Smooth Transition


Republicans are all for stuff like democracy and free elections, that is…as long as they get the results they want. It’s like being given freedom of speech as long as you say the right things.

Not liking the election results, Republicans, led by Donald Trump, are screaming that massive fraud occurred and that’s the only reason Donald Trump lost. Republicans are so afraid of straying from the ridiculous talking points and giving credibility that our democratic process works, that only four Republican senators have congratulated Joe Biden on winning the election. In contrast, Hillary Clinton congratulated Donald Trump on election night in 2016.

For months, Donald Trump said the only way he could lose the election was if there was massive voter fraud. Donald Trump knew Joe Biden could beat him so even before the election, he tried to discredit the election. He knew Joe Biden could defeat him, so he broke the law and violated his oath of office by asking a foreign nation to help him dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Donald Trump even withheld foreign military aid to that nation, while they were being attacked by Russia, until they delivered dirt on Biden. Donald Trump was impeached for breaking the law and trying to steal an election.

Republicans were fine with Donald Trump violating his oath of office and his attempt to steal an election so of course, they’re fine now with the lie that Democrats stole the election. How much more proof do you need that Republicans don’t care about the rule of law and democracy? How much more proof do you need that the GOP is nothing more than a sycophantic, Kool-Aid drinking cult?

Here’s one question: Who stole the election? Yeah, I get that it was Democrats, but which Democrats? Who was in charge? Who ran it? I mean, was it all one big cannibalistic pedophiliac deep state that stole the election from Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and even in Republican-controlled Georgia, while not tampering with the part on those ballots that featured Republican senate candidates? How did Democrats lose an election while not winning the U.S. Senate and while losing House seats? How are ballots fake when they’re for Joe Biden but the same ballots not being fake when they’re for a Republican senate candidate? Are the ballots only half fake? How are the results fraudulent only in states Biden won, and by larger numbers than Trump beat Clinton with?

To be a MAGAt, you have to suspend reality.

Donald Trump has told over 22,000 lies, one of those being that there were millions of illegal voters in the 2016 election. He never proved that. So why is anyone buying into his election fraud bullshit now? Are we going to become the United States of Qanon? Will Republicans forever claim the 2020 election was stolen from them…like they’ll forever claim Pizzagate is real and Obama was born in Kenya?

Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement that the 2020 election was the “most secure in American history.” This is Donald Trump’s own DHS. That Democratic-run deep state runs deep.

One thing that’s kinda funny, well amusing to me, is that Donald Trump often talked about having a third presidential term…and voters didn’t want him to have a second.

Donald Trump has praised China’s leader for becoming that nations president for life. He’s made a few references about it in regards to himself which I’d be fine with if he was trying to president for life of China. Donald Trump loves his dictators. He’s rather spend a weekend exchanging love letters with Kim Jong Un, getting back scratches from Rodrigro Duterte, playing nine holes with Recip Erdogan, and kissing Vladimir Putin’s ass in Helsinki, than spend time with Democratically-elected leaders.

Another one of Donald Trump’s lies is that President Obama spied on his 2016 campaign, which he has called treason. He also says it should allow him that third term.

I’m not a constitutional law expert so that’s probably why I can’t find it anywhere in the United States Constitution where a president can get a third term in office if his predecessor spies on his presidential campaign. I also can’t find under which amendment that a president can ignore election results when he loses the election.

That’s what Republicans are doing. They’re ignoring an election. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ever referred to the Constitution when talking about a “smooth transition” into a SECOND Trump administration.

Here’s the thing about that: The Constitution doesn’t spell out that we elect our president. Article II, Section 1, Clauses 2 and 3, state the president is choses by electors in each state. It’s practice they simply follow the election returns and never conduct substantive discussion or debate about who should be president. This may be what Pompeo is talking about…which means there has been substantive discussion on it between Republicans.

It’s a hail Mary attempt, but a lot of Republicans are envisioning stealing the election through the electors…if they can convince them to ignore election results.

It’s why they’re refusing to call Joe Biden “President-Elect Joe Biden” It’s why all departments have been told to budget for next year as though all those department heads will still be there in 2021, unless Trump has them fired for not being sufficiently sycophantic. It’s why the State Department won’t even pass on congrats to Biden from other nations. It’s why Republicans are saying Trump won 2020 in a massive landslide. It’s why the Trump administration isn’t allowing for a transfer of power. It’s why MAGAts like Mike Pompeo are talking about a “smooth transition” into a second Trump administration.

I can promise you this: If they have to steal it, it won’t be “smooth”

I thought it would be death for our democracy if Trump won the election. How could I have predicted the death of our democracy would come from his losing?

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Only Fascism


Being a major campaign donor doesn’t make you qualified to be an ambassador to the European Union. It doesn’t make you qualified to be the ambassador to the United Kingdom. It doesn’t make you qualified to lead the Department of Education. And it doesn’t make you qualified to be in charge of the United States Post Office.

If Donald Trump, the worst president (sic) in the history of the United States, truly wanted to “make the Post Office great again,” he wouldn’t have appointed a fucknut with zero experience to lead it.

Donald Trump has been lying about the Post Office ever since he became president (sic). He’s made wild claims Amazon is overcharging the Post Office despite the fact the company’s business has been a boon for the nation’s mail service.

Louis DeJoy is the current Postmaster General. What experience does he have with Post Office? None, but he is a major Republican fundraiser. Also, he had stock in UPS and Amazon. He also currently holds somewhere between $30 to $75 million in stock in XPO, a subcontractor for the Post Office. Hello? Does nobody see the potential for corruption? DeJoy has been a true buzzkill and taken all the joy out of the Post Office. He immediately began to slow down delivery, banned overtime pay and extra delivery trips. He has de-joyed the Post Office.

DeJoy didn’t just stop there. He had more than 600 high-speed mail sorting machines were dismantled and removed from postal facilities without explanation. He removed mail collection boxes from the streets of many cities explaining they were going to areas with higher traffic (lies) but after being busted, said they’ll delay additional moves until after the election.

DeJoy continued sabotaging the mail. He reassigned or displaced 23 senior USPS officials, including the two top executives overseeing day-to-day operations. You know, got rid of the people who would see he was sabotaging the mail. DeJoy sent a letter to mail postal workers, that they’re probably still waiting for, where he admitted there are delays but they’re just “unintended consequences” that will eventually would improve service. This is where you raise one eyebrow in skepticism.

If DeJoy was a surgeon, he’d be telling his patients not to worry because the sponge he left inside them will eventually improve their system.

And in case you still don’t believe any of this is to sabotage mail-in voting and prevent millions of Americans from doing any voting, Donald Trump actually said he was blocking funds for the postal service in order to hinder mail-in voting. 

Donald Trump claims there’s fraud with mail-in voting, but he doesn’t have any proof. After being told there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Donald Trump’s stupid chief-of-staff said, “There’s no evidence that there’s not either. That’s the definition of fraud, Jake.”

Uh…no. That’s NOT the definition of fraud, Mark Meadows. And since there’s no evidence that there’s not evidence no, not, huh? What? OK. There’s no evidence that there’s not widespread voter fraud….shit. Idiots. You know what, there’s no evidence that monkeys haven’t flown out of Mark Meadows’ butt, but there’s not any evidence that they haven’t either. For that matter, since there’s no evidence of a Donald Trump Russian hooker pee tape, there’s not any evidence that there’s Not a Donald Trump Russian hooker pee tape. 

Here’s the thing, kids; Donald Trump is trying to steal an election. He claims there’s fraud in mailing your ballot, yet he’s voting…wait for it…by mail. He’s arguing if there’s a fair election, then it’s not fair. This is what fascists do.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin stops fair elections by throwing his opponents in prison. The people who report he’s throwing his opponents into prisons get thrown off buildings.

In 2002, Saddam Hussein held a referendum on whether he should serve another seven years as president. He won with 100% of the vote. Every voter, of which there were over 11 million, voted yes. Yet, despite his 100% approval rating, when he was hiding in a hole from American forces, one of his constituents pointed at that hole and said, “There he is.”

In Venezuela, Nicola Madura was reelected to a second six-year term in 2018 in an election that only nations like China, Cuba, Russia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey recognize as fair. That’s like your dog recommending you eating out of the litter box. He likes it. The National Assembly has declared Juan Guaido as acting president, and Maduro’s strongmen have banned him from leaving the country.

Sviatlana Heorhiyeuna Pilipchuk is the opposition candidate in Belarus who decided to run for president after the previous opposition candidate, her husband, was arrested for being the opposition candidate. She won the election with 80% of the vote, yet the dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, declared he won with the same result. Currently, Pilipchuk is in exile in Lithuania.

Donald Trump loves fascists. He’s trying to become one. He sent armed goons to teargas peaceful protesters to remove them from in front of the White House so he could go outside for a photo-op. He’s sent unidentified armed goons to attack peaceful demonstrators in Portland, to teargas them, crack them in the skulls with batons, and to throw them into unmarked vans for interrogation. Now he’s trying to stop an election. He’s even threatened to delay the election. By “delay,” he means never.

And, if Donald Trump succeeds in remaining in the White House, through election or force, it will get worse. I believe it will destroy our nation. It will destroy the Constitution and our democracy. It may rise to the level that if we still have three branches of government, the other two branches will be mere puppets. 

If we don’t have a fair election in 2020, we may never have another one again.

America liberates nations. Right now, America needs to liberate America. We have a fascist and this is where the fascist system begins. 

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Mooslem Patrol


I think I ranted enough yesterday on this topic that I can spare you a political rant today.

While writing yesterday’s column I inserted a part about getting a tan. Then I thought, hey that’s my next cartoon. So I took it out and saved it for this. I went to bed and then I got back up because I wanted to rough it out at least. I had a fear I’d forget the idea even though I don’t forget ideas I like.

I sat on it all day because there’s only one cartoonist out there I think is crazy and weird enough to think like me. I wanted to see if he came up with the same idea. Yeah, I could have drawn it and beaten him to the punch but even if I’m first with the idea, I don’t want to publish the same idea. Thankfully he wasn’t as weird as me on Tuesday.

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