Court Auction

We’ve covered this before, but Clarence Thomas is corrupt. He’s also inconsistent.

He says it’s OK if a billionaire pays for his vacations and lavishes him with gifts as long as that billionaire doesn’t have cases before the court. But his wife is involved with cases that came before the court yet Clarence didn’t recuse himself from those.

Now, we find out that Harlan Crow, the Nazi-memorabilia-collecting billionaire that’s taken Clarence and Ginni on exotic yachty vacays paid for his nephew’s private school tuition which cost $6,000 a month.

Harlan’s paid spokesgoons issued a statement explaining, “Harlan Crow has long been passionate about the importance of quality education and giving back to those less fortunate, especially at-risk youth. It’s disappointing that those with partisan political interests would try to turn helping at-risk youth with tuition assistance into something nefarious or political.”

“At-risk youth,” eh? Funny. Clarence Thomas claims he raised his nephew as his son, yet the son of a Supreme Court justice is “at-risk?” At risk of what? Being bribed? Move along as there’s nothing nefarious to gawk at here, folks. Move along.

Crow paid for Clarence’s nephew’s education at two different schools. If he paid for all four years of private education for the nephew, it could total over $200,000. Funny thing though, someone else also contributed to the nephew’s education, which Clarence reported. Another funny thing, Clarence never reported Crow’s payments for the education.

You might think that Clarence didn’t have to report the gift since it’s his nephew. If someone pays for my nephew’s education, I wouldn’t have to report it. Of course, I haven’t adopted any nephews. Clarence adopted his nephew when the kid was 6 years old. Clarence may be in more trouble than for just not reporting gifts. He may be in trouble for tax evasion.

We also learned that Clarence’s wife, Ginni, was paid tens of thousands of dollars by the far-right Judicial Education Project for polling, and the firm worked to hide the payments. That’s weird. It seems to me that if everything is on the up and up, then you wouldn’t have to hide the payments…right? Guess who worked for Judicial Education Project when this was going on? Ms. Alternative Facts herself, Kellyanne Conway. And it appears $25,000 that was given to Ginni is mysterious, as in why? It was “another” payment on top of what was due. Maybe it was a gift.

And then, we found out that Jane Roberts, the wife of Chief Justice John Roberts, made over $10 million recruiting lawyers for law firms. And at least one of those had a case before the Supreme Court.

Of course, Republicans say that calling for ethics reform in the Supreme Court is an attempt to destroy the court. Maybe ethics would destroy the Republican Party because if Republicans had ethics, then they wouldn’t be Republicans.

Creative note: I’m in Washington, D.C. and I drew this at my usual spot to draw cartoons when in town, Soho Coffee on the corner of P and 22nd. Check it out. Now that I’ve finished the blog, I’m gonna get a sandwich.

Music note: I listened to I listened to whatever the coffee shop was playing which was a lot of autotune stuff and I think I heard some K-pop, though I don’t know what that sounds like.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The corruption is everywhere!! This SCOTUS is a JOKE!! … “Of course, Republicans say that calling for ethics reform in the Supreme Court is an attempt to destroy the court. Maybe ethics would destroy the Republican Party because if Republicans had ethics, then they wouldn’t be Republicans.”

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  2. Would it be any better were he consistent? Then he would just be consistently a MAGAt asshole. MAGAt assholes have no set morals or belefs, but jump on any bandwagon that comes along. As long as it takes freedoms away from others, that’s all they care about!

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  3. Republican Ethics – is that not a Oxymoron? Parents work hard so their kids can do better, but ole Clarence just saved himself $200k, just wonder how that came up in a conversation with crow.

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  4. I wish I knew what is taking so long to get Dumph in court. It has been over 2 years-plenty of time to indict him and take him to court. Just 1 felony conviction should be enough to prevent him from ever getting elected to anything. The prosecutors just drag their feet. We need a new leader in the democratic party and right now I’m kind of liking that Democrat Senator Whitehouse. He seems to have some pretty good ideas and has no hesitation in calling SCOTUS on the carpet for taking bribes and selling their votes. Justice’s families are also getting payoffs.

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