Immigrant Gun Control

After a mass shooter killed five people last week in Cleveland, Texas, Republicans were quick to point out that the shooter might be an undocumented migrant. Texas Governor Greg Abbott went so far as to call all five victims “illegal immigrants,” and continued with his political stunt of deporting migrants to Chicago a few days later.

The solution that would have stopped this one mass shooting, if you listen to Republicans, is closing our border with Mexico. But there are two problems with that logic. One, the border isn’t open. Two, what would have stopped the other nearly 200 mass shootings that have occurred in the United States this year? Howling about the border wouldn’t have stopped any of those.

There was another mass shooting in Texas on Saturday. This time, at least eight were killed with seven others injured at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, a community north of Dallas. The gunman was stopped by a policeman who was on duty at the mall which will add to the Republican chorus about how we need more good guys with guns rather than an assault weapons ban. The problem with that logic is that the gunman was able to kill at least eight people with his assault weapon before the good guy got to him.

If we had an assault weapons ban, maybe eight people wouldn’t have died in another American mass shooting on Saturday.

Another uncomfortable fact for Republicans is that our gun crisis is more of a threat to this nation than illegal immigration. The number one cause of death for children in the United States of America is guns, not open borders.

Creative note: I started to draw this cartoon on the train home today and even tweeted a pic of it, but I threw it away when I got home and started over.

Music note: I listened to Alice Cooper.

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  1. Cleveland, Texas was not the only “mass shooting” in the USA on Saturday, there were at least two more. One was in Columbus, Ohio. Another was in California. But only 1 person died in those shootings, though many were shot. Those people were still gunned down “en masse,” so why isn’t the media focused on them. Having a requirement of four or more dead people to call an event a “mass shooting” is a disservice to every person who gets injured or killed by gun violence. And it plays into the hands and hearts of the NRA and its gunfucknuts!
    I realize some days that might mean the news hour lasts for a whole day, but maybe then people might become more aware of the dize of the problem they are remaining mostly silent about… Interfere with ther television, they will sit up and notice!
    As for your cartoon, the immigrant shooting graves are hiding behind the word balloon, I bet.

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      1. It’s getting that way. But I truly think we need to hear about them all, even if it’s “172 Americans were shot yesterday. 47 of them died. 17 are in intensive care. 81 are resting comfortably. And 22 were released from hospital with minor injuries. 5 people are still unaccounted for.” (Okay, that’s just Chicago, but you get the picture.) As long as we only hear about the 4-or-more-dead mass shootings, we are being lied to.

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  2. But, because the NRA funds the elections of the Republican Party, and, that’s why, there will never be a gun control bill as they continue being the majority in Congress, and, why not, spin these shootings to how they are all, caused by illegal immigrants, that why, people in the U.S. will become, even more, biased, they get to, kill two birds with just this, one, stone.

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  3. I am just so tired of the republicans being on the wrong side of every issue. The fact that they think they can buy elections was proved wrong in 2022 when they spent a fortune and were disappointed when they didn’t win all the seats they were hoping for. We need a big enough majority in the House and the Senate so that we could get rid of the filibuster, the electoral college and a lot of crap that the republicans count on. We could then have term limits, realistic ethics for SCOTUS, spending limits for election of candidates so they can’t be bought and sold, very strict guidelines so they get exposed every time they tell a lie and if they are caught with “gifts” from wealthy individuals or corporations there would be a very quick hearing then they are out and whoever their most recent opponent was is in. Suddenly a lot of the corruption would disappear because being honest would mean power. I can dream can’t I?

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  4. “ I started to draw this cartoon on the train home today and even tweeted a pic of it, ”

    “ Drawing on a train again.”

    Drawing on a train.
    Isn’t that the sequel to “Snakes On A Plane” ?😉


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