Tucker And The Pussycats

Today’s Comic Strip of the Day features a cartoon by Mike Beckom, who is a gaslighting MAGAt lacking critical thinking skills. His cartoon is a response to the revelation that Fox News knowingly lied to their viewers and presented The Big Lie that Trump won the 2020 election, it was stolen from him, and there was massive election fraud. The cartoon uses the tired cliché of the pot calling the kettle black, with the pots being MSNBC and CNN and the kettle being poor widdle innocent Fox News. The author of the blog, Mike Peterson, posted the cartoon in order to shoot it down, writing, “Nobody has produced any emails in which MSNBC or CNN declare, as Fox did, their intention of lying in order to preserve their ratings and stock prices.”

It’s a shame there can’t be fact-checks on the publication of every right-wing political cartoon.

I’ve seen Beckom’s argument posted by other righties, that CNN and MSNBC do the same thing Fox News does, knowingly lie to their viewers…except there’s no actual proof of it. The reason there’s no proof of it is that legitimate news outlets don’t knowingly lie to their viewers. The thing that bothers me with this is what bothers me with all conservatives in that they don’t base their opinions on facts, but then again…if you’re only watching Fox News, you won’t know the facts.

If you only watch Fox News then you are probably not at all aware that the Dominion lawsuit produced emails and texts between executives and hosts at Fox News revealing that they knew they were lying…and did so in order not to lose their viewers and to keep their stock prices up. There is not a text message in public of a host at CNN or MSNBC demanding that a fact-checker be fired, but there’s one of Tucker Carlson doing it.

So the same people who don’t know that Tucker Carlson knowingly lies to them probably watched him air footage last night gained from Speaker Kevin McCarthy of the Jan. 6 white nationalist insurrection, and calling it a “peaceful gathering.”

Tucker said, “The footage does not show an insurrection or a riot in progress. Instead, it shows police escorting people through the building.” This is cherry-picking. Tucker said the rioters were ” peaceful sightseers,” not “insurrectionists.”

This is why everyone was against Kevin McCarthy giving the unseen footage to Tucker because he would use it to create a lying narrative. I watched the attack live on January 6, 2020, and what I saw was an insurrection and riot committed by a bunch of white nationalist MAGAts. What I saw was a coup.

When McCarthy was struggling to become Speaker, losing vote after vote, Tucker said on his show, after the third loss, “First, release the January 6 files. Not some of the January 6 files and video… all of it… so that the rest of us can finally know what actually happened on January 6, 2021.” Tucker receiving this footage was part of the deal McCarthy made to become Speaker…that and giving Matt Gaetz foot massages every Tuesday.

McCarthy was fine with giving this footage to a liar who’d use it to harm the country. McCarthy doesn’t care how much damage this does to the nation, just so long as he has political power.

Now in Florida, where most bullshit happens, the legislature is about to begin its next session, and among the many dozens of bills to make DeSantis state emperor is one mandating that public schools and universities only teach the “right” history. You know, no black history. No history that can make a white kid feel guilty about the actions of white people in the past.

The party that wants to legislate how history from decades and centuries ago is taught is led by Tucker, who reconstructs recent history. These people can’t even get the history from last week right, and they want to mandate how the history of slavery and the civil rights era are taught.

If you want to learn history, don’t go to school in Florida… and don’t watch Fox News.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Another loathime crfeature from the swamp!! … “The party that wants to legislate how history from decades and centuries ago is taught is led by Tucker, who reconstructs recent history. These people can’t even get the history from last week right, and they want to mandate how the history of slavery and the civil rights era are taught.”


  2. It’s because, the followers of the rights, lacked their own, judgments, which make the slanted news channels like, Fox, more able to, lead them, down that, twisted, road…and, unfortunately, these days, there are more and more people, who have, stopped, thinking, and would rather just, follow someone, even if that someone is, leading them towards, hell!


  3. Leave us not forget that the right was against the removal of Confederate statues because that would erase history, obfuscating that they are now banning the books that show said history.

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    1. That’s very discouraging and deflating. You can work hard at something, and yet some pile of crap with a lazy metaphor, false equivalence, and lying gets the reprint. Why would the Post want to give Herblock’s spot to something displaying such ignorance and stupidity. Can you tell I feel some kinda way about this? It should be a fun comments section.

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      1. WaPo has been publishing a lot of Right Wing Garbage Cartoons lately, but you may feel a little better seeing all of the reader comments trashing Beckom’s Garbage Cartoon.


        There are a few trolls who try to piss off the REAL Commenters, and they get a lot of angry replies (which is what they are trying to get anyway).


  4. Arkansas governor Sarah Sanders (R) signed a bill that would eliminate the state requirement to check age on work permits. Other states are also considering loosening child labor protections. A bill advancing in Iowa would allow 14- and 15-year-olds to work certain jobs in meatpacking plants and would shield businesses from civil liability if a youth worker is sickened, injured or killed on the job. Helping business seems to be more of a priority for Republicans than “family values” and protecting children.Just a thought for you.

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