Roughs, Volume 164

You didn’t get a batch of roughs last week because it would have been from Thanksgiving week, and I didn’t draw any that week. Also, I apologize for not posting this blog on Saturday, but things happened. There was a dog stuck inside a whale, and I was the only one who could save it, and it took all weekend but alas…the dog was saved. And you wanna gripe that you didn’t get the blog of roughs in time. How dare you. OK. I made that up. I’ll tell you why it’s late in a minute.

I didn’t think this was very good because after Elon plants his chips inside all of our brains, you won’t remember it happened. Do you remember it happening? See? Also, unlike a LOT of other cartoonists of late, I don’t just copy/paste the Twitter logo from Twitter… I actually draw it.

This is the real reason I’m two days late with the blog. The week before last, my editor suggested I do something on “gaslighting” being Merriam-Webster’s word of the year. We didn’t use this cartoon or even that topic, but I liked this cartoon. When I started to put this blog together last Saturday, it reminded me that I wanted to do this cartoon. So instead of hanging onto the rough for another week, I decided to draw the cartoon the next day and withhold this blog until now. I think it worked out…except for the people who yelled at me, “Hey, fuck that dog. Give us the blog of roughs.” Bastards.

I added more to the official cartoon.

I have two in this batch that I thought would be great escapes from Trump cartoons and this is one of them. I really liked drawing the railroad tracks. And yes, this turned into a real cartoon.

The only thing that stopped me from drawing this is the fact I already drew a human/ketchup hybrid thing as a Trump witness… and there were other issues. I also didn’t think it could top the last ketchup witness cartoon.

This is the other cartoon I thought would be a great escape from drawing a Trump cartoon for a day. You can see it here.

I didn’t even send this one to my editor at CNN because, c’mon. But I seriously considered drawing it on a Saturday morning and then decided, “Fuck Kanye.” Sometimes the best thing to do when people do stupid shit for attention is not to not give it to them. This time, I was able to resist.

I liked this one and think a lot of clients would have used it…but it doesn’t have teeth. Also, I didn’t want to make Elon look rational because he’s a pasty right-wing MAGAt troll. Also, on the day I drew this cartoon, that’s how the crescent moon looked the night before.

I never did consider this one but I kinda like it. The one thing wrong here, and where I added creative license, is that Trump wouldn’t be upset about bringing Nazis to dinner.

I like the other Trump dinner cartoon better than this one.

In addition to “gaslighting,” my editor also suggested something on baguettes. I didn’t love this one.

I didn’t love this one either, but it did become the cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter.

Which of these do you love?

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  1. When there was a cry for a marine biologist on the beach, Clay and George Costanza answered the bell. I still like the Ye with the fascist trading cards.


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