Big Fat Nothings

Republicans campaigned for the midterms promising to fight crime, inflation, the recession, open borders, and high gas prices. For all that, they won the House with an itty bitty tiny minuscule majority. Naturally, with a tiny majority, the GOP is on notice and needs to be productive at governing and producing significant legislation in order to retain power and perhaps even grow its majority in two years. To pass anything significant, they’ll need to compromise with Democrats. They’re not going to do that.

The Republicans are going to spend the next two years on partisan bullshit. They’re going to make a lot of noise over nothing. They’re going to repeat what they did with Benghazi. What did they do there? They conducted multiple investigations which were effective politically but that’s it. They didn’t prove any crimes or negligence…but they hurt Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2015 just as the race for the presidency was beginning, Kevin McCarthy told Sean Hannity, “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened, had we not fought.”

The GOP had the majority in the House then and McCarthy was the second goon in command. He openly admitted the entire reason for the Benghazi investigation was to hurt Hillary Clinton. That’s it. They didn’t produce any results and the GOP was lousy at legislating, but boy, could they investigate the shit out of nothing. That investigation cost you $7 million. Thanks, fiscal conservatives.

Also, remember McCarthy is the same goon who cries that the select committee investigating the insurrection is partisan and political.

Now, they’re going to investigate Hunter Biden. They’ve been barking nonstop over the past two years about Hunter Biden’s laptop without producing anything significant. Again, what’s on Hunter’s laptop? They couldn’t tell you. And in two more years, after they’ve spent millions investigating Hunter, they still won’t be able to tell you. That’s my prediction and I feel pretty confident about it.

And if Republicans actually cared about corruption, they’d investigate Trump making money from foreign governments while he was in office. They’d investigate why Saudi Arabia gave Jared $2 billion after he left the White House. Instead, they’re going to investigate the Justice Department for investigating actual crimes Donald Trump committed. Which crimes? Take your pick. There are several.

They’re going to make a lot of noise about the military withdrawal from Afghanistan while ignoring it was an agreement Trump negotiated with the Taliban. In two years, we’ll be right where we are today.

It’ll be the same way with Dr. Fauci, Merrick Garland, the border, and whatever other bullshit they can come up with. Republican success with these investigations won’t be any change in policies, legislation, impeachments, or even by providing Americans with answers. Success for them will be if they can convince Americans that Joe Biden is bad, even if they can’t tell you why. They did it with Hillary. Why is Hillary bad? We don’t know but we got decades of Republicans telling us she is so it must be true, right?

For the next two years, Republicans will be giving us nothing but gaslighting. They have the majority which gives them the power to set the agenda and issue subpoenas, which might be awkward after spending the past two years telling the public to ignore congressional subpoenas.

I hope America pays attention. Inflation, high gas prices, crime, the recession, the borders? Republicans don’t solve legitimate problems. Remember this in two years. In two years, tell me what the GOP House majority accomplished. I can jump ahead and tell you now.


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  1. One side of the sandbox knows what a toilet is. The other side wants to make the sandbox the toilet. Eventually that side will stink so bad no one will want to be on it. The only question will be is if the sandbox is still useable? If the Republicans get their way, there will be no sandbox left to play in.
    Government is not a toy to be played with! Yet that is how Republicans view it.

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  2. Clay…brilliantly laid out panels to set up up for the the punchline stage. Grifted grifters with aside of “biscuits and grifts” owned in 6! Almost hear the GOP elephant going “f**k” under his snoot. Bravo!

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Two years of hell!! Plain and simple … “For the next two years, Republicans will be giving us nothing but gaslighting. They have the majority which gives them the power to set the agenda and issue subpoenas, which might be awkward after spending the past two years telling the public to ignore congressional subpoenas.”


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