Ron DeSantis may be a sniveling racist lying gaslighting homophobic fascist hypocrite, but his great-great-grandmother was a legit badass.

Luigia Colucci left Italy at the height of World War I. She set sail on a steamliner named Patria for the United States with two daughters while pregnant in 1917. She arrived at Ellis Island on February 21, 1917.

Italian immigration plummeted during the war from over 150,000 in 1914 to less than 18,000 when Luigia left Europe. The reason is German submarines torpedoed anything and everything out of the Atlantic Ocean during World War I, and in case you’re not a history buff, Italy was on the side of the allies against Germany during the first world war. But Luigia took on those German submarines to reach a land of better opportunities for her children and descendants. And she barely made it in.

While Luigia Colucci crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the U.S. Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1917. Among other restrictions on “undesirable” immigrants, it barred illiterate people from entering the United States. Luigia was illiterate. She barely made it in before the window closed. She was detained for a week because of her pregnancy before she was allowed to continue her journey to Pennsylvania to meet up with Ron DeSantis’ grandfather, another Italian immigrant, Salvatore Storti, who had been in the United States since 1904. There is no record of him returning to Italy.

If Luigia Colucci and Salvatore Storti were to enter the U.S. today pleading asylum, would Ron DeSantis deny them or fly them to Martha’s Vineyard for a political stunt? Probably not because they’re not from South America.

Would DeSantis chastise his great-great-grandmother for becoming a citizen through chain migration? Would he have called her baby born in the U.S. an “Anchor baby?” Would he have called her “undesirable” since she was illiterate and uneducated?

This isn’t a gotcha on DeSantis for his ancestors being immigrants to the United States. Just about all of us here are descendants of immigrants. The gotcha here is that Ron DeSantis is a hypocrite.

The people Ron DeSantis is flying to so-called sanctuary cities are here legally. They’ve requested asylum. They’re documented. Their next act will be contributing to the culture and melting pot of our nation. The greatest thing about our nation is our diversity. When whites are no longer the majority of this nation, it won’t be a tragedy. It’ll be the continuing evolution of our nation.

The irony is that the people DeSantis is using as political pawns came here to escape fascism in Venezuela. Now, they’re being victimized by a fascist in Florida.

The greatest threat to our nation is not immigration, legal or illegal. If we really wanna make America great again, let’s welcome these immigrants and deport fascists like Ron DeSantis.

Luigia Colucci braved the kaiser and his submarines to reach a better life for her and her descendants. Now, today’s immigrants have to brave her descendant.

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  1. Brilliant research, write up and reflection on What Made America Famous. You would love the song by the same title Clay… by Harry Chapin and speaks to a better world past the hypocrisy that existed two generations ago, and just as relevant today.


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