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Stupid Son Of A…


There may be a lot of douches over at Fox News, but there are only two Doocys (not to be confused with “deuce,” but it’s OK if you do confuse them). They have two Doocys but they can’t keep one Shephard Smith.

Yesterday, the president of the United States of America (in case you’re a Republican, the current president is Joe Biden), called a reporter a “stupid son of a bitch.” Yeah, he’s from Fox News so it’s probably true because, in addition to that fact, he’s also the son of Steve Doocy. And while we can make fun of it, laugh, and tweet about it, like I did yesterday (only to have a fucker from Fox News steal my joke), a president shouldn’t ever attack the press. But, we know it’s not the first time.

Presidents have been quarreling with the press and calling individual journalists vulgar names since there have been presidents and journalists. Journalists don’t exist to give politicians the coverage they want. They don’t go to press conferences only to ask questions a politician wants to answer. Donald Trump literally asked a reporter once, “Why can’t you ask a nice question?”.

CNN’s Jake Tapper defended Peter Doocy during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night. Tapper said, “I don’t think any president should be calling any reporter a dumb son of a bitch.” Jake’s right, even if the reporter is a “dumb son of a bitch” asking a stupid question.

Sometimes a reporter has to ask a stupid question just to get a politician on record like, “Do you disavow all the Nazis and Klansmen who support you and are naming their babies after you?” With Donald Trump, the answer would probably be, “I don’t know anything about Nazis or Klansmen but I hear they love their country.” There’s also the background that he too named one of his racist babies “Donald.”

What Peter Doocy asked the president (the real one, not the president of Mar-a-Lago) yesterday during a press conference at the White House was if he thought “inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms.” President Biden responded with, “”No, it’s a great asset. More inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.” 

They’re calling it a “hot-mic moment,” but since the President (the guy who won the popular vote and electoral college), was standing at the same podium where he had just been speaking into microphones, I’m pretty sure he knew they were “hot.”

While this has received a lot of coverage on TV news, and all the outrage from the Right on social media, everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that it was indeed a stupid question that only a stupid son of a bitch would ask. This guy wants to know if a president thinks inflation is bad politically, and he’s a professional reporter hired to cover the White House? What’ll Doocy ask a politician next? Do you think all those dead hookers and cocaine found in the trunk of your car will be a political liability? Do you wish law enforcement authorities had not found all that child porn on your government-issued laptop? Do you now regret going to that 1997 Valentine’s Day party in blackface? Are you glad there’s a newly-released video of you dancing the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie?” Do you now regret the support you gave white nationalists in their attempt to overthrow the government? OK, maybe they’re not all stupid questions.

The president (the one who lives in the White House today) later called Doocy to apologize, which seemed to upset Sean Hannity. Presidents aren’t supposed to apologize for their insults…at least the fake one doesn’t.

Jake Tapper is right. Presidents shouldn’t be slinging out derogatory insults at reporters. He told Jimmy Kimmel, “Standards for decency don’t have to do with whether or not you like the people who are being treated poorly. It has to do with the standard.”

Tapper is also correct with his comment, “And yes I realize that Peter’s channel would never come to my defense like that, so it is what it is.” 

A journalist should do the right thing, no matter who the president is (Joe Biden) or if the reporter is a really bad one working for a “news” outlet with a far-right pro-racist agenda. Fox News doesn’t always get that.

While the douches, deuces, and Doocys over at Fox News are having fainting spells over this, they all sat back, chortled, chuckled, and snorted when the Trump administration tried to ban Jim Acosta from covering the White House.

But it was their own reporter whom Trump attacked and said she had “blood coming out of her wherever.” Now was that before or after Fox News had jumped on the Trump Train?

Donald Trump has insulted a lot of reporters. He’s called them stupid, lightweight, nasty (the females), terrible, wise guy, third-rate, and told one he wasn’t thinking. He asked April Ryan, a black female reporter, if she knew everyone in the Black Congressional Caucus. He told CBS’s Weijia Jiang to “go ask China.”

Most of all, let’s not forget his attacks on the media itself and his attempts to destroy its credibility. He famously calls the free press “fake news.” He’s called it “phony.” He’s called it “corrupt.” He called The New York Times the “Failing” New York Times. He calls The Washington Post “The Amazon Washington Post.” To Trump, the greatest sin a journalist can commit is to publish the truth about him.

Donald Trump also voiced support to get rid of the First Amendment, which has been carefully ignored by all the “constitutionalists” out there.

This isn’t to do a whatabout in defense of Joe Biden. And other Democratic presidents, such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, have also attacked the press and reporters. The point is, presidents should cherish and support the First Amendment and a free press. Without a free press, there is no democracy.

And even if Fox News is full of Stupid sons of bitches like the Doocys, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Jeannine Pirro, they are still protected by the First Amendment.

I’m sure Joe Biden knows this. He is the real President of the United States of America after all.

Music Note: I jammed out to Adriano Celentano, L’ Italiano, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs while drawing today’s cartoon.

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Tucker M&M


Author Michael Harriot tweeted, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Tucker Carlson. The new m&ms are totally unfuckable.”

Right now you might be asking yourself, does Tucker Carlson wanna get it on with an M&M, or is he just bottom-feeding for fake outrage?

Right-wing lunatics have been beefing on about “cancel culture” before they even had the term “cancel culture.” For years, they’ve been circling the wagons around their whiteness, religion, and masculinity. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is one of the ring leaders for this ridiculousness.

They’ve been pissed about Dr. Seuss removing one of its more racist books from future publications, Mr. Potatohead dropping the “Mr,” the sexual-harassing French skunk being removed from Space Jam 2, and now they’re upset over androgynous M&Ms…or something like that.

Since the 1990s, M&Ms has conducted a marketing campaign of the candy as walking and talking cartoon characters. As far as corporate mascots go, it’s not bad. It’s at least better than that annoying Gecko, and don’t get me started on that insurance emu. But each of these M&M characters has its own personality. I’ve never paid that much attention to it but now it’s been pointed out to me that two of them are female and supposedly…sexy?

The Mars corporation, which owns the candy and fills it with chocolate from African child slave labor, is trying to “diversify” the characters and make them more “inclusive.” Tucker is outraged. No, not over the child labor, silly, but that one of the sexy M&Ms isn’t someone he’d like to have a drink with. Yeah. like he would ever have a shot. Tucker is more concerned about brown candy being desexualized than he is about brown children being forced to work in a slave cocoa mine. Priorities, people.

That’s some serious white privilege entitlement. Oh, no. My candy’s not sexy anymore.

Tucker is one of those guys who you know was inventing imaginary girlfriends when he was in white privilege prep school. You had one of those kids in your class. He had a girlfriend but she lived in Canada. And since real flesh-and-bone women wouldn’t give them the time of day except for it being time to buzz off, they’d ogle cartoon women. While most boys were debating Ginger vs. Mary Ann, these frustrated nitwits were comparing Velma to Daphne, Wilma to Betty, Betty to Veronica, Leela to Marge, and Lola Bunny to Jessica Rabbit, who wasn’t bad, but just drawn bad.

So either Tucker, being the divisive fuck that he is on a divisive network, is just looking for some good material to rile up his racist already outraged base, or he’s really horny for some M&M S&M.

In Tucker’s eyes, he probably sees Blue M&M, Yellow, M&M, Orange M&M, Red M&M, Green M&M, and Token M&M. It’s Green and Brown (token) who are the females. Green is trading in her white Nancy Sinatra boots for trainers and Brown is lowering the height of her heels. C’mon, Tucker. You walk around in high heels all day while fighting off horny Red M&M then tell me you don’t want to wear something more comfortable?

Is the concern here about identity? Are we afraid if Green M&M goes from boots to sneakers, that it’ll make her not just less sexy, but androgynous? Does Tucker root around in the bag only to eat the green and brown ones as he can’t put a male M&M in his mouth?

Van Halen used to include in their riders, “no brown M&Ms.” A rider is a contract between a band and a promoter. They include details on what food and beverages will be served to the band. There are also things included like candles, rugs, and incense…frivolous rock-star privileges like that. Van Halen’s no-brown-M&Ms rule is one of the most famous rider inclusions. Were these rock stars so indulgent that they required promoters to hire someone specifically to pick out all the brown M&Ms? Was this done just to show they could make that demand? That’s part of it, but it was also a tactic to see if the promoter actually read the rider. If the band found brown M&Ms among all the catering, then what else did the promoter leave out? If there are brown M&Ms, then did the promoter ignore important safety issues in the contract? Because of the promoter’s lack of attention to the details, would it lead to David Lee Roth being electrocuted to death in Wichita by an ungrounded microphone thus forcing the band to hire a new lead singer who had more range, yeah, but he could only write lyrics that used food analogies to sex. So, the no-brown M&Ms thing was less about woke chocolate and more about their lead singer not being electrocuted to death before the band had the opportunity to fire him along with his assless leather pants.

Tucker went on one of his rants, calling the new M&Ms “less sexy, ” and said, “M&M’s will not be satisfied until every last cartoon character is deeply unappealing and totally androgynous. Until the moment you wouldn’t want to have a drink with any one of them. That’s the goal.”

Have you bought a bag of M&Ms ever? If you look in the bag, they’re all pretty androgynous, because they’re candy, and there’s nothing really sexy about them. At least, not in my opinion. Again, it’s simple round candy. It’s chocolate in a colored shell. I don’t care if an M&M identifies as male or female. To me, I identify them as candy.

When I was a kid, my friends and I debated about M&Ms, but it was peanut vs. plain.
I like plain M&Ms.
I prefer peanut M&Ms.
You’re gay.

It was a simpler time.

What I wanna know is, which M&M does Tucker want to have a drink with? Which one does he find sexy? Does he find all of them sexy, even Blue? And don’t say Tucker doesn’t wanna hook up with Brown because Tucker is a white nationalist, but hold on there. Hall of Fame racist Strom Thurmond used to have sex with black women and not tell anyone, so maybe Tucker would have a drink with Brown M&M in some dark and seedy bar where can only enter through an alley and none of the patrons watch Fox News. Don’t judge.

And look at Mitch McConnell. You know Mitch is racist because he told us last week that black voters aren’t Americans, but his wife is Elaine Chao, who isn’t just a non-white person but also a real live woman who exists here in the real world.

Chocolate is good but I still don’t find it sexy, even in go-go boots. I don’t find Green M&M sexy, even in my current drought. But, despite being a cartoon of candy, Green M&M can still do a lot better than Tucker Carlson. So can Brown M&M. And you know what they say. Once you go Brown M&M, you don’t come back.

We’ve all been shot down and rejected at some point in our lives by the better sex, but I’d wager Tucker has experienced that more than most. He’s no David Lee Roth. Hell, he’s no Sammy Hagar. I bet even the bass player, Michael Anthony, gets more Green M&Ms than Tucker.

And now, Tucker can add being rejected by a cartoon to his list.

Creative note: I had about four ideas on this subject but I went with this one as it was the weirdest. My Tucker was kinda inspired by that old Warner Bros. cartoon where the city wolf invites his country wolf cousin to the city,, takes him to a club, and he howls at a red-head singer on stage.
Also, I did a Google Image search of “peep shows” and my first results were the yellow candy birds. Then I tried it with “peep show strippers” and I got a bunch of porn. I honestly wasn’t looking for either. I just wanted to see the layout of the windows and the money machine. I eventually just had to invent it myself.

Music Note: Today, I jammed out to the Red Hot Chili Peppers while drawing.

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Subpoena Propagandist


Sean Hannity’s show for racist MAGAt troglodytes airs every weeknight on Fox News at 9 P.M. I know this because I asked Alexa. I sure wouldn’t know from watching Fox News because I don’t watch Fox News. At first, Alexa replied, “How am I supposed to know? I don’t watch that shit.” I also didn’t know whose show was first each night, Tucker or Hannity. It’s like which came first, the racist chicken or the racist egg? Anyway, Hannity’s show comes on at 9 P.M, a time slot he’s winning against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and CNN’s Michael Smerconish, along with whoever else is in the rotating chair since CNN fired Chris Cuomo.

And remember why CNN fired Chris Cuomo? CNN fired Chris Cuomo because he was a journalist, or at least he was supposed to be. A journalist can not act as an adviser to politicians or other people in the news. Chris Cuomo acted as an adviser to Andrew, his brother who was governor of New York at the time, over his groping of women. Cuomo was advising Cuomo on how to work with the media through the scandal. Chris even ran interference on a few stories. He also lied to his bosses over the entire ordeal. If Rachel Maddow had been doing this with a politician, like giving lessons on being less creepy to Rahm Emanuel, I’m certain MSNBC would have fired her too.

When Rahm Emanuel was President Obama’s chief-of-staff, he’d go into the showers in the Capitol to intimidate representatives into voting for the president’s agenda. That means Emanuel has something very intimidating when he’s naked, or at least he thinks he does, or it could just be the fact they’re taking a shower with Rahm Emanuel. I also hope you weren’t having a meal while I put a naked Rahm Emanuel in your brain.

CNN did not want to fire Chris Cuomo but they had no choice. CNN is a news organization and they must abide by strict journalism standards and ethics. News organizations have ethics policies that all their journalists must sign, including goofy sarcastic political cartoonists (over the years, I’ve noticed that cartoonists, even liberal cartoonists, who never worked for a newspaper have no idea of what journalism ethics are). As an example of ethics, I could not lie about that naked Rahm Emanuel thing.

So, Chris Cuomo got fired for helping his brother run strategy. Maddow would be fired if she helped a politician coordinate. Just being caught doing these things is huge news. Luckily for Sean Hannity, he works for Fox News.

Fox News labels itself as a news network. They even have the tagline “fair and balanced.” They still say that, right? Hmmm…does Rahm Emanuel say “fair and balanced” while he’s naked? But Fox News is not a news show. They lie and they give time to fellow liars and conspiracy theorists. You know, Republicans. The only time Fox News is concerned about airing a conspiracy theory is when it’ll get them in legal trouble.

If you’re a conservative who rejoiced over that Sandmann shit-eating-grin kid who sued CNN, The Washington Post, and other news outlets, and received settlements, then you’re probably not going to love that Fox News is being sued by the company that owns Dominion Voting Machines. This will probably result in a settlement that’ll make the Sandmann suit pitiful, which is probably already pitiful.

It’s bad enough Fox gives airtime to liars and conspiracy theorists like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, but it’s even worse that these goons coordinate and socialize with politicians.

When Donald Trump was president (sic), his staffers would call Hannity and help coordinate the message for that night’s show. If this had occurred at a real news network, he would have been fired.

Sean Hannity often called Trump, or Trump called him, not for an interview, but so they could coordinate and Hannity would give Donald advice. If Fox News cared about the impression of impropriety, Hannity would have been fired for this.

Hannity often went to the White House to have dinner with Trump, which I’m sure wasn’t because Hannity has a boner for Big Macs.

Sean Hannity went to Trump rallies, not to cover them but to campaign for Trump. Yeah, I know….naked Rahm Emanuel and Hannity’s boner for Big Macs in one blog. I’m sorry. At these rallies, Hannity had a time slot on the stage to speak to the audience about the greatness of Donald Trump. Holy fucking shit, how is this even allowed for a fake-news network?

I think if Jon Stewart did this while he was hosting a show he himself called “fake news,” Comedy Central probably would have fired him. Stewart’s “fake news” had higher standards than Fox News. Hell, polls showed viewers of the Daily Show are more informed than viewers of Fox News.

We learned a few weeks ago that Sean Hannity and other Fox News goons were doing shows on the election lie while knowing Joe Biden won the election. Every news network gets stuff wrong and then they run retractions. Over at Fox News, they knowingly air false information. We know that during the insurrection, Fox fuckers were texting Trump chief-of-staff Mark Meadows to get his boss to call off the riot, while they were on the air telling their audience it wasn’t happening. They were on the air blaming Democrats, Antifa, and the FBI, and during commercial breaks, they’d text Meadows in a panic to call off the white nationalist mob.

Now, the January 6 Committee investigating the Trump insurrection has released just a few texts from Sean Hannity that reveal he was very worried on January 5 about what was going to happen the next day. I half expect Sean Hannity’s defense to be that the January 6 Committee can’t use these texts because they were sent on January 5th. You’re the January 6 Committee, not the January 5 Committee. This is why Kevin McCarthy’s selections for the committee were rejected. Maybe he should try that naked shower thing on them. Again, sorry.

Actually, if McCarthy could, he would have appointed Sean Hannity to the committee.

The texts show Hannity was worried about what Trump was planning for January 6 when Congress was to set certify the 2020 election. Hannity was also worried about Trump’s state of mind (welcome to the club) and over mass resignations at the Trump (sic) White House, specifically the White House Counsel’s office. A lot of people were quitting before Trump’s term was over, which was just one because he lost to Joe Biden. Most resigned to avoid going to prison because they knew a bunch of illegal shit was about to go down….well a bunch more illegal shit. Even William Barr, the attorney general who’s still trying to watch Trump crap off his nose (while naked in the shower), resigned before the term was over, which was only one because Donald Trump was defeated in the election by Joe Biden (who broke his foot playing with his dog while naked getting out of the shower).

Just to remind you, Donald Trump is the first one-term president since George H. W. Bush. He’s the first one-term president in nearly 30 years. He’s in the one-termer club with such stellar luminaries as James Polk, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, Martin Van Buren, Herbert Hoover. Poor William Howard Taft is in three clubs with Trump, the Loser Club, the Fattest President Cub, and the Presidents Who Have The Most Difficulty Reaching Their Backs While Naked In The Shower Club.

I’d mention Jimmy Carter but he’s a nice guy and doesn’t deserve to be in the same sentence with…

…Donald Trump, less enough the same club.

Back to Hannity, he was worried but you wouldn’t have known it from watching his show where he was interviewing Trump goons about the possibility of them successfully overturning a fair and legal election.

While Hannity was on the air talking about stealing an election, his texts show he didn’t want Trump to mention the election ever again. There’s also evidence he was texting Trump while he was naked in the shower. OK, at this point, I’m just fucking with you. Go ahead with your meal. I won’t do it again. Promise.

Hannity Texted Meadows and Jim Jordan with, “He can’t mention the election again. Ever. I did not have a good call with him today. And worse, I’m not sure what is left to do or say, and I don’t like not knowing if it’s truly understood. Ideas?”

That right there should get him fired. Also, what constitutes a call with Trump for it not to be “good?” Did Trump not give his usual rundown of favorite dipping sauces for McNuggets?

The texts also reveal he wanted the White House to stop pressuring Vice President (sic) Mike Pence from trying to overturn the election. It was with that he was afraid the White House Counsel would quit. Overturning an election is unconstitutional and it’s really hard to legal your way out of that…while Mike Pence is naked in the shower. C’mon, you knew I was lying.

In one text sent on January 5th, Hannity wrote, “I’m very worried about the next 48 hours.” I’m sure at some point during those 48 hours, Hannity was….OK, I’ll stop.

All these texts show that Sean Hannity a witness. The committee would really like to talk to him. First, they’re asking nicely. But if Hannity doesn’t comply, they can subpoena him.

Now, you may point out that Sean Hannity himself has stated he’s not a journalist, but guess what. He’s using the press-freedom argument.

Jay Sekulow, Hannity’s lawyer, issued a….wait a fucking minute.

Jay Sekulow was Donald Trump’s lawyer during the Russia investigation and his first impeachment (still feels weird we have to refer to a president’s (sic) impeachments by numbers. Fun fact: Most presidents don’t have impeachments, even bad ones). This is another conflict of interest for a journalist and another reason Hannity should be fired.

Sekulow’s statement said the committee’s request “would raise serious constitutional issues including First Amendment concerns regarding freedom of the press.” But, Hannity is NOT a journalist. Don’t take my word for it, take his. And Fox News is NOT the press. Another piece of evidence, Mr. Sekulow, that Hannity is NOT a credible journalist is the very fact that you’re issuing legal statements for him. You, Mr. Sekulow, are a conflict of interest.

You want to present evidence, Mr. Sekulow? You are the evidence. You goons are too stupid for stupid. We’re going to have to create a new word for “stupid” just for Trump goons.

Fun fact: Jay Sekulow is a partner at Stupid, Asshead, Fuckface, Sekulow, and Stupid. I might have made that up. I’m also pretty sure that whatever law firm Sekulow works at has a shower.

The committee can feel free to subpoena Sean Hannity because Hannity is NOT a journalist.

The closest Sean Hannity has ever come to being a journalist is all the times he scowls to a question like a real journalist. “Were you in that shower? Scowl!” Alan Alda is more of a doctor than Hannity is a journalist. And Lionel Hutz is more of a competent lawyer than Jay Sekulow.

Dear January 6 Committee, subpoena Sean Hannity. And while you’re at it, take off the baby gloves and subpoena all the witnesses from every goon at Fox News to Rudy Giuliani to Donald Trump Jr to your Republican House colleagues to Ivanka Trump to Donald Trump. Get ’em all.

And if you can’t sit their asses in front of you to testify, then send all their asses to prison. At the very least, Hannity can continue having meals with Donald Trump.

And there’s another way to make these fuckers talk. Ya’ see, there’s this guy named Rahm Emanuel…

Music note: For this one, I listened to The Cars, Hole, and Local H.

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Fox News Knew


You may have noticed I draw a lot of cartoons on Fox News. But it’s not my fault. It’s Fox News’ fault. When Fox News stops making itself a part of the news, I’ll stop drawing them.

Here’s the thing, kids: Journalists are not supposed to be a part of the story. Journalists are supposed to tell the story. Legitimate news outlets fire journalists who make themselves a part of the story, which we saw recently when CNN fired Chris Cuomo.

Fox News has been making itself a part of the story since at least 2015 when Trump began running for president. Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, would have one-on-one meetings with Donald Trump as an unofficial adviser. His employed goons didn’t attend rallies to cover them, but to be a part of the rallies. Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are two who spoke from Trump’s podium at his hate rallies while journalists from CNN and MSNBC needed security to escort them out of the building. Hannity had late-night strategy sessions with Donald Trump during while he was occupying the White House, which Hannity would use for his show and Trump would use for his messaging (tweeting and barking at rallies).

Fox News was an outlet of the Trump administration which is why a lot of people call them “Trump TV.” It’s why journalists like Chris Wallace are bailing on Fox News.

Fox News is not news.

Now we have learned that it wasn’t just Republicans in Congress texting Trump’s chief-of-staff, Mark Meadows, before and during the attack on the Capitol complex in order to overturn an election and install Donald Trump as a dictator, but TV hosts from Fox News were also texting him.

What’s even more of an outrage is that the Fox News hosts were texting Meadows to try to get Donald Trump to call off his MAGA mob of white nationalists while they were pushing the narrative on air that it was a false flag conducted by Democrats and Antifa. They may have known this was going to happen days before the attack. Don’t forget those late-night Hannity/Trump strategy sessions.

The Trump goons set up an office in a Washington hotel (paid for by Trump supporters) to plan and coordinate the white nationalist attack. Were Fox News hosts in contact with these unsavory individuals during the meetings? We need to know this.

Before Mark Meadows stopped cooperating with the House Committee investigating the white nationalist attack on the Capitol, he gave them documents and text messages. Liz Cheney revealed Monday night that Meadows had received texts from Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, and Laura Ingraham pleading with him to convince Donald Trump to call off his MAGA goon mob of white nationalists. Brian Kilmeade even texted that the rioters are “destroying everything you have accomplished.”

Instead of calling off the mob, Trump was watching the attack on TV and celebrating the insurrection. He praised the racist goons when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called pleading with him to all off the mob that was attacking Capitol Police and defecating in the halls of Congress. Trump told McCarthy that the racist rioters cared more about the election than he did.

Donald Trump refused to call off the mob even when they were storming through the Capitol with nooses while chanting “Hang Mike Pence.”

Even Donald Trump Jr texted Meadows to get his dad to call off the mob. Why didn’t he text his dad directly…or go talk to him since he was probably in the same room as his father? Jr texted Meadows, “He’s got to condemn this shit ASAP!” To be fair, maybe Jr had to text Meadows as his father wasn’t in the habit of listening to him.

Laura Ingraham, who was pushing the Antifa lie on the same day, texted Meadows, “The president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home. This is hurting all of us.” All of us? That right there shows she and Fox News were a part of the Trump administration. “All of us.” I’m a political cartoonist and even then, there’s no “us” I’m a part of with any politician, campaign, or party.

It also reveals she knew she was lying on the air. That’s a fireable offense. She told her viewers that the rioters were “not all Trump supporters.” She pushed the Antifa bullshit. She also claimed it was only about three dozen people attacking the Capitol.

Laura Ingraham knew she was lying. I repeat, she knew she was lying. Do you realize what an outrage it is for a journalist to go on the air and knowingly report false information? Even Fox News should have an ethical guideline on that which shouldn’t be crossed. Fox News should fire Laura Ingraham. She shouldn’t receive probation or suspension. She should be fired.

Journalists get things wrong all the time but they do not report false information. Not firing Ingraham for this is further proof Fox News is not news but propaganda.

What Sean Hannity and Brian Kilmeade did is just the same as lying. They knew it was a Trump mob attacking the Capitol. Their texts prove that. Yet, they never mentioned that on air. They never mentioned what was actually happening when they knew what was going on. They never mentioned their contacts with Mark Meadows. They knew this attack was so bad that it even made Don Jr. realize it.

I saw someone post this morning that you know Trump sucks with this when Fox News and Donald Trump Jr are the voices of reason. But they weren’t the voices of reason. If they had any reason they would have made their pleas public instead of constantly defending the man who refused to call off his mob.

Why didn’t Ingraham, Hannity, and Kilmeade make their pleas on the air? If they had done that, Trump would have stopped the mob immediately. It would have put pressure on him. Why didn’t Jr go to a reporter and make the plea? Was he afraid his daddy would cut him off?

Donald Trump didn’t just call of his mob, he instigated it. He tweeted for them to be there. He should be liable for this. If a politician invited al-Qaida to visit New York to check out the skyscrapers and then they flew planes into those skyscrapers, you would hold that politician accountable. Donald Trump invited terrorists to Washington.

Trump invited his terrorists and told them it would be “wild.” He held a rally for his hate mob and told them to go to the Capitol. He said he’d be there with them (which he wasn’t as it would have involved walking). Then he joyfully watched the proceedings on TV ignoring pleas from aides and others to stop the assault. Then, he made a video telling his mob of racist terrorists that he “loved them” and they were “very special.”

The January 6 committee needs to take off the kid gloves and go after these people hard. Subpoena Donald Trump and don’t stop there. Subpoena Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, and Laura Ingraham. Subpoena Trump Jr. Mark Meadows’ texts prove they’re witnesses. Ivanka was a witness so subpoena her too

If the Fox News people want to be a part of the story, then make them a part of the story. Subpoena them.

Also, Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, and Laura Ingraham going to prison for sedition would be a great story.

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Fox’s Flaming Fir


Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace surprised viewers and many of his colleagues yesterday by announcing that this would be his last show and he was leaving the network, effective immediately. Shortly after, CNN announced the hiring of Wallace to be an anchor on their upcoming streaming service, CNN Plus.

Wallace turned down a contract extension with a pay raise to jump ship to an actual news network.

Fox News is losing actual news journalists. Brett Bair is probably the only prominent one who remains at the network. Shepard Smith left for CNBC in 2019. Kristin Fisher is another who recently left. Now, goodbye, Chris Wallace, who may have been the network’s best journalist.

Fox News has used Wallace as proof they’re an actual news source while firing Chris Stirewalt two months after he called Arizona for President Biden (which made a huge part of their base leave temporarily for News Max).

Fox News is actually making their network even more conservative. The network has replaced its 7:00 PM news slot with a conservative commentary show. They moved back their 11:00 PM news show an hour to give the slot to pro-Trump goon Greg Gutfield, who conservatives think is funny. Greg Gutfield’s show is like giving another talk show to Chevy Chase, but with less humor.

The network has removed liberal Juan Williams from its show, “The Five,” and Democratic analyst Donna Brazile recently left for ABC News. Even conservative pundits, Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg quit last month in protest of Tucker’s lying documentary.

According to inside sources at Fox (people who work there but hate it), Wallace was frustrated working at a supposed “news” network where the agenda was being crafted by conspiracy theorists. Even worse, much of the Fox News programming has been set by Donald Trump over the past five years. If Trump says it, much of the network repeats it as fact.

Fun fact: Donald Trump doesn’t say facts.

The insiders also report that Wallace, along with Brett Bair, had complained to network executives over Tucker Carlson’s constant lie the election was stolen. The sources also state Wallace was upset and had complained about a so-called “documentary” by Tucker, titled “Patriot Purge,” which includes the false claim that the riot was a “false flag” operation created to demonize the political right.

And then there has been the network’s coverage over its own Christmas tree. The tree outside the headquarters of Fox News on 6th Avenue was set on fire, allegedly by a homeless man who may be mentally ill. Fox News’ reaction to this is that it’s a “war on Christmas” and a “hate crime” against Fox News. If you listen to Christians, Christmas is under attack and persecuted in this country. Starbucks Happy Holiday cups are probably a hate crime for not saying, “Merry Christmas.”

Fox’s commentators have referred to the tree as, “America’s Tree,” though the tradition of Fox News putting up the tree was started in 2019. Jeanine Pirro said the burning of the tree is “pure evil.” She stated on air, “It’s about good versus evil! Period!”

Ainsley Earhardt, co-host of Fox & Friends comforted his concerned viewers by promising the network will “build it back better.” Ya’ mean by going to the store and buying a new fake tree? Ainsley raised the stakes now and for his sake, this tree better be better, godammit. Maybe Ainsley can volunteer to provide all-night security just to make sure the new tree is hobo-proof. Maybe Fox News can give him a whistle.

Fox & Friends Steve Doocy said, “Apparently lighting a Christmas tree on fire is not a hate crime.” Co-host Brian Kilmeade replied, “But it is! “Who says it’s not a hate crime against us – against Fox News?” So, Fox News is a religion now? Well, I guess is it a division of the Trump Cult.

Conservatives don’t believe the murder of Ahmaud Arbery while jogging was a hate crime, but setting this fake fucking tree on fire is. What’s the next Fox News hate crime, burning a MyPillow?

Another fun fact: Like much of Fox News, that tree had no soul.

Kilmeade then went on a rant about crime. He said, “There is so much crime in places that were always safe, including 48th and Sixth here. This is emblematic of these cities out of control, defame and defund the police, and this bail reform that has these men and women, these assailants, these suspects out before they can even finish the paperwork.”

He went on, “no person is safe and no city is safe.” No Christmas tree is safe from homeless vagrants. Before you can even finish the paperwork on arrested suspects, they make bail and set out to burn down another fake Christmas tree. This is the worst thing to happen to conservatism since that time Donald Trump was forced to go out in the rain to commemorate veterans. Tucker hasn’t taken a personal blow like this since he was kicked out of that Swiss boarding school for pampered special boys. We haven’t seen attack on white Christians like this since all those black people walked in front of those gun-toting mustard-loving conservatives’ home in St. Louis, or since CNN slandered the Covington Kid by pointing out he’s a huge dick, or since that time someone somewhere tricked Kyle Rittenhouse into drinking underage in a white nationalist bar. And if you listen to the Fox fuckers, you’d believe it was the worst thing to happen to New York City since 9/11.

And you know the jerks across the street at MSNBC were craning their necks out the window to gawk and laugh at this ungodly attack on the wholesome Christian purity of Fox News. Those MSNBC savages? Was Rachel giggling?

I’m mostly surprised they haven’t blamed this assault on their fake tree on President Biden, or Vice-President Kamala Harris, or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or Ilhan Omar, of the rest of the squad, or Antifa, or Black Lives Matter, or Dr. Fauci, or Starbucks holiday cups, or my cartoon yesterday on Mike Nesmith (you should see my inbox), or vaccines, or people who celebrate Kwanza, or…

No wonder Chris Wallace is leaving.

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Cuomo No-No


Disclaimer: I freelance for CNN. I draw one cartoon each week for their opinion newsletter. Now, if I worked for Fox News, I wouldn’t have had to tell you that.

CNN fired Chris Cuomo on Saturday. His show occupied the 9:00 PM timeslot which goes head-to-head nightly against MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (who is also leaving soon) and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tonight (who’s never going to leave). While it’s going to be difficult for CNN to replace someone who sat in the 9:00 PM chair, it’ll be harder to replace the handoff-show banter between Cuomo and Don Lemon, whose two-hour show begins at 10:00 PM.

CNN already walked a tightrope with Chris Cuomo as his brother was governor of New York. He really couldn’t cover any news about his brother. But, during the pandemic, he would have his brother on which was very entertaining as they’d bicker and insult each other as brothers do. Once when Chris mentioned his wife had given him a haircut, big brother commented that judging from the haircut his wife had given him, she must be harboring a deep resentment against Chris. After Andrew received a COVID test during one of his live briefings (to show how easy it was), Chris presented him with a Q-tip that looked to be about four feet long. It was entertaining stuff, especially to those who have siblings. But the fine line between news and family was eventually crossed.

During Andrew Cuomo’s sex scandal, his brother Chris wasn’t able to cover the story. He mentioned that on the air. All seemed on the up-and-up, but it wasn’t. As it turns out, Chris was helping Andrew with strategy, mostly with how to deal with the press coverage. Chris even used his contacts at other networks to inform Andrew and his team of impending stories on the scandal.

It had been known for months that Chris had some involvement with his brother’s defense. He had said, “I’m not an adviser. I’m a brother. I wasn’t in control of anything. I was there to listen and offer my take.” But a document dump by New York Attorney General Letitia James after an investigation into Andrew’s sexcapade showed that while Chris was working as one of CNN’s top anchors, he was also effectively working as an unpaid aide to the governor.

The dump revealed multiple texts between Chris and several aides and allies of the governor where he sought to use his connections in the press to help prepare Andrew’s team as accusers started to make their stories public.

CNN put Chris on “indefinite hiatus” on Tuesday and hired a law firm to investigate. The network issued a statement saying, “When Chris admitted to us that he had offered advice to his brother’s staff, he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. But we also appreciated the unique position he was in and understood his need to put family first and job second.”

“However,” the network said, “these documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation.”

The investigation brought new information to light and the head of CNN, Jeffrey Zucker, fired Chris Cuomo on Saturday. It was the right call.

Journalists are not supposed to work with people they cover. They definitely should not help them craft political strategy to aid their campaigns or administrations. MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were huge friends with Trump. Trump even offered to conduct their marriage ceremony, as a president can do that (like a boat captain. Didn’t you ever watch Love Boat? Though, Trump’s boat would probably be called “Grope Boat”). Joe And Mika even named their pet bunny “Donald Fluffy Trump.” I always suspected Trump was a fluffer. MSNBC never held their on-air couple accountable for their overly-friendly relationship with Trump.

But it’s Fox News where journalism ethics truly go to die. Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro have both spoken at Trump rallies. AT Trump rallies. They were speakers on the stage campaigning for Trump. Hannity argues he’s not a journalist, which we are aware of, but he’s on a supposed news network. Whether he believes he’s a journalist or not, he should still have to abide by the ethics of journalism. It’s bad enough Sean, Tucker, and the rest of the Fox News crowd of on-air white nationalists promote conspiracy theories and outright bullshit, but going on the campaign trail with someone they cover should not be allowed. It doesn’t even have to be investigated. It’s on the air.

But it gets worse. Sean Hannity and Donald Trump, during the Trump presidency (sic), would have late-night phone sessions. These two were trading sweet nothings on a nightly basis while conducting political strategy. And Chris Cuomo was fired for helping his brother. Personally, I think being the president’s (sic) personal fluffer for four-straight years is a greater violation of journalism ethics than helping your brother (not that I’m excusing that).

So this week when you witness white nationalist Nazi turdlings doing the happy dance while gleefully praising the dumping of Chris Cuomo for violating journalism ethics, keep all that Fox shit in mind.

But, Sean Hannity does have a point. Fox News is not journalism. But, maybe Fox News should stop pretending that it’s an actual news source.

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Foxy Nazis


Can you believe that once upon a time Lara Logan worked for 60 minutes? Hell, Tucker Carlson once worked for MSNBC and CNN. It’s a crazy world out there. But then again, a lot of white nationalists conceal who they are, or at least try, until they land on Fox News.

Logan, who was once a respected journalist, compared Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to Nazi physician Josef Mengele while making false claims that the death rate from the coronavirus is the same as the common flu.

Last Monday on Fox News, Logan said, “What you see on Dr. Fauci — this is what people say to me: that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Josef Mengele. Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps.”

Wow. Lara Logan sure is familiar with Nazi doctors.

This is just more of the villainization of Dr. Fauci, who’s become a tool for the racist white-nationalist wing of the Republican Party in the politicization of a virus that’s killed over 770,000 Americans, 352,000 in 2020. By the way, Lara, the flu kills around 30,000 people each year. In case you’re a Republican, 30 is less than 352.

It’s bizarre that the people who are politicizing the virus, fighting mask mandates, social distancing, and vaccines are the same people griping that the president hasn’t eliminated COVID yet.

Back to this Lara-Nazi thing: Dr. Fauci was appearing on Chris Haye’s show on MSNBC when he responded to a question about the Lara-Nazi thing. He said, “What I find striking, Chris, is how she gets no discipline whatsoever from the Fox network — how they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action?” I’m sure that was a rhetorical question.

In case you’re a Republican, “rhetorical” means the question is in jest. No answer is expected and the person who asked the question usually already knows the answer. It’s more of a statement than a question.

But it’s true there has been no comment or disciplinary action by Fox News, but I’m sure they’ve covered the Chris Cuomo thing out of their collective asses.

Fauci said her comments were an “absolutely preposterous and disgusting comparison.”

“It’s an insult to all of the people who suffered and died under the Nazi regime in the concentration camps,” he said. “It’s unconscionable what she said.”

According to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, Nazi war criminal Mengele was known as the “’angel of death,’ or sometimes the ‘white angel,’ for his cold and cruel demeanor.”

Mengle performed lethal experiments on identical and fraternal twins. He conducted “medical’ experiments on Jews at Auschwitz. He conducted experiments on the body parts of his Jewish victims to prove they were most susceptible to diseases, and thus inferior to the Aryan “master race.”

The Auschwitz Museum, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the American Jewish Committee have all condemned Logan’s remarks and have demanded an apology from Fox News.

The Auschwitz Museum tweeted, “Exploiting the tragedy of people who became victims of criminal pseudo-medical experiments in Auschwitz in a debate about vaccines, pandemics, and people who fight for saving human lives is shameful. It is disrespectful to victims & a sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline.”

The chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League said, “There’s absolutely no comparison between mask mandates, vaccine requirements, and other covid-19 mitigation efforts to what happened to Jews during the Holocaust.”

He added, “This includes making outlandish and offensive analogies suggesting that somehow Dr. Anthony Fauci is akin to Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele, known for his gruesome medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners.”

The American Jewish Committee called Logan’s comments “utterly shameful” and said that “an apology is needed. There is no comparing the hell these victims went through to public health measures.”

But there hasn’t been an apology yet. The host of the show where Logan made her disgusting comparison, Pete Hegseth, didn’t push back. The co-host, Will Cain, called Fauci a “would-be authoritarian.”

Logan is not new to spreading conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic statements. Last fall, Logan criticized the Open Society Foundation, founded by Hungarian American billionaire George Soros, who is Jewish, to fund civil society organizations, as “puppet masters” who “when they are done, there will not be an America.”

She claimed Sweden has no vaccinations when the fact is they’ve administered over 15 million to a population of 10 million. Basically, the entire population of Sweden, where Logan claims there are no vaccines to the coronavirus, has been vaccinated. That’s like saying the Island of Dogs doesn’t have dogs.

She’s accused the FDA of approving vaccines that are not vaccines. She’s accused Biden of covering up side effects to the vaccines. She’s claimed that a surge of Haitian immigrants at our border is a “virus attack” on the United States. She said, “Bioweapons specialists and intel agents tell me that that’s typical of how you disperse a virus.”

She called two former Fox contributors, Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, who left the network over its programming decisions, “cockroaches.”

Fox News has not apologized for Logan’s slander or antiSemitism. I don’t expect them to.

Fox News has been all about politicizing the virus and spreading conspiracy theories. The fact Tucker Carlson still has a show proves they don’t care about facts. And when it comes to antisemitism and racism, please.

Tucker Carlson’s show is the favorite of racists. He’s spread the “great-replacement” theory, that whites in America are systematically being replaced by non-whites. Last July, he warned that if we don’t “save” our nation, we’ll “become Rwanda.” These are Klan talking points.

Andrew Anglin, one of the nation’s most prominent white supremacists, described Tucker’s show as “Basically, Daily Stormer: The Show.” The Daily Stormer is a Nazi newspaper. He called Tucker, “Literally our greatest ally.” The Daily Stormer mentioned Tucker Carlson over 250 times in the span of two years according to a data researcher who remains anonymous out of fear of being murdered by Tucker Carlson-loving Nazis.

Once, when Tucker debated a Cuban-American, The Stormer ran a story with the headline, “Tucker RAPES AND IMPREGNATES Crazy Eyed Whore in a COLLEGE CAMPUS CRY CLOSET.” Other fun headlines in the Stormer above pro-Tucker stories are, “Tucker FILLS Liberal Kike with LEAD for Demanding Gun Control,” and “Tucker Carlson FORCES Fat Beaner Whore to CHOKE to DEATH on GREASY TACOS.”

What’s wrong with greasy tacos? But, can anyone find any evidence where Tucker has denounced or distanced himself from any pro-Tucker stories written by Nazis?

Nazis are Tucker fan boys, but they also love Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, and Lara Logan. And, that’s why Nazis love Fox News.

If anything, Fox News may want to issue an apology to Nazis…for comparing them to Dr. Fauci. Nazis may not like that.

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Tucker Loves The Fetus, Hates The Child


Forget seeing Jon Gruden’s emails for a minute. I want to see Tucker Carlson’s emails. I mean, if this guy is flagrantly exhibiting his hate and homophobia to the world on primetime television, I wanna see the stuff he’s secretly saying to his closest confidantes.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten have adopted premature infant newborn twins. Buttigieg, formerly “Mayor Pete,” had taken paternity, or parental, leave to help care for the newborns. Of course, a guy who works so hard at things that he would learn Norwegian just to read one book is the kind of guy who would suck at taking a leave, because he kept working. But, there is an outrage. What is that outrage? Well, I’m not sure. Let’s listen to Tucker Carlson.

Tucker had a huge problem with Buttigieg taking paternity leave, saying on his show that’s rated number-one with white nationalists, “Pete Buttigieg has been on leave from his job since August after adopting a child. Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed. No word on how that went.”

Apparently, it went pretty well. Pete responded, “I guess he just doesn’t understand the concept of bottle feeding, let alone the concept of paternity leave.” By the way, has Tucker ever actually seen a breast? Maybe he lies about it like in the movie, “40-Year-Old Virgin.” It feels like a bag of sand.

Later, Pete told Jake Tapper on his show popular with people who want facts, “I’m not going to apologize to Tucker Carlson or anyone else for taking care of my premature newborn infant twins. The work that we are doing is joyful, fulfilling, wonderful work. It’s important work, and it’s work that every American ought to be able to do when they welcome a new child into their family. I campaigned on that.”

Pete pointed out, “What is really strange is that, you know, this is from a side of the aisle that used to claim the mantle of being pro-family. What we have right now is an administration that’s actually pro-family.”

Yeah. What happened to that pro-family stuff Republicans always claimed to champion? Did it go out the window when they made the leader of their party the pussy-grabbing thrice-married father of five with three different women who’s been accused of sexual assault, including rape, over 25 times? Did they chuck their family values out the window with their platforms of patriotism, defense of America from Russia, anti-terrorism, and love of conservative fiscal policies?

Gay marriage is the law of the land now and legal in every state, even Utah. Is Tucker’s attack on Buttigieg’s paternity leave a veiled swipe at gay marriage? But then again, abortion is the law of the land too and Republicans are trying to overturn that, so maybe they’ll do the same with gay marriage. Republicans love trying to control other people’s lives. While screaming about vaccine mandates, they’re mandating what women can and can’t do with their own bodies. But just like some stranger’s abortion isn’t Tucker’s business, either is Pete and Chaz’s marriage…or their adoption of twins.

And what is this business of demanding that every fetus be delivered then abandoning when it becomes a child? People like Tucker demand the birth of a baby, even if it’s the result of a rape, then demand we don’t help through government funds to feed it, educate it, or give it any care. They’re against school lunches. They demand parents to be drug tested before they can receive any assistance. And if the parent tests positive for a little weed, then the child should starve. They also don’t want the child to have any healthcare. No healthcare. No prenatal. No nothing. But, yay it’s born.

Tucker is obtuse and he lacks self-awareness. His outlook is from a rich-privileged-white-kid boarding school education. He did attempt to apologize for his homophobic attack after getting owned by Buttigieg. He replied to Buttigieg, “Last night on this show we made a brief, offhand joke about the Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, and this morning we discovered our error. It turns out that Buttigieg is not a dwarfish fraud whose utter mediocrity indicts the class that produced him. No, not at all. Pete Buttigieg was once the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. So understandably, going forward, we are. And of course we will. Our mistake.”

That’s an apology? I bet Tucker thinks that funny. I bet his audience believes it’s hilarious. But then again, these are the same idiots who believe the hashtag, #LetsGoBrandon is witty and hilarious. Pssst, Republicans. I don’t need a code to say, “Fuck Trump.”

But what sort of audience does Tucker have, I mean, other than white nationalists? OK, they’re all white nationalists, but let’s take a look at how they feel about Pete Buttigieg taking paternity leave. For this, we’re going to scroll through one of my former friend’s Facebook page. My former friend is an alt-right racist Nazi-supporting former Never-Trump who now attacks Never-Trumpers. He is the perfect example of the vileness of the Trump Cult and is up to date on current bigoted and Fox News talking points. He made two posts about Buttigieg’s adoption and paternity leave. Let’s see what he said and how his racist fucknut friends replied.

His first post on Buttigieg is: Transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, tonight referred to the two babies he just adopted as, “my new kids”. I’ve never heard a new parent refer to their recently born infants as “my new kids”. It’s Iike he’s referring to a just-purchased turtleneck or badminton racket.

His quibble is with the reference, “My new kids.” Well, you gotta quibble when you don’t have anything, like outrage over Joe Biden liking ice cream. That sonofabitch likes chunky monkey. I digress. Let’s check out a few replies to the post.

They are: “He’s insufferable. Two months paid vacation on the taxpayers dime. Wow.” How many days was Trump at his golf courses?

“It makes no sense on purpose. They are gay men pretending to be “\’parents’. And it’s our shortcomings if we cannot make fantasy into reality.”

“For a NY MinuteI thought you said Pete’s buttplug.”

“Those kids are now positioned, in my opinion, to be the recipients of some major Child Abuse. I feel sorry for those children. They don’t deserve that.” Actually, most child abuse is committed by heterosexuals.

“Please, you deluded gay narcissists, hire a compassionate competent nanny.It’s their only hope.” Maybe they can get Obi Wan Kenobi…he’s their only hope.

My first two takeaways are that these goons are really homophobic and sure know a lot about butt plugs. Then, just as you were wondering about their butt plug obsession, another post was made that drew new homophobic comments. Let’s take another gander if we have the stomach for it.

The second post on Buttigieg is: “I hope Mayor Pete is healing well during his maternity leave.” The guy doesn’t understand the difference between “maternity” and “paternity,” so maybe he shouldn’t be telling women what to do with their bodies, hmm?

Some of those replies are: “I wonder how they did the episiotomy was performed.” Hey, I’m not correcting their grammar.

“I just looked it up and his husband is a drama teacher. So, do they both get maternity leave?” This person complained her maternity leave was shorter than Pete’s paternity leave, so you’d think she’d understand the difference.

“Heard he had difficulty with the lactation Department.”

“Wonder did he have an episiotomy….” An obsession with episiotomies and butt plugs. Nice.

“Pete knows more about umbilical cords, than supply chains.”

There were a lot more, like the comparison that Kayleigh McEnany only took two weeks off compared to Buttigieg’s two months (when he kept working). But maybe Kayleigh doesn’t love her baby as much as Pete loves his twins. The real big takeaway here is, these people are homophobic and ignorant. They don’t know what they’re talking about despite having a lot of opinions on the subject.

The reason these people are so ignorant is because they’re the people Tucker Carlson is talking to. It’s also partly why they’re so racist because Tucker’s show is the highest-rated show among white nationalists.

If your argument is Buttigieg shouldn’t be able to take a paternity leave for so long because other people can’t, then stop opposing it. We’re trying to make parental leave more available to everyone. As Buttigieg said, “It’s important work, and it’s work that every American ought to be able to do when they welcome a new child into their family. I campaigned on that.”

Conservatives always argue that if they didn’t get something good, or things were hard on them, then it should be hard on everyone else. They argue against free tuition because they didn’t get it. I thought we wanted better for our children. Conservatives do not. They don’t want paternity leave or the children they forced to be born to be adopted to people who will provide loving homes and become great parents.

For conservatives, it’s love the fetus, hate the child. It’s like what the late and great George Carlin said.

“Boy, these conservatives are really something, aren’t they? They’re all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you’re born, you’re on your own. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don’t want to know about you. They don’t want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you’re preborn, you’re fine; if you’re preschool, you’re fucked.”

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Zuck Face Fox Hate


It’s not surprising or new news that Facebook sells hate and division. It’s not even surprising they know this and aren’t doing much about it. The news here is that now we know they know and they know we know they know and now it’s official. Facebook actually did an internal study to find out just how bad they are, and when their suspicions were confirmed, they just nodded to each other and carried on with business as usual.

The only difference between Facebook and Fox News selling hate and false information is that Facebook stumbled upon it and Fox News built its entire business model around it. Fox News didn’t give Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham shows and later go, “wha’aaaaat?” They’re not Stephanie Grisham who took five years to figure out Donald Trump was a vile and horrible person.

And in Fox News’ defense, they at least fired Diamond and Silk for spreading false information about Covid-19 but they still have a monetized Facebook page. Guess what they do with it.

Frances Haugen revealed herself on 60 minutes as the Facebook whistleblower. She is the former lead product manager on the company’s civic misinformation team and she leaked thousands of internal documents to The Wall Street Journal. She says she leaked the documents so that “no one can question that this is real.” I don’t think that’s going to be a problem…at least not among anyone who uses Facebook.

She told CBS’ Scott Pelley her lawyers have filed at least eight complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission that point to discrepancies between Facebook’s internal research and the company’s external statements on issues like hate speech and mental health. She has compared Facebook to the tobacco companies. Both have knowingly lied to Congress and the public about how toxic their products are.

Haugen explained when it comes to public safety and profits, Facebook chose profits every time, which is what big tobacco did.

For example, look what happened on January 6. Facebook, along with Twitter, were used to strategize, organize, and plot out the insurrection to overturn the government. Twitter reacted and banned thousands of accounts, including Donald Trump. Facebook followed and ditched Trump…but thousands of similar hate groups remain. For another example, there are still people on Facebook stating the terrorist attack by white nationalists was just a protest and the Capitol Police who defended it are murderers for shooting terrorist Ashley Babbitt.

People who supported terrorists on the internet used to stay in the dark web. Now they’re out in the open.

Haugen claims one internal study suggested Facebook only took action on three to five percent of hate speech and less than one percent of violence and incitement content on Facebook. But if you post a cartoon criticizing the Taliban, you may get banned for three days. And then afterward, the algorithms are set to where not as many people see that particular cartoonist’s posts, the number of likes, comments, and shares for his cartoons go down, he gets fewer hits to his website which is monetized, cutting into his income, and he gets messages from people asking, “Hey…are you OK? I haven’t seen anything new from you in weeks” despite the fact he posts a new cartoon every…single…freaking…day.

I heard that happened to somebody.

Facebook had a bad Monday. Grrr, Mondays. They woke up to a 60 minutes exposé (I know, Andréa. I can’t make accent marks) and then they had a shutdown that lasted for several hours. You may have heard about it. It was like Facebook was in Facebook jail (I stole that from a comment on Facebook).

If you were a conspiracy theorist, you might believe Facebook’s outage was intentional to remind us just how much we hate/love Facebook. And they’re right. Look how many people on Facebook made posts about Facebook’s shutdown. I have one friend (to protect him, I will not tell you his name is J.P. Trostle) who swears he’ll never use Facebook again, but returned yesterday to give a Nelson Muntz Ha-Ha to Facebook for the shutdown.

It’s perfectly fine to criticize Facebook on Facebook. How else would they see it? It’s like AOC and her tax-the-rich dress worn at a $35,000-a-plate charity event. They’re not going to get the message if she only wears it in a barrio.

The Facebook whistleblower is testifying before the Senate as I write this. That means, nothing is going to happen. She’s testifying before people who have internal documents revealing trickle-down doesn’t work but keep voting for trickle-down. She’s testifying before people who were hiding under tables during the insurrection but still voted against impeaching Trump for instigating the insurrection. She’s testifying before the people who were hiding behind drapes and on the phone with Donald Trump screaming, “Please, call off your horde of white nationalist racist terrorist goons” to no avail, but still flew down to Mar-a-Lago for photo-ops with Donald Trump while groveling at his stinky feet. She’s testifying before people who were screaming during the attack, “Save me, Capitol Police officers…save me! Barricade that door! Protect me! I don’t wanna die! YAAAAAAGHHH!” and later voted against giving the Capitol Police officers medals and honoring them as heroes. If Congress goes after Mark Zuckerberg, all he has to do is put on a MAGA hat.

Fun fact: Republicans love Facebook just as much as you do. Nazis, Klansmen, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and New York City firefighters use it just as much as Black Lives Matter, Move On, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Another fun fact: I will never stop laughing every time I see this video. This tells me Mark Zuckerger is the kind of boss that nobody who works for him can say something is a bad idea or when he looks like a moron. He needs to hire a sassy southern secretary, the type who can tell him, “Sugar, oh no. If you were going as someone who can relate to commoners, and loves something that’s not himself, you can kiss my grits ’cause that ain’t it.”

Creative license: The offices for Facebook and Fox News don’t really face each other. While Facebook’s headquarters is in California, they do have an office in New York City and it’s nowhere near Fox News, but they are both in Manhattan. Facebook is in lower Manhattan on Broadway between 8th and 9th street while Fox News is in midtown on 6th Avenue between 51st and 50th. I’m that kind of geek to know that and find it important.

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Nicki Minaj’s Cousin’s Friend’s Swollen Testicles


I have a cartooning colleague who has some views on the coronavirus you should not trust. It’s not what you think. He’s pro-vaccine and maybe pro-face mask. But now he’s telling people that hand sanitizer doesn’t work against the coronavirus. He claims he caught COVID about three months before anyone else in this country caught it. And after being fully vaxxed, he slithered into a Walgreens, didn’t tell them he was already fully vaxxed, and got a booster before the CDC advised for it.

I have another cartooning colleague who is anti-face masks, anti-vaccine, anti-social distancing, claims the government is using all of it to control you and the virus was a hoax. He claims it’s no worse than the flu and the number of deaths are fabricated. He claims he tested positive for COVID antibodies and like Rand Paul, he’s now immune…forever. He calls people who wear face masks “sheeple” and cowards and mocks them for being afraid to leave their homes without a facemask, even though he’s afraid to leave his home without an assault rifle.

Do you know what both of these cartoonists, one being a liberal socialist and the other being a Nazi-supporting white supremacist, have in common other than being cartoonists? They’re not scientists or doctors. You should not believe what they say without fact-checking it. Even though anything I post has been confirmed by scientists, you should not blindly trust me. Go behind me and fact-check what I say. Why? Because I’m not a doctor or a scientists either. One of my best friends is a physicist and I can’t tell you what he does for a living even though he’s told me a thousand times. I am not a scientist and that, you do not have to fact-check.

Even though cartoonists are supposed to base their work on facts and real information (too many cartoonists are NOT doing that anymore), you still can’t totally trust a cartoonist for your science. Last week, I saw a cartoon blaming natural disasters on God’s wrath over our woke culture. It’s not global warming, it’s trans athletes in little girls’ bathrooms. Granted, that guy’s a climate-change denying fundamentalist zealot lunatic, but still…trust scientists.

Don’t trust cartoonists. Don’t trust stupid Republican senators who are self-certified eye doctors and not immunologists or virus experts. And, don’t trust pop singers.

Nicki Minaj is a very famous pop singer even though I can’t name one of her songs (except for the one with Lonely Island, “The Creep”). Minaj, who is from Trinidad (in case you’re a Republican, Trinidad is an entirely different country and not some girl named Trini’s daddy) is refusing to be vaccinated and says her cousin in Trinidad is also refusing to be vaccinated because a friend of hers got the vaccine and it made him impotent with swollen testicles. Rose McGowan, another anti-vaxxer celebrity, is backing Nicki’s claim about her cousin’s friend in Trinidad.

Did you have a friend when you were a teen, or maybe you were the friend, that claimed he had a girlfriend but she went to a different school? Maybe you or that friend claimed the never-seen girlfriend was in Canada. The cool thing about doing that to defend yourself from dreaded accusations of virginity is that nobody can prove you’re lying. Nobody can fact-check it because nobody ever goes to Canada. Hell, it may not even exist. All those photos and videos of Canada were created in the same studio they faked the moon landing in. But, you can’t put it down as certifiable fact that this person claiming he has a girlfriend elsewhere is definitely telling you the truth and not lying his virgin ass off. By the way, my high school girlfriend lives on the moon. Good luck debunking that, fuckers.

But ya’ know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking Tucker Carlson was that guy back when he was a student at a fancy-schmancy pants prep school. Tucker got kicked out of a Swiss prep school, probably for being too white, and I bet when he resumed studies at a U.S. prep school, he claimed to have left a girlfriend back in Switzerland. I’ve seen photos of Swiss women and I’ve seen photos of Tucker. Trust me: Tucker never had a Swiss girlfriend. If someone shows you a photo of their girlfriend, and it’s on a box of hot chocolate, she’s probably not real.

I’m not just basing this speculation that Tucker had an imaginary cartoon girlfriend when he was in prep school on how Tucker looks, his punchable face, or how feeble and undesirable he is. I base this on the fact Tucker took Nicki’s claim and spread it.

Tucker Carlson reported Nicki’s claims…and then shockingly, he made a correction. What he corrected was his initial reporting that it was Nicki’s cousin who has a big-ball crisis, and not her friend’s balls. I’m glad he cleared that up. Tucker wants to get in touch (hopefully, not literally) with Nicki’s cousin’s friend so he can fly down to Trinidad to get the full scoop on the swollen nuts. It will be the first time testicles were ever interviewed by a dick. Hey, Tucks….as the great Tallahassee said in Zombieland, “Nut up or shut up.”

This has gotten so crazy that Dr. Anthony Fauci and the health Minister of Trinidad have had to debunk it. And Dr. Fauci has much more important things to do, like debunking stupid shit Rand Paul says and refraining himself from leaping over a table and kicking his ass as though he was his next door neighbor. I have been fully vaccinated and I can assure you that my testicles…wait a minute…mmmhmmm….yeah…OK. I just checked and they’re still fine. No, Tucker can’t inspect them.

The worst thing about ballgate might that someone with a primetime cable news show on a supposed news outlet is pushing unverified claims as fact. Even if you do have a talk show on a news channel that specializes in opinion, you’re still supposed to be a journalist. You’re still supposed to abide by the ethics of journalism. The ethics of journalism prevents most journalists from spreading misinformation on stolen elections, horse de-wormer, or third-person claims without verification, like Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s swollen balls.

Keep in mind, Tucker is in that same right-wing crowd that cast aspersions on actual news outlet’s use of anonymous sources. Before Tucker supports and helps spread this wild claims, he should make a trip to fondle some Trinidadian balls.

Tucker is spreading this unverified story for one of two reasons: He is desperate for anything to debunk COVID vaccines or…he really wants to touch some balls.

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