The Dripper

Did you hear about the bigot who leaked classified information to look like a big shot to all his friends?

Jack Teixeira, the Massachusetts Air National Guardsman who worked as an IT specialist was arrested yesterday for “allegedly” leaking classified information to an online gaming club. He shared the information on Discord under the name “Jack the Dripper” which tells you he intentionally did this. He is a white male who’s also a bigot. So naturally, he has the support of many conservatives.

Tucker Carlson said, “He revealed the crimes, therefore he’s the criminal. That’s how Washington works. Telling the truth is the only real sin. The news media are celebrating the capture of the kid who told Americans what’s actually happening in Ukraine. They are treating him like Osama bin Laden.” This is not true because Teixeira is still alive.

Tucker also used the leaks to praise Russia and its war effort, claiming that Putin is winning against Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted, “Jake Teixeira is white, male, christian, and anti-war. That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime. And he told the truth about troops being on the ground in Ukraine and a lot more. Ask yourself who is the real enemy? A young low level national guardsmen? Or the administration that is waging war in Ukraine, a non-Nato nation, against nuclear Russia without war powers?”

She also tweeted, “They are in full spin mode blaming low level 21 yr old National Guardsman, Jake Teixeira, while they are ginning up full government censorship. While yes, leaking classified documents is serious, many are calling Jake Teixeira a hero for pulling back the flimsy transparent curtain and revealing what we suspected all along.”

Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted, “The Biden administration has failed to secure classified information. Through our committees, Congress will get answers as to why they were asleep at the switch.”

Sure, Kevin…blame the Biden administration and conduct an investigation as to why they were “asleep at the switch,” but claim they’re weaponizing the FBI and Justice Department when they go after Donald Trump for stealing classified information. Which is it? Should we go after the bad guys or ignore their crimes?

And it wasn’t Biden’s fault that Donald Trump stole classified information. That was Donald Trump’s fault. And he too did it intentionally.

Some Republicans ignore that Trump stole classified information. Right-wing cartoonist Dana Summers drew a cartoon comparing Jack the Dripper to President Biden having classified documents in his garage, ignoring that not only did Trump also have classified information, but he intentionally stole it, obstructed, lied, and the contents were so much greater than what Biden had. He ignores that Biden cooperated while Trump obstructed justice and still claims he owns the documents. As a cartoonist, this is what makes you a hack. Sorry, Dana, but not really.

It makes sense that Tucker and MTG would be OK with this white Christian male bigot stealing and leaking classified information since they both bear partial responsibility for the white nationalist terrorist attack at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. And they both support Trump stealing documents.

What Jack Teixeira did is treasonous. Tucker and MTG don’t love their country and fail to grasp the seriousness of what Jack Teixeira leaked. He didn’t just expose some juicy intel, but how that intel is collected, and who we’re collecting it from. This seriously damages our intelligence network. It’s amazing that any American would support this, yet there goes Tucker and MTG supporting treason.

Tucker and MTG ignore that Teixeira violated his oath and betrayed the trust that was given to him. When you are given classified clearance, it’s not your job to decide what the public can see. It’s your job to keep it classified. The same goes for The Former Guy.

Teixeira has been charged with two counts, the unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information and the unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material. Wow! That sure does sound like something TFG did.

If convicted, Teixeira can be sentenced up to ten years on both charges. In case you’re a Republican, ten plus ten equals 20. I’m quite comfortable with Donald Trump being sentenced to 20 years for stealing classified documents.

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  1. Marj “Eva Braun” Greene should be called out by Kevin, but wait, his nuts are in her purse so that won’t happen. Tucker aka ” Hans Fritzsche” wants to report on putin – go and interview him and stay for the rest of your life. Totally disgraceful that they downplay what has happened.

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  2. I was waiting for SNL after their last supper cold opening last week to do something like your exceptional connect the dots toon in this weeks cold opening. Not to be. SNL missed to opportunity to present a visual statement. You did not. Congrats.

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  3. Didn’t these people raise Hell about Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning? Manning they hated because of her being trans as well as releasing confidential material. She deserved to go to prison for that, but all of the other hatred is idiotic. As someone whose family has been in the armed forces since we come over from Ireland in the 1820s any time there is a leak I know that ground troops are further hurt and it is by there own countrymen. What this douche Teixeira did is thankfully not being believed by the important players. There are no active duty soldiers fighting in Ukraine. There are however recently separated soldiers fighting, as is their right. There are active duty soldiers “keeping track” of the items we have sent that are stationed at the embassy (at least I think that was where these guys went). They “train” the Ukrainian soldiers on the weapons that have been sent. Knowing what Stalin did to the Ukranian people mean I am solidly on their side. The fact that Russia elected Putin immediately after Yeltsen is worrisome. Of course we elected Trump because we are truly still a racist country. We had a black president!?! Ack!! We must go to the opposite way! The fact that Clinton (who wasn’t popular even amonst Democrats) trounced Trump in the popular vote is the only saving grace we have. Losing the House this last election (especially after the horrendous rulings of the “Supreme Court”) is an embarrassment.

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  4. Once again lots of great feedback on your great, informative post, Clay. I won’t go on another “more hypocrisy” or “what happened to the flag waving GOP” rant…………………. it is useless with these “patriots”.

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  5. I miss the good ol’ days when, whatever their other flaws, Republicans would at least publically condemn spies working against our country, and the authoritarian government in Russia. Now they can’t even bring themselves to do that, because as long as our nation has a Democratic administration, they will allow themselves to behave in ways that are anti-American. Shameful.

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  7. Kinda ironic that the young man, guilty as he is, will go to jail and The Big Criminal might not:((( The lil guy is always caught and punished, while the powerful and corrupt get away with murder/insurrection!


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