Shut-Ups From Heaven

I’m surprised Republicans still push the “thoughts and prayers” line. No, I don’t expect them to drop it in place for actual solutions to gun violence. I’m just surprised that after it’s been mocked so much and pointed out that it’s an empty answer, that they haven’t replaced it with another empty solution.

Thoughts and prayers are nice sentiments…if you add solutions to them. But if you’re going to only give us thoughts and prayers while resisting solutions to end the mass executions of innocent Americans, then thoughts and prayers are not nice sentiments. If anything, you’re using them to continue the status quo of mass shootings.

What’s even worse is that you give us thoughts and prayers while saying it’s “too soon” to talk about gun violence. But at the rate of more mass shootings than days this year, it will always be too soon.

Thoughts and prayers don’t work. The proof of that is there have been mass shootings inside churches.

While I don’t believe in God, I will put him in a cartoon and give you the message of “shaddup.” Keep your thoughts and prayers and give us an assault weapons ban.

Creative note: I drew yesterday’s cartoon at Soho Coffee near my hotel, the Baron. After attempting to check in to the Baron, they told me that made a mistake and I was actually staying at their affiliate hotel, the Architect. I was annoyed and found out at that hotel, that the fucker at the Baron lied to me, and that they had simply transferred me. But, the Architect was nicer and I’m really glad the new friend I met last night didn’t have to see whatever room I would have had at the Baron. But, when it came time to draw today’s cartoon, I chose to skip the Starbucks near the Architect and come back to Soho because it’s really too nice here. Sure, the music sucks, but it’s a great place to draw. The coffee’s good too.

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Watch me draw:


  1. It is so amusing to find that someone else finds that line about thoughts and prayers objectionable. Of course republicans love it. I see it in comments all the time. It means nothing. Did you know that in Texas they just passed a law that kids as young as 3rd grade are going to be trained in first aid so when their friends are shot they will know what to do? THAT is their plan of action. Not STOPPING gun Violence just accepting it. Enjoyed the cartoon as always.

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    1. Half the people in the world object to the phrase “thoughts and prayers,” it costs nothing to say, and does absolutely noghing for anyone who is killed or injured by gun violence — or any kind of violence, for that matter. If every Republican had to pay $1000 to every victim of gun violence every time they uttered those words, they would be broke in a matter days. They NEVER put their money where their mouths are.
      On top of that, even their religious leaders tell them, “God helps those who help themselves.” Since they do nothing to help the situation they have created, i sure as hell hope their God does nothing to help them. May they all burn in Hell!

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  2. Praying to a belief – someone wrote a fiction book and people follow that and give their money for what, a yearly BBQ. People buy guns because it’s in your constitution, but can’t read the entire Second Amendment but say they are god loving, how the f*ck did you read the bible but can’t read the Second Amendment? Plant a seed and people will believe it, so here is your seed to let grow, poor people are poor because of the GOP, guns are the achilles heal to the GOP, take their money makers away and they will fold and will work for ALL. Glad they had good coffee at the hotel. Cheers

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  3. God cannot stop, the stupidity of man, and all he can do, is, fold his arms, watch us, ruin one another, and, ourselves, down here, on earth, because let’s face it, we humans are, quite, stupid, in overall, terms. Global warming, war, destruction, the culprits of these, and more evils in the world are, caused by, human, we just, don’t, realize it, because, we are, in the, midst of all of this crap, we can’t, see it, clear.


  4. if there’s no God , Clay how do we know Trump is a scoundrel and the GOP is trash?? We have to know “good ” to detect “bad”:) else we will be like Trump deluding himself he’s good according to his world view when actually in the Real world of good and evil( Gods world) , he’s a pathological liar etc etc etc:)

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  5. Re “Thoughts and prayers don’t work.” Someone pointed this out to Ted Cruz and then suggested that maybe he might unplug his prayer machine and plug it back it . . . to make it work. Maybe a cartoon resides within . . . TC on his knees with the plug of his “Thoughts and Prayers Machine” (Republican Certified) with the thought bubble of “This darned thing ain’t working . . . maybe if I reboot it . . .”


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