Roughs, Volume 155

This is a huge batch of roughs and it’s up to you to tell me if any of them are good. There are 27 in all and they were drawn Thursday, September 15, and Friday, September 16. Most of these are the Republican governors’ political stunts of dropping off migrants in “sanctuary cities.”

I kinda like this one but it’s not very subtle.

I nearly drew this one but went for the drive-thru window idea instead. I think I saw another cartoon similar to this one a few days ago.

I sent this one to my editors at CNN but I didn’t send the next two. I didn’t want to overload them with penis jokes.

I wasn’t into doing each of these. I was just trying to find the best way to cover it.

In the end, I didn’t do any of these and instead, I did this on the ding-a-ling welfare cheat.

I liked this one and thought it would be fitting since DeSantis didn’t charter a private plane to “deport” migrants from his state of Florida, but from Abbott’s Texas.

I didn’t send this one to CNN. I drew this rough on a Thursday and didn’t want to wait. So I saved it for myself and sent it to my clients the next morning. I think it turned out alright.

I thought this was OK.

Another cartoonist did something similar to this after I drew this one, except he didn’t have them in cages.


I don’t like this one at all. It just doesn’t move me.

I like this one.

I thought this was OK.

This too.

And this one became an official cartoon for my newspaper clients. I called it “Brokeback Waters.” Yeah, I know there’s a typo in the rough version. Roughs are rough.

and another mickey.

I thought this was OK.

After I drew this, a few other cartoonists drew stuff kinda similar.

I liked this one.

I wasn’t too crazy about this and I saw one within the past two days from another cartoonist that was similar.

I made this one into a real cartoon for my newspaper clients. I called it “Great-Great-Fascist Grandfather.”

This is OK.

Damn, I really mined this batch for cartoons for my newspaper clients. But, hey. Out of 27 ideas, there should be a few good ones in there, right? I called this one “Coyote Fugly.”

Similar to the Trump one above. I was throwing ideas against the wall at this point to see what would stick.

And, I’ve seen a few similar to this by other cartoonists.

I wasn’t crazy about this one.

This one I really like.

Which of these are your favorites, or do they all suck? Let me know.

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  1. I like the My Pillow one better than the drive-through one but it’s old news now. I liked the 3rd Mississippi governor one but who cares anymore about Favre, let him be prosecuted by the state. I thought the Mickey Mouse ‘Little Mermaid’ one was superior to the one you went with. It’s low hanging fruit but the 2, one with Herr Groppenfuror and the other with Cruz, being dropped into Martha’s Vineyard are winners.


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