Roughs, Volume 154

Some of these roughs were drawn last week (September 8) and others were drawn the week before (September 1, 2). Since I made last week’s blog of roughs entirely about the Queen, I’m smooshing the roughs from the past two weeks together. I’m also withholding one as I may use it later.

I wanted to do something about Sarah Palin losing her bid to become a member of the House of Representatives. It’s always fun to bash dumb Republicans and I can’t believe I missed this chance. But, this wasn’t the idea to do it with. I didn’t get a Serena cartoon in either. This idea had a short window as I wrote it after Serena won her first U.S. Open match, and I knew it would close soon. I held off because I was pretty sure Serena would lose eventually, and then the cartoon wouldn’t be relevant anymore. I was right. Though I’m sure Sarah will return in one form or another.

I came up with this one when the photo of the evidence was released and it showed classified government documents kept at Mar-a-Lago right next to copies of Time Magazines with Trump on the cover. I think the window has closed on this, but I still like it. I especially liked how the spontaneously-drawn Trump turned out in the rough.

This one became an official cartoon. A lot of MAGAts screamed at me.

I liked this one too but didn’t use it.

I held off on this one because when I drew it, I didn’t feel it was right to include Trump in my Queen coverage. After a couple days, I was sick of all Queen topics, so I let this one go. But, I’ve seen a couple of other cartoonists do similar cartoons. I’ve seen cartoons of him wanting a crown or claiming Charles stole it from him.

This one became an official cartoon and a lot of my readers loved it though it did make a few MAGAts scream at me.

I didn’t like this one very much.

I didn’t love this one either.

This one became an official cartoon and it did pretty well on social media. A few people who probably never shower screamed at me.

Which ones are your faves?

Warning: Next week’s batch is gonna be HUGE.

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