Roughs, Volume 183

This batch of roughs was drawn over the span of two weeks. I thought it would be better to combine them. But first, let’s post one that’s not a rough.

I drew this last week after the CNN Trump town hall. And right after I finished it, I thought of something liked a lot better, so I scrapped this and started on the other cartoon. I think I made the right call.

This is what I trashed the previous cartoon for. I roughed it out and bounced it off my proofreaders. Laura liked the new idea much better.

I drew this rough last year and knew it was good, so I saved it. Last Friday, my editor at CNN asked for something on the subject and I pulled this out of my Maybe folder, and he went for it. I’m so glad I saved it.

This was my first idea on the town hall thing and I thought I was gonna do it…but I didn’t.

This became a real cartoon.

My editor at CNN selected this cartoon but he changed his mind after he saw…

This cartoon. It came out pretty well.

I kinda like this, but I did something else.

I kinda like this one. Maybe I should save it.

I don’t love this one.

This is a bit more than one of my usual sloppy roughs. This was the start of something I intended to publish. I drew this out before the Trump town hall. Laura proofed it before I decided to push it back. She asked about it a few days later and I told her I would do it eventually. I may have even used the word “definitely.” And now, I think the town hall has kinda made it pointless.

I love Blazing Saddles references. I thought I might get to this one. I didn’t.

Which of these are your favorites?

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  1. The last 2 are very revenant, if you could put don jr in the crowd and a NRA pin on jacket and bobo on the gun, Laura might get a good laugh out of it. Cheers and have a great weekend.


  2. I stil would lake to see the “shame on Fox…” toon appear. Allowing it cannot be rationalized. CNN could benefit by encouraging it to appear of it was smart entity.


  3. Clay, it is interesting, but not surprising the following two stories do not get much attention where they are needed in most.

    – Fox News has settled two defamation lawsuits for over $1 billion and has third one pending for $2.7 billion around their defamation of others accusing them of election fraud against Donald Trump. And, as part of the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit, numerous Fox News personnel said they knew that Trump was lying about proof of election fraud.

    – Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, said he would pay $5 million to anyone who could disprove his data that showed election fraud that hurt Donald Trump. After one computer expert showed that it was, saying it was obviously data from a different election, he sued when Lindell refused to pay. A judge said Lindell had to pay, a decision the My Pillow CEO is appealing. He also has been sued for defamation by Dominion. He will need to sell a lot more pillows.

    These stories are on top of pending charges in Georgia against Trump for election meddling and the possible charges down the road for his role in the insurrection.


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