Putin-Approved Targets

Russia claims that Ukraine attacked the Kremlin overnight with two drones in an assassination attempt on the life of President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine says it did not do it as they don’t have enough weaponry to even defend itself, less enough to attack a target 0ver 530 miles from Ukraine’s border (I research).

Russia has released footage of what appears to be a drone attack on the Kremlin, with one explosion. Russia says there are no casualties.

There have been other attacks inside Russia over the past few months. On Wednesday, a fuel depot caught fire in Russia’s Krasnodar Region, reportedly caused by a drone attack. Two freight trains were derailed in Bryansk Region, near the border with Ukraine, on Monday and Tuesday, in separate but identical incidents. The local governor said improvised explosive devices were to blame. Russia-installed officials in occupied Crimea claimed Ukrainian drones were responsible for an attack on another fuel storage facility over the weekend.

But if Ukraine is not responsible for these attacks, then who is? Maybe Russia. On April 21, Russia accidentally bombed one of its own cities, Bolgorod, near the Ukrainian border.

No matter who took this shot at the Kremlin, it’s a huge embarrassment for Russia. Anti-aircraft systems have been spotted on top of Moscow rooftops over the past year, surrounding what may be key targets like the Defense Ministry and the Kremlin. If a drone hit the Kremlin with a missile, then Russia’s air defense system is a failure. This attack sends the message to Russia’s enemies to keep trying.

“Kremlin” means “fortress inside a city.” The Kremlin complex includes five palaces, four cathedrals and is enclosed within a wall with towers. One of the palaces is the residence of the Russian president. What does it say about Russia’s ability to wage its illegal war on Ukraine when it can’t even protect its “fortress inside a city?”

Now, Russia is promising revenge on Ukraine for this…after they illegally invaded Ukraine which they have justified with lies about Nazis, and after spending over a year murdering civilians by dropping bombs and missiles on schools, apartments, nursing homes, playgrounds, hospitals, daycares, etc, etc.

Even though Vladimir Putin is a liar on the same level as Donald Trump giving an interview on Newsmax about his cognitive abilities, I’m not totally ruling out that Ukraine might be responsible for this attack. And if they are, good for them.

Music note: I didn’t listen to anything while drawing today (too much news to watch while drawing), but the Foo Fighters’ “Alone and Easy Target” is the music in the TikTok timelapse video for this.

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  1. Clay and fans, I have recently watched several videos posted by a girl called Anna from Russia and I admit I am concerned. She claims she lives in Novosibirsk in Siberia. Her videos portray life there as lovely. Supermarkets and malls filled with tons of products (many US brands) and low prices. It isn’t that I want the Russian people to suffer. I don’t want to see scenes out of ‘The Walking Dead’ but unless the citizens actually feel some consequences why would they pressure Putin to end a war that HE started? She never mentions the war so I have asked questions in the comments which she ignores. This could just be propaganda. It could also be that the Russian people have no idea what the hell is going on. In that case I would have to give Putin a grudging “well done.” At least the people there didn’t elect a brainless clown.


    1. “At least the people there didn’t elect a brainless clown.”

      No, they “elected” an Evil Clown!!!

      Also, “The People” didn’t “elect” anybody for President or any other leadership position. The winners in those elections are pre-determined way before any “voting” takes place. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Gotta say … I sure hope so!! … “Russia claims that Ukraine attacked the Kremlin overnight with two drones in an assassination attempt on the life of President Vladimir Putin.”


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