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Walls and Sanctuaries


The divide in America between the Left and the Right is growing wider as Trump attempts to not just crack down on people in this nation illegally, but also cities that voted against him.

Sanctuary cities are locations where local authorities don’t rat immigrants out to the feds if they’re here illegally. The reason being is that they don’t want people afraid to cooperate with local police or when they need help. It’s compassionate and humane. Trump doesn’t like that.

He’s threatening to withhold federal funding for cities that offer sanctuary. The problem with that is it may be illegal and unconstitutional. Let’s not mention how much these cities kick in to the federal budget. One also wonders how Cheeto-Potentate will handle future Trump Hotel locations in these cities after he’s done bullying them.

Our new paranoid president is issuing executive orders at a rate that’ll surpass Obama’s before his first week is over. On Wednesday he focused on immigration.

Trump is ordering the construction of his stupid wall on the border with Mexico, which you will pay for (Trump won’t because he doesn’t pay taxes). He’s cracking down on the number of Syrian refugees allowed into this nation. We can expect Trump to unleash deportation goon squads soon.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto issued a statement on Mexican television that his nation will never pay for the wall. He’s also scheduled to visit the U.S. soon and he’s now considering canceling his trip.

Trump had a busy day. Between talking about stealing Iraq’s oil, bringing back torture, hating on immigrants and refugees, and making one of our neighbors truly hate us, it’s amazing he can find any time to create new conspiracy theories. But he did as he continued to claim millions of illegal voters voted against him in the election which is what cost him the popular vote. If millions of people voted illegally, Trump would have won in a genuine landslide.

America is under attack but it’s from within. One wonders if these sanctuary cities should build walls to keep Trump out. I also wonder which one I should move to.

Creative note: I’m not a big fan of drawing “stuff.” A lot of cartoonists really enjoy drawing buildings, landmarks, planes, tanks, technical machinery, etc. I do too here and there depending on how I’m using it. It took me a while to realize I was more into drawing people than things. I did enjoy drawing the landmarks in this cartoon. I went to school so I was familiar with the landmarks though I did have to Google an image of each. I also Googled a list of the sanctuary cities just so I could be accurate. I was really disappointed St. Louis wasn’t one of them. If you can figure which city the star is from then you can award yourself a Claytoonz brownie point.

As I was drawing this it brought to mind the cover of the Foo Fighters last album, Sonic Highways. It combines the cities where they recorded the album. It consists of eight cities and one song for each. I’m a huge Foo Fighter fan and it’s the only album of theirs I don’t own. Everything I heard from it truly sucks. It was a pretty bitchin’ cover though.

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Deportation Happy Face


I wrote that Donald Trump would go to Mexico, suck up to Mexicans and later that night he’d go to Arizona and bitch about Mexicans. That prediction came true as Trump is promising to start kicking immigrants out of the United States within his first hour of taking office.

My other prediction was that there would be a he-said, he-said after the meeting in Mexico City. Yup, that happened too.

During the little press conference he held with Mexico’s president Trump said the issue of who pays for his border wall didn’t come up. That’s really freaking bizarre since that’s his core issue. It’s the platform that won him the nomination. It’s the issue that’s gained him so much love from white supremacists and other racist groups.

Later in the day Peña Nieto said he kicked off his meeting with Trump by stating Mexico will not pay for the ridiculous wall. Today Trump tweeted out how Mexico will pay for the wall and the Mexican prez tweeted back that that’s not happening. I half expected a twitter war of “will too, will not, will too, will not, etc.”

It’s not that I’m really good at predictions as much as we know Trump lies. This proves Trump is not only a liar but like most racists, he’s also a coward.

Speaking of currying favor and love from racist groups, Trump is using the phrase “America First” and he’s going to give us a “special” deportation task force. You would think if this guy and his supporters don’t want to be compared to Nazis that they’d stop acting like Nazis. I’m surprised he didn’t goose step out of Mexico.

A lot of people expected Trump to soften his Immigration plan. Some of his Latino supporters were so upset over his Arizona speech that they pulled their support. How did Latino Trump supporters not foresee things going badly with a Latino-hating presidential candidate who calls Mexicans rapists and murderers and wants to tear their families apart?

There is good news. One Latino supporter went on MSNBC and warned America that if Hillary Clinton is elected that there will be taco trucks on every corner. We won’t have a Donald Trump presidency and there will be taco trucks everywhere? America really is going to be great again!

Hillary might want to campaign on the taco-truck-on-every-corner platform.

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Party With Nikki


South Carolina governor Nikki Haley delivered the Republican response to the president’s State of the Union address and a lot of Republicans are livid. To be fair, many Republicans were supportive, but the racist wing of it freaked out.

Haley said the GOP were partly responsible for our nation’s problems. Uh oh! Then she said the party needs to calm down regarding immigration. That’s when everything hit the fan and splattered all over the ceiling. Republicans are still smarting over Haley’s removal of the hate flag from her state capitol’s grounds.

Nikki Haley was born to a Sikh Indian family in South Carolina. Ann Coulter tweeted that Donald Trump should deport her. She’s as American, if not more, than you, Ann. Where ya’ gonna deport her to? And I didn’t realize Trump had deportation authority.

Rush Limbaugh, that jolly pill-popping bastard, said “this is to me one of the greatest bits of evidence that the Republican party is not just anti conservative but it is very much pro elite.” Good news, Rusho. You’re wrong. You’re party is still warm and inviting to racists everywhere. Apparently if you’re not a knuckle-dragging troglodyte you’re an elitist.

Her message was primarily aimed at Donald Trump and to a lesser extent, Ted Cruz. Trump responded that Haley is weak on immigration and that he’s leading the polls in her state.

Ted Cruz didn’t respond to her speech as he was too busy watching Canadian curling.

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I Can Haz Jihad?


Can we restrict people from entering this country if they’re annoying and self indulgent? Yes, we should prevent dangerous people from crossing our borders, but I think we should add selfie queens (that includes you dudes too) to the list. We have enough insecure people who were born here who can’t resist the urge to share their neuroses with the entire world, why invite more? And don’t get me started on cat pictures. Dog pictures are OK. In fact, being a dog lover should move people to the front of the line.

News reveals that the Jihadist chick who was one of the terrorists in the San Bernardino shootings entered the country without having her social media checked out? What? I doubt you can get a decent job without someone from human resources checking out your Facebook and judging your cleavage and nights of drunken hootenannies. If Burger King wants to see your thong, then why shouldn’t DHS also take a peek?

I don’t think we should stop people from coming to our country. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be vetted, or that the process we’re using now is perfect. Hell, the 19 hijackers responsible for 9/11 entered the country on visas. Everyone needs to be checked out whether they’re students or a fiance for a U.S. born loser who can’t get an American date and orders a bride from the Philippines.

So why didn’t Homeland Security check out Tashfeen Malik’ s Facebook page? Sure, stereotyping is bad but she had been a resident of two nations, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, where people are trained to hate the United States. Reportedly, she made several posts expressing a desire to join ISIL. Her posts were private and could only be seen by her most trusted Jihadists friends, but DHS should have checked it out anyway. I’m sure the NSA is spying on U.S. citizen’s social media, so DHS could probably hack her Facebook and see whether she had a massive crush on Matthew McConaughey or Jihadi John. We need to know if her sugar daddy is Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

So yeah, check out social media. See if they hate America or just hate Nickelback. And if anyone from the National Security Agency is checking this out, please don’t put me on the No-Fly List for “I Can Have Jihad?”.

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Rejected Refugees


It seems apparent that one of the terrorists who attacked Paris sneaked in with Syrian refugees. Whether the passport he used is fake or not doesn’t seem relevant as the Greek government took his fingerprints as he came across their border.

Republicans didn’t need to know that to freak out. They tend to be xenophobic on any given day. Jeb Bush says we should only take in Christian refugees and deny Muslims. Nothing like a dash of Islamophobia to go with your xenophobia.

Twenty six (as of this blogging) Republican governors have declared their states will not take in any Syrian refugees. Never mind the fact they don’t have the authority to do that. You would think that out of 26 people capable of being elected governor of a U.S. state, at least one would have some sort of concept of the law, or at least look into it before spouting off.

If the U.S. takes in refugees it will only be about 10,000, which isn’t many compared to the numbers fleeing the civil war in Syria. These people forget that white people born and corn fed here in the good ole U.S. of A. pose a greater danger than any number of refugees ever will. ISIS couldn’t kill as many Americans as Americans can. We’re good about that.

These refugees are not terrorists. They’re fleeing terrorists. They will be vetted better than most immigrants who come here, and hopefully with a better vetting process than Jeb Bush is offering (do you accept Jesus?). Speaking of immigrants who come here, everyone complaining is a descendant of immigrants and refugees.

Here’s another pesky fact: Under the Refugee Act of 1980, the president may admit refugees who face “persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion” into the United States, and the president’s power to do so is particularly robust if they determine that an “unforeseen emergency refugee situation.” Guess who fits that description? No. Not Alabama liberals. Syrian refugees.

In fact their situation is so bad, they will probably think Arkansas and Oklahoma are improvements upon their current situation.

These governors can prevent refugees from benefiting from state services. Since these guys are Republicans are grandstanders I think they should just assure us that no state services will pay for Syrian refugee abortions.

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Operation Racial Slur


Is the inclusion of a racial slur in this cartoon offensive? Well it’s not as offensive as the United States government.

In the 1940’s the U.S. government deported Mexican immigrants in a program officially titled “Operation Wetback.” Mexico was a huge part of it.

During World War II the U.S. suffered from a labor shortage. Rosie The Riveter couldn’t compensate for the entire workforce. So in an arrangement with the United States Mexico sent workers to the U.S. in what was called the “Bracero Program” which allowed 4.6 million Mexicans to enter the U.S. legally (many still entered illegally as there were hefty fees involved). It was their contribution to the Allied effort to defeat the Axis and it helped Mexico not put any fighters or money into the effort. A few years after the war Mexico wanted those workers back, we wanted them gone, and a lot of them didn’t want to go. Thus the inspiration for Operation Wetback.

The program was initiated in President Eisenhower’s administration and it was a huge disaster. After being deported many immigrants just walked back. The Border Patrol started shaving immigrants’ heads before deportation so they’d know if they were repeat offenders.

It was a disaster. Estimates put the number of deportations at 250,000. Many immigrants were beaten and abused. Many were simply dropped into a desert, without food or water, and without knowing where they were or how to get home (imagine being from the U.S. East Coast and being dropped off in the Nevada Desert. Good luck getting home). One incident resulted in 88 immigrants’ death from heat stroke after being dropped off in the desert. A Mexican labor leader reported that Braceros were brought into Mexico like cows on trucks and unloaded fifteen miles down the highway from the border, in the desert. Others were deported on ships where a congressional investigation compared the conditions on the ships to that of an “eighteenth century slave ship.

During the fourth Republican debate Donald trump expressed he wants to emulate the program. Trump said Eisenhower “moved immigrants just beyond the border; they came back. Moved them again beyond the border; they came back. Didn’t like it. Moved them way south; they never came back. Dwight Eisenhower. You don’t get nicer, you don’t get friendlier.”

Trump’s inspiration is one of America’s greatest sins that’s comparable to the government’s internment of Japanese Americans, which a lot of people still say was the right thing to do.

This is where the blog gets long so I don’t blame you if you quit reading here…or start here. I don’t care.

I took a lot from the debate from Trump saying Americans are paid too much, Rubio saying Welders make more than philosophers, Carson’s claim that every time the minimum wage is increased that we lose jobs (and every candidate opposing a minimum wage increase). Dr. Carson, where I come from that’s called a lie.

Carly Fiorina jabbed at Trump, saying she too has met Vladimir Putin except it wasn’t in a green room. Actually it was in a green room. She also has some really dumb ideas to deal with Putin like putting missiles in Poland, conducting military exercises in the Balkans, and increasing our troops strength in Germany (like a few thousand more will make an impression), and never ever ever returning his phone calls. What’s scariest though is she wants to shoot down Russian jets. She said no one should tell America when and where it can fly, but thinks the U.S. can tell others when and where to fly. Fiorina also asked at one point “Can I say something as a chief executive who’s saved jobs and created jobs?” No. She can’t.

Marco Rubio really wants to go to war. First thing, Marco, we’re not in danger of being defeated by ISIS. In fact, ISIS is not a major threat to the United States. I know many people believe that’s a bold statement but I’m dealing with reality. He also wants to rebuild the military which makes me wonder what’s wrong with it now? We have the world’s strongest and largest military. We spend more than the next ten countries combined (Rand Paul pointed that out and it’s true). I really don’t want this 44-year-old guy who’s never served sending our people overseas into a war zone because he’s played Call Of Duty too many times. It also shows he really doesn’t care about spending. When Rand Paul questioned Rubio’s conservatism over his willingness to spend on wars, Rubio answered with “Murica!!!”. Pretty much.

Other takes are: Jeb Bush didn’t hurt himself this time. He didn’t help himself either but at least he didn’t set up a Rubio mic drop. Unfortunately, he wasn’t asked any questions about what babies he’d like to kill, other than Baby Hitler, while time traveling.

Ben Carson was difficult to comprehend and reminded me of the aliens in The Simpson’s running for president when one said “we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!” His policy on Syria, for example, was to make the Jihadists “look like losers” and “we’ll win.” I think he should get a “gotcha” question and be asked to locate Syria on a map, or the Middle East, or his ass. He claims his plan will work because he’s talked to generals. I wonder if it’s the same general who offered him a scholarship at West Point.

Bobby Jindal really thinks he’s been good for Louisiana. Huckabee is scary. Ted Cruz is scarier and really creepy and for Republicans that’s a really good thing. The guy, along with Jindal and Huckabee, is fresh returned from a I-Hate-Gays rally, hosted by a pastor who’s advocated the merely “politically-incorrect” stance that we should copy Uganda’s kill-gay-people policy. Cruz is that guy waiting for the girl to get her heart broken by the good looking guy (which compared to Cruz could be anyone) and cry on his shoulder while realizing she should just settle for Cruz. And he’ll never cheat on her with Kim Davis…probably. He’ll also eliminate the Commerce Department twice.

Most pundits believe Rubio and Cruz won the debate. Has anyone but me noticed Rubio gives a stern, stubborn, serious look with each answer and talks down condescendingly as if he’s the only one who loves America? Just me? OK then, am I the only one wonder how much product is in his hair?

John Kasich gave another great audition for the V.P. slot.

Rand Paul was actually honest and said a few things the red meat craving audience didn’t like. He opposed senseless wars and a bloated defense budget. He’s totally screwed.

Obvious my biggest takeaway was Trump’s enthusiasm for hating Mexicans. He should look into that.