Roughs, Volume 178

When I was visiting my CNN editor in New York City last week, he predicted that the Trump arrest story wouldn’t make it to the weekend. He was right. On Thursday, when I started roughing these out, Trump was barely mentioned. The story was Tennessee. I started drawing these that night and continued into the next morning. I sent them to CNN all at once and they made their pick from that. I drew 17 roughs before I even sent one to my editor.

At first, I was just trying to be funny, but I knew that wasn’t working for this story. There needed to be more outrage. Also, at the time I think the trans-beer cans story was something that only people who watched Fox News and hung out on Parler were aware of. One right-wing cartoonist drew two cartoons about it. Another drew four. FOUR!

I hadn’t put my mind into it that much at this point, and then I realized that I was drawing drag queen cans, not trans cans. So I ditched it. Lord, I do not want to give the confused and stupid right-wing backup in their belief that trans and drag are the same thing. I’m kinda scared to post it here but I like to show you guys everything I draw. But this clearly wasn’t right. I blame pressuring myself to draw a cartoon that night so I could spend all day Friday on CNN’s cartoon. That didn’t work out.

But I had to give up on this idea entirely because trans people are normal-looking people. That doesn’t work for humor. Also, readers who aren’t homophobic probably weren’t aware of the trans-beer can story yet.

I was on a roll with ideas…but they were all ideas I wasn’t sure of. I felt like I wasn’t hitting it yet and I needed to keep swinging.

I thought this was OK but the one thing it convinced me of was that I needed to draw the two expelled members. They’re two very unique good-looking guys and not drawing them would be a missed opportunity.

I did like this one but also knew that nobody would run it. I didn’t send it to CNN. But, it could also be lazy idea-wise. It’s so easy to fall back and draw klansmen, even when it’s justified. And then I still ended up drawing klansmen last week.

This is the one CNN chose, but after roughing it out, I thought it needed the crowd. It would be more powerful. Although, I really like my MLK here. Fun fact: A lot of cartoonists resort to tracing MLK.

This is the version I sent my editor. I wrote it around midnight and sent it the next afternoon. I had a feeling he might choose it. I didn’t start a brand-new drawing with this one. I used it as a template. They chose it. A lot of readers pointed out that Tennessee did expel MLK.

I think a lot of the ideas I write aren’t good enough for me, but are good for other cartoonists. ha.

This is the one I chose to do for my newspapers on Friday morning. It was a hit despite my still being unsure of it. I changed it up a bit. It also made Mike Peterson’s Comic Strip of the Day. A few days later, one of my colleagues did an “uppity” cartoon.

I can see another cartoonist doing this one too.

I drew this rough ten times and still didn’t use it.

This is another I could see another cartoonist doing. I thought it was OK.

During my visit at CNN, my editor brought up Easter and how we might need to focus on that for the newsletter. I was so caught up in the Trump stuff as I had just witnessed the protests at his arraignment, that I totally forgot Easter was coming up. I’m not religious. I honestly drew this just in case it was in my editor’s wheelhouse that week. I don’t really care for it but I could have lived with it.

I was totally planning on doing this cartoon until the butt idea came to me.

How could I not draw this one?

I might do a version of this cartoon. A lot has happened since I drew this.

I drew this on Easter Sunday although I had the idea days ahead. I actually got the idea without Easter being in the context and a day later I thought, “Oh, that can be good.” But then I felt it was more important to do cartoons on Tennessee and Clarence. That means none of my clients would have this before Easter. But, I think it works beyond the holiday anyway. How’d it turn out?

Which of these are your favorites?

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One comment


    Clay, you know that I like all of your work, but most of the time I just smile and say to myself “Yeah, that’s good”.
    This rough made me LOL (and that was before I even looked at the Second Panel!). 😉

    “A lot has happened since I drew this.”

    That’s no excuse. We all know that with Q45*, there’s ALWAYS something happening, at least according to the Mainstream Media.
    Hell, I bet that at least one “Bombshell Development” “has happened since” the last time I farted, and I had a big plate of beans for lunch. 😉

    Also, when you are talking about “right-wing competition”, you are Legally Obligated to include Texas in the conversation. 😉


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