Roughs, Volume 182

Ding dong! Roughs are here.

All of these were drawn on or around Friday, May 5. My CNN editor asked for a cartoon on the coronation of King Charles. I thought it was a good assignment. My only difficulty with it was that it was a subject I didn’t really care that much about. But, it was a good topic and maybe I should have done one on it for my newspaper clients as well. I did not. I will occasionally draw something I’m not very passionate about for my newspaper clients, without anyone assigning it. I did not mind drawing on the coronation.

This is the one we went with and I have to give an assist to my colleague Matt Davies (who was named a Pulitzer finalist this week). I was talking to him about a completely different subject when we started riffing ideas, and I got this out of that. I think it’s OK. I enjoyed drawing the pumpkin.

Even though I don’t care about the subject that much, I did go to a coronation party down in Portsmouth, Virginia and I had a very good time. And honestly, I think it was just an excuse for my friends to host a party. They did a great job.

I wrote this one after and I don’t like it that much. Thankfully, I only had to write two ideas on the subject.

I like this one and I almost went with it. But instead, I drew this.

I like this one too but I had already drawn one on the Kremlin and another on Tucker’s comment, “That’s not how white people fight.” But I thought this one was pretty good.

I like the concept of this one but I don’t think I worked out the idea.

I roughed this out last week and planned on drawing a completed version of it this week.

And then the shooting in Allen, Texas happened, so I moved it ahead and started to draw it on a train coming home from Portsmouth. But when I got home, I threw it away even though all this was difficult as hell to draw on a bumpy train ride, and despite that I think it was coming along pretty well. The reason I trashed it is that I’ve drawn so many cartoons like this, with dead bodies, and I know I will again. So I decided to go with tombstones. It was a lot of work for a Sunday, especially one when I was traveling.

This is another one that I held onto for a few days and drew it Monday while in Washington. Some people were like, “Did you know this is a comparison to selling slaves and it can be offensive since Thomas is black?” Yes, that was the intention. We can’t be afraid of every little tiny thing. Sometimes, I want to take what we’re afraid of and use it against itself.

Which ones are your favorites?

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