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One thing that President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the White House and address to a joint session of Congress did yesterday was help the anti-democratic pro-Putin fascists expose themselves.

Sure, they’ve been doing this for a while, but we got to see seven Republicans sit on their hands for the majority of Zelensky’s speech yesterday. These GOP goons were Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Andrew Clyde, Diana Harshbarger, Warren Davidson, and Michael Cloud. What did they disagree with about Zelensky’s pro-democracy speech?

The truth is, they don’t want to support someone who opposes Putin, but they don’t want to come out directly and praise Putin, except for Trump, who called Putin a “genius” for his invasion of Ukraine. What they try to do is disguise it.

Kevin McCarthy tried to disguise it by pretending to be a fiscal conservative, which he’s not. He said after the GOP takes over the House in the next session, that there will be no more “blank checks” for Ukraine. Lauren Boebert howled about sending $47 billion to Ukraine and attacked Mitch McConnell for his support. The $47 billion is the Republican’s number, and not all of it is going to Ukraine.

Donald Trump Jr, who inherited everything he has, attacked President Zelensky and called him a “welfare queen.” He probably would have said the same thing if he was around when we were sending military support to the UK and Winston Churchill to fight Hitler and the Nazis.

A pro-Putin fascist with a bought blue checkmark tweeted conspiracy theories at me this morning that was created by Putin. He also accused Zelensky of being a “warmonger” even though it was Russia that invaded Ukraine, not the other way around.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has consistently opposed supporting Ukraine stating, “It’s not our responsibility to give Zelensky and the Ukrainian people false hope about a war they cannot win,” although they are winning. She also claimed that Democrats care more about Ukraine’s border than our southern border with Mexico as if Mexicans are bombing U.S. churches, schools, and daycare centers.

Ted Rall, an American cartoonist who “draws” for Putin, claims Ukraine is corrupt while ignoring Russian corruption and that nation’s fascism. He also spreads lies that President Biden is taking bribes, which Republicans also spread.

Another pro-Putin cartoonist, Gary McCoy, posted outrage on Facebook that we’re sending $44 billion to Ukraine while antibiotics are being rationed at Walgreens. Somehow in the MAGAt mind, there’s a correlation there.

Other MAGAts are crying that our supply of weapons is dwindling because we’re sending it all to Ukraine. We spend over $800 billion a year on our military so I think we’re going to be OK. We have warehouses and stockpiles of military supplies that will never be used. Others cry that this is padding the pockets of the military-industrial complex. Again, we spend over $800 billion a year. Now you’re concerned about enriching the industry that manufactures weapons?

And then there’s the complaint that the money we send to Ukraine isn’t being accounted for. I don’t know where this one comes from because from all appearances, it seems Ukraine is putting it to great use, proven by the fact Russia hasn’t won the war and Ukraine is actually retaking territory. For me, watching Russia retreat is our audit.

Here’s the thing, goons: Sending money to Ukraine to fight Russia is money well spent. Russia is our enemy and we’re not fighting them. We’re not sending troops. Instead, Ukraine is inflicting a beating on our greatest enemy and weakening it for future conflicts. Russia is a nation that continues to attack us in an attempt to destroy our democracy. They worked to put a pro-fascist racist goon into the White House. They have it coming. I don’t know if $47 billion is enough.

I’m going to continue to support Ukraine because supporting its war against Russia is pro-America. Those who support Putin and Russia are anti-American. They are the enemies of this nation and democracy.

I stand with Ukraine. Go, Ukraine!

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  1. I’m old enough to remember when it was the right-wingnuts who hated Russians and told the liberals to go there because they hated the US.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    They can’t … it affects their pocket!! TRAITORS!! … “we got to see seven Republicans sit on their hands for the majority of Zelensky’s speech yesterday. These GOP goons were Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Andrew Clyde, Diana Harshbarger, Warren Davidson, and Michael Cloud. What did they disagree with about Zelensky’s pro-democracy speech?”


  3. And Bobert and Margorhea just voted against a bill to provide additional protections to children who have been sexually abused. Of course, Bobert’s hubby was convicted of exposing himself to teenage girls ….


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