The Big Pillow Lie

Mike Lindell, the MyPillow fucker, has been one of the biggest champions of The Big Lie, that Donald Trump won the 2020 election and had it stolen from him. Mike Lindell is a liar who sells shitty pillows. Pushing the lie that Trump won is fraud, but Mike Lindell was scamming people long before his lips went from crack pipes to Trump’s ass.

At a “cyber symposium” in South Dakota in 2021, Mike Lindell produced “election data” he claimed that proved there was Chinese interference in the election, and offered $5 million to anyone who could prove it wrong. Robert Zeidman, a software forensics expert in attendance, proved him wrong.

Zeidman told The New York Times, “Almost everyone there was pro-Trump, and everyone said, ‘This data is nonsense.'” Zeidman is a Republican and voted for Trump twice, but knows The Big Lie is a lie. “A false narrative about election fraud is just really damaging to this country,” he said. Even though, Zeidman still believes there was election fraud in the 2020 election…and he’s seen the data proving it’s a lie. These right-wing fuckers, I swear. He was a Trump helping to push the bogus voter fraud claim but knew it was a lie all along and caved when he saw a chance to make $5 million. I mean, who goes to a Mike Lindell voter fraud symposium? Zeidman traveled to South Dakota from his home in Las Vegas for this shit.

When conference organizers gave Zeidman and other attendees data to dissect, he said that he expected it might take weeks to analyze. But once he started going through the files, he said he quickly concluded that the data was bogus. He presented his findings to Mike Lindell’s representatives in a 15-page report. Naturally, they rejected it.

From there, Zeidman filed an arbitration claim in Minnesota, Lindell’s home state. The arbitration panel ruled in Zeidman’s favor and ordered Lindell to pay up.

The MyPillow fucker said he plans to challenge the ruling and even questioned how Zeidman got into his panel because you know, smart people weren’t allowed. Mike Pillow said of the ruling, “This is disgusting.” Zediman got in because he’s a part of MAGA world.

Zeidman’s lawyer noted that the contest rules set by Mike Pillow prescribed binding arbitration in the event of a dispute. Lindell doesn’t even want to abide by his own rules. Yet, the $5 million is a pittance compared to what Dominion Voting Systems is suing him for.

Dominion just settled with Fox News for $787.5 million after suing for over $1 billion. They’re suing Lindell for $1.3 billion which they won’t get, but will probably drive Lindell into bankruptcy. That’s probably why he’ll never pay the $5 million over losing his fake “data election” challenge. He’ll add Zeidman as a debtor in bankruptcy court.

Lindell has had to settle lawsuits in the past over claims his pillow was a cure for many ailments. If anything, the pillow that many describe as like sleeping on lump styrofoam probably causes them. He also offered a deal where buyers get a free pillow when purchasing one for $99, after raising the price from $50. Buy two at the regular price and we’ll let you have them both. The former crackhead is a scam artist which makes sense that he became a Trump supporter.

He’s one of those born-again Christians who’s never seen without his cross necklace, yet lies in his support of a racist fascist Oompa Loompa who’s sexually assaulted over 20 women and who told over 30,000 in the span of four years.

The best part about the MyPillow fucker losing $5 million this way is that he did it to himself. If anything, that’s $5 million less to spend on advertising on Fox News.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The Pillow Guy surely messed up!! Will he pay the guy? … “At a “cyber symposium” in South Dakota in 2021, Mike Lindell produced “election data” he claimed that proved there was Chinese interference in the election, and offered $5 million to anyone who could prove it wrong. Robert Zeidman, a software forensics expert in attendance, proved him wrong.”


  2. Hi Clay. I just read your article and couldn’t agree more except that the guy Zeidman is a MAGA idiot and I never want those guys to win even if it is suing each other. That Lindell was always a creep and a con man so you are right he and Dumph are a perfect match.


  3. This Zeidman guy sounds about as honest as all of the Fox News anchors who promoted the Big Lie, and then texted each other behind the scenes about how it was all a steaming pile of BS. Do these people have any ethics left, or is it all about power and money?


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