Unethical Puppets

President Barack Obama was wrong about one thing. Shortly after Trump won the Electoral College (sic) with the help of Russian meddling, Obama said we shouldn’t have to worry that much because there were checks and balances in place. First off, he was wrong because those checks and balances didn’t stop an orange racist puppet of Vladimir Putin from occupying the Oval Office for four years. But all the other checks and balances never did anything about Donald Trump’s grifting from the White House (sic).

There is a law that is supposed to prevent the president from making money off the presidency. It’s the Emoluments Clause and despite the fact it’s in the United States Constitution, nobody used it to stop the orange grifter from grifting while he was president (sic). Donald Trump didn’t sell off his businesses or put anything into a so-called blind trust before he entered the White House (sic). He literally leased government property in Washington, D.C. and put a hotel on it which attracted business from everyone who wanted to cater to Donald Trump. This included politicians, campaign supporters, MAGA goons, white nationalists, and foreign governments.

Trump also bilked the government for his golf trips which have been estimated to have cost taxpayers over $44 million. Go add that to your debt-ceiling negotiations, Kevin McCarthy.

Trump also tried to host an international summit at one of his bedbug-infested golf clubs that’s been bleeding money and he opposed the FBI moving from its current digs because doing so could open up that property to a hotel that would compete directly with the Washington Trump Bedbug Hotel.

Donald Trump even charged the Secret Service to protect him by jacking up the rent on his properties and charging them to rent golf carts so they could follow him around while he cheated at golf.

Republicans didn’t stop Trump from grifting. If anything, they helped him. And, they’re helping the Supreme Court remain unethical.

There are ethic laws and regulations over every single government entity except for the Supreme Court. The court says they police their own ethics but even that’s not true. There is no body, board, or individual who can come down on Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, or any other members for taking gifts from billionaire assholes who have interests in cases before the court. Even Chief Justice John Roberts can’t stop the associate justices from being bought off.

Last week, Roberts was invited to testify before a Senate committee studying a bill that would place ethics reforms on the courts…and Roberts declined. We can’t even get these people to show up and have a conversation about ethics. And when they do talk about ethics, they show they have little to no respect for them.

Clarence Thomas said it’s OK to take gifts from his billionaire buddy and Nazi memorabilia collector Harlan Crow because the gift giver doesn’t have cases before the court, which is total bullshit. Harlan Crow has given over $15 million to politicians and right-wing causes for decades. Just because his name isn’t on a case before the court doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an interest in it. And, Clarence…since you admit you shouldn’t be in bed with someone who has cases before the court, then why didn’t you recuse yourself when Trump’s election fraud claims, which your wife was/is a huge part of, landed in front of you?

Neil Gorsuch literally sold property to a person who has had multiple cases before the court. No law or policy stopped this.

Harlan Crow has also contributed to Republicans from Mitt Romney to Mike Lee to Ted Cruz, plus Chuck Grassley, John Cornyn, and Marsha Blackburn who are all on the committee that’s holding hearings about ethic reform for the courts.

And when asked about Crow’s collection of Nazi stuff, Ted Cruz said he doesn’t know if it actually exists because he did Na-Zi it. Ted, I have never seen Cancun but I know it exists because your spineless ass ran off to it when the going got tough in Texas. But since we’re going with your logic, I don’t believe you have a spine since I didn’t see it when you were kissing Donald Trump’s ass, the guy who called your wife ugly.

Harlan Crow said he only reports the gifts that are required by law which means he’s hiding as much as he possibly and legally can. That means Crow has zero ethics, but what would you expect from Nazi boy?

Don’t expect ethic reform to land in the Supreme Court anytime soon if ever since the people who would pass a law to stop Harlan Crow from buying Clarence Thomas have also been bought off by Harlan Crow.

Goose-stepping Harlan Crow has his hands up more than one Republican ass.

Music note: I listened to the Ting Tings and Paula Cole.

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  1. As usual you have nailed it! You are so right and it’s so frustrating that nothing can be done about these despicable characters:( Ethics ? They probably don’t know the word exists.

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  2. Clay, I always enjoy reading your blogs. You have a way of being articulate while using far less profanity than I would. I could be wrong but when those lying fatheads (the ones Dumph appointed) got confirmed then promptly overturned Roe v Wade they lost any semblance of credibility SCOTUS ever had. I have to believe that there will be consequences. Just like Dumph there WILL come a day when he will lose everything. Even his ‘base’ will sober up and turn on him. Knowing that and your blogs and cartoonz keep me going.

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    1. I agree, I just worry how much of our country will get wrecked before the MAGA base finally “sobers up” and wakes from its hypnotic trance…


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Aptly titled … unethical puppets!! … “Republicans didn’t stop Trump from grifting. If anything, they helped him. And, they’re helping the Supreme Court remain unethical.”


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