NFT Resumé

George Santos’ resumé packs more bullshit than a collection of Donald Trump NFT cards.

Santos recently won a Long Island congressional seat on a campaign of lies. The lies told aren’t just little white lies, like taking total credit for something he was just a small part of. No, these lies are on a level that would make Donald Trump and Hershel Walker envious. What’s also surprising is that he got away with it long enough to win the election. His district, which covers parts of Queens, is one that President Biden won. It’s not a Trumper district.

When called out on the lies, Santos blamed the media and replied with a Winston Churchill quote, which wasn’t actually from Churchill. He’s also promised to give us an answer to all these lies…somewhere down the road.

The fake Churchill quote is: “You have enemies? Good. it means that you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” This is like when racists justify their racism by quoting Martin Luther King Jr.

Churchill’s enemies were Nazis. Santos’ enemies are people who fact-check.

Santo’s lies are about his life and work history. Let’s take a look at them

Santos claims he graduated in 2010 from Baruch College, a public university in New York City, with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance. It’s a lie. The school was unable to find any records, even using multiple variations of his first, middle, and last name, of having graduated from their institution of higher learning. It sounds like he graduated from Trump University with a BS.

Santos claims his grandparents survived the Holocaust as Ukrainian Jewish refugees from Belgium, but it’s another lie. He’s not even Jewish. His grandparents are from Brazil and there were no Nazis in South America until World War II was over. In case you’re a Republican, South America and Europe are two totally different continents.

Remember the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016? Santos claims he lost four employees in that tragedy. Yet, it’s another lie. The New York Times couldn’t find that any of the 49 victims have ever worked at the various firms Santos name drops in his biography and while campaigning.

Santos claims he founded a charity called Friends of Pets which he ran from 2013 to 2018 that was an animal rescue operation that rescued 2,400 dogs and 280 cats. The IRS says they have no record of this charity in their database. How do you pull 280 cats out of your ass?

Santos claims he worked as an associate asset manager within Citigroup’s real estate division. But a spokesperson for that company couldn’t find any record of his employment, that his job title was made-up, and that they had sold off the real estate division in 2005…when Santos was only 17.

Santos also claimed he once worked for Goldman Sachs, which also couldn’t find any record of his employment. And you know they’re not lying because you’d remember a guy who smelled like 280 cats.

Santos lied about being a landlord. He claimed he was hurt by Covid-19-related eviction protections given to renters and that he went nearly an entire year without receiving rent on 13 properties, which must have been up his ass with those 280 cats. The only property Santos listed on a required financial disclosure form was an apartment in Brazil (maybe where his Ukrainian Belgium Jewish grandparents were living). And instead of being a landlord losing money because of deadbeat tenants, he’s a deadbeat tenant and The New York Times found he actually faced multiple evictions as a renter even being fined about $12,000 in a civil judgment.

Here is where it gets tricky and maybe legally complicated: Santos says Devolder is his “family’s firm” that managed $80 million in assets and described it as a capital introduction consulting company. The New York Times could not find any of the company’s public-facing assets or properties and Santos’ congressional financial disclosures didn’t include any either, though Santos claims he was paid $750,000 yearly as the company’s sole owner. Santos also claims he earned dividends from Devolder that were somewhere between $1 million and $5 million, which is the same range the company is estimated to be valued at. This company has since dissolved.

It also appears that Santos failed to provide any information about the company’s clients that would have contributed to his payout, which is a violation of federal law to disclose any compensation in excess of $5,000 from a single source.

One place that can actually be confirmed as an employer for Santos is Harby City Capital, a Florida-based investment company that attracted investors through YouTube videos and guarantees of double-digit returns where he worked as a regional director. As it turns out, this company was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for running a Ponzi scheme. Santos claims he doesn’t know anything about the Ponzi scheme while he was there because he was too busy operating the Nigerian Prince division.

Santos is a gay Republican, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s lying about the gay part. As for being a Republican, he sure does lie like one. What will the new GOP House majority do about this serious lack of ethics from Santos? Nothing. Even if Santos broke laws with his filings, I wouldn’t expect Republicans to do anything about it, even if they didn’t have a slim majority. As we’ve seen over the past six years, Republicans are really good at closing their eyes when other Republicans break laws. Right, Kevin McCarthy?

It’s nice that the Republican Party is reaching out and running gay and Latino candidates, but it never seems to matter if a Republican is white, straight, black, brown, gay, or whatever…they’re all POS liars.

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  1. This is the best yet , what a genius !

    How can I share this on FB during suspension ?

    I’m going to try screenshot and copy and paste on my mobile phone


      1. Yes but it will not connect me with FB.

        On my mobile phone..

        Maybe low on memory ??

        I was able to screenshot, and copy paste.

        But unfortunately I know you don’t get credit.

        Believe me, I want you continue your success, and keep things real.



  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Bottom line … “It’s nice that the Republican Party is reaching out and running gay and Latino candidates, but it never seems to matter if a Republican is white, straight, black, brown, gay, or whatever … they’re all POS liars.”


  3. Speaking of pretending to be Jewish (and why this showed up in my feed right after reading NFT Resumé, I’ve no idea) . . .


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