Wrong Protest

The protests in China are mostly against strict lockdowns due to Covid. These lockdowns are not the same as the “lockdowns” we had in the United States. The lockdowns in China led to people being burned alive inside a building because they were literally locked in.

Sure, we had “lockdowns” in schools, churches, and businesses being closed, but nobody was literally locked in. There were limitations placed on businesses, but most were not ordered not to do business or engage in commerce. In the U.S., 43 percent of businesses closed temporarily.

Complaining and protesting that you can’t do business is legitimate. You have a gripe. It sucked. None of us liked it and it’s not something we wanted to keep. Democrats did not want to keep the economy shut down and if you remember correctly, outside of being gaslighted, all the shutdowns started while Donald Trump was president (sic).

Most of us support the protests in China. Most of us support freedom. Republicans say they do, but they don’t. Republicans support Trump, Putin, and fascism. Several Republicans are tweeting out support for the protesters in China not because they’re protesting for freedom, but because Republicans think it’s a stick in the eye to the people in the USA who believe in science. At the same time, they’re silent over their presidential frontrunner “truthing” that we need to ditch the Constitution and install him as president.

Republicans protest and gripe about the economy being shut down, but they also protest against face masks and vaccines. Remember, at the start of Covid, they said, You can wear a face mask but don’t make wear them”. Now, they scream at people for wearing face masks even though it doesn’t affect them at all. My profile photos on Instagram and Truth Social are of me wearing a face mask, and goons are constantly commenting insults about that. I even got a “Let’s go Brandon” on a city bus. And their protests against the vaccines are based on conspiracy theories.

They’re not protesting vaccines or face masks in China. If you look at photos of the protests, you’ll notice that the majority of protesters are wearing face masks. Unlike Republicans, they don’t deny that Covid exists or is still a danger.

If you want to support the protesters in China, great. But at least understand what it’s about. It’s not about your political bullshit or conspiracy theories. In China, they’re protesting against oppression. If you’re a white Republican, nobody has oppressed you. You’re just a big pampered privileged baby.

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  1. Locking people into buildings can never be safe. That is definitely worthy of being protested. China is lucky this only happened the once (that we know of)!


  2. I didn’t notice your absence on Facebook. Facebook has been censoring my jokes. I set up on Post. Post has potential. It may help you get views to your blog. I will be on Facebook, Twitter and youtube until they stop working. Mastodon confuses me and doesn’t work as intended. Since I don’t make any money on social media, what platform am on doesn’t effect me.


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    What up in the mighty US of A? … “In China, they’re protesting against oppression. If you’re a white Republican, nobody has oppressed you. You’re just a big pampered privileged baby.”


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