “I don’t think anyone in America who’s watching C-SPAN or any other network covering this would think that it’s just a coincidence that nine Biden family members have received money for this influence-peddling scheme.” Except, he hasn’t shown any proof of an “influence-peddling scheme.”

Comer also said, “We believe that the president has been involved in this from the very beginning.” Involved in what? Your imagination?

Comer has a whistleblower who he claims will blow the roof off the joint and provide evidence of the president’s corruption except that the whistleblower has gone missing. I can’t wait to hear what bullshit they create over this. Maybe Hillary Clinton made the whistleblower disappear. Maybe the whistleblower is tied up in the basement of Comet Ping Pong Pizza with all the child sex slaves.

Joe Biden has been in politics since the 1970s. You would think that if he’s corrupt, we would have seen at least a smidge of evidence by this time. The trail of Donald Trump’s corruption emerged years before he entered politics. Multiple associates of Trump have been indicted and imprisoned. How many of his goon friends did he pardon?

If you want to look at corruption in politics, then look at the Republican Party. Look at George Santos and Clarence Thomas. Remember Congressman Chris Collins who was indicted for insider trading? Remember Congressman Duncan Hunter who stole campaign funds? This is not ancient history though Republicans want you to forget it. While they’re screaming some made-up shit about the Bidens, one of their sitting members of the House is facing 13 charges with many including theft of public funds, and money laundering.

Republicans, if you got something, show it. Put up or shut up. But they won’t show up, especially if they don’t have anything. Can you imagine the outcry we’d get from Republicans if Hunter worked in the White House and then was gifted $2 billion from a head of state he was directly involved with? Republicans are much worse at what they accuse Democrats of being.

Comer released 36 pages of noise. Just like the laptop, the accusations of corruption in the Biden family is just a bunch of noise.

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  1. I’m the whistleblower and ALL GOP and MAGAt’s are crooked and I’m typing this on a laptop, now where is Patel with his $50K to tell my story

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