MTG Attack

Marjorie Taylor Greene admitted she’s on the same side as domestic terrorists.

Over the weekend at a goose-stepping function of some sort, MTG was a featured guest along with Steve Bannon, who’ll be going to jail soon, and she said, “I want to tell you something: If Steve Bannon and I had organized that, we would have won. Not to mention, it would’ve been armed.”

She was talking about the white nationalist terrorist attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, that was designed to stop the certification of the Electoral College (mandated by the Constitution) and Joe Biden’s election victory, and install Donald Trump as an unelected Oompa-Loompa shitweasel dictator. This was an insurrection and members of the Oath Keepers have already been found guilty of sedition.

The attack on the Capitol was not patriotic, “legitimate political discourse,” or just a bunch of non-housebroken Trump-supporting tourists sight-seeing through Congress.

Marjorie Taylor Greene said “we” would have won. She claims it was just a joke, but she still said “we,” stating she’s not just sympathetic with the terrorists, but one of them.

And when she says “if” Steve Bannon had organized it, she’s overlooking the fact that Steve Bannon did in fact help organize it. It was also partly organized by Donald Trump which adds another failure to his long list of failures.

MTG is also forgetting that the terrorists, her people, were armed on January 6. But she’s saying that if she had planned it, then more people would have died.

This is what passes for Republican humor now. They tried to overthrow the country, people died, and they’re laughing about it. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a vile reprehensible human being, and she’s just one of them.

This would be like saying, “If I planned 9/11, more buildings would have been destroyed,” or “If I was a Confederate leader, then slavery would still be legal in the south,” or “If I had been in the Third Reich, we’d all be goosestepping and speaking German right now. Farfegnugen, bitches!”

Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t just with the terrorists, she is a terrorist. She said “we.” And now we have a terrorist in Congress. We need to get her the farfegnugen out of there.

Music note: I listened to REM, Live, and Local H.

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    1. She may think she’s going places, but I don’t. Sure she can win repeatedly in her district, but I would say her chances in a statewide election, much less a national election, are about the same as a snowball surviving a two week vacation in Hell.


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