Roughs, Volume 179

Each of these roughs was drawn on Friday, April 21. It’s a very light batch.

I wasn’t sure about this one but I always love the “ca-caw ca-caw.”

I knew this would go one of two ways. Readers would either see it as my own style of a warped sense of humor, or it’d just come off as being stupid. I gave up on it after one of my proofers implied it was stupid. It still makes me laugh. I drew this on the Dalai Lama instead.

Maybe? I don’t know. I went with this cartoon instead.

I liked this one and it became a real genuine published cartoon.

I thought this was just OK…but now that I look at it again, maybe it’s better than OK.

This one became the cartoon for CNN. I really liked it.

I liked this one but it stopped here.

So which of these are your favorites?

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  1. I enjoyed the one about moving to Florida. Not you, of course, but it always seems like men who are the ones who want to control women’s rights. When I hear about women who already have 3-4 kids by 3-4 men who want abortions I do say to myself WTF???? Back in my day I was a total floozy but at least I knew how to take a f*cking pill every day.

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