Migrants and Mermaids

The racist political stunt of dropping off migrants in sanctuary cities was too good for racist Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to pass up, so he had to get in on the act. The only problem is, he didn’t have migrants to deport.

Racist Texas Governor Greg Abbott and racist Arizona Governor Doug Ducey have been bussing migrants to New York City, Washington, D.C, and Chicago, which are so-called sanctuary cities. They argue that border states shouldn’t take on the burden alone of migrants, even though they don’t. Border states do receive federal funding to deal with immigration.

The other thing is, the migrants they’re deporting are documented. You can’t call them “illegal.” They are here seeking asylum.

The governors say they’re sharing the burden by dropping migrants off in blue cities and that these moves will actually be better for the migrants. It’s probably true that shipping migrants from a red state to a blue city will work out better for them, as the people who are taking them in won’t use them as political pawns. But these governors don’t care about the migrants. They don’t care if this works out great for the migrants or not. This is just a political stunt to appeal to their racist base. It’s something they get to yee-haw about and receive praise from racist fuckers like Tucker Carlson.

In fact, Tucker Carlson proposed that these governors drop migrants at Martha’s Vineyard, an island in Massachusetts that’s well-known as a rich liberal vacation spot. This is just the kind of cruelty that passes for Republican humor. It’ll sure own the libs, yee-haw.

Also, these governors don’t care about the well-being of these migrants and it’s proven by the fact they’re not coordinating or communicating with authorities in the destination cities. It’s “Surprise. Here’s a bunch of migrants.” And in some cases, the migrants don’t even know where they’re going. This is all just to do what they like to reference as “owning the libs.” Two buses of migrants were dropped off at the Naval Observatory which is the residence of the vice-president, Kamala Harris. These are dick moves but they appeal to racist assholes.

Ron DeSantis can’t allow another Republican governor to be a bigger racist or a bigger asshole than him, so he jumped into this game of violating human rights, and shipped off some migrants himself. As mentioned above, he didn’t have any to drop off.

Sure, DeSantis could have dropped off some Cubans that had just floated over in rafts, but he can’t piss off the mostly-Republican Cuban community in his state. And despite the influx of Haitian refugees reaching Florida shores, he didn’t ship any of them off to blue cities either. No, what DeSantis did was to charter a couple of planes and fill them with immigrants from…wait for it…Texas.

What? Why is Desantis shipping immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard? Last time I looked, Florida is not in Texas. Why…they’re two very different states. One’s over here and the other is over there. There are three states between Texas and Florida. Immigrants crossing the border into Texas are NOT Florida’s problem. And it’s definitely not a problem that Florida taxpayer money should be paying to fly migrants from Texas into Martha’s Vineyard for a racist political stunt.

Trevor Noah said, “If you told DeSantis to spend the same amount of money helping these asylum seekers, he’d be like, ‘Oh, we don’t have the funding for that,’ but to troll the Democrats, suddenly he’s like, ‘Put it on my card, yeah!’” This is trolling.

How do you explain Florida paying the expense of flying migrants, who’ve never been to Florida, to Massachusetts? The explanation is easy. Ron DeSantis is a racist asshole.

And it’s the racist assholes who are upset about there being a black Little Mermaid.

When I first heard that Halle Berry is going to play the Little Mermaid in an update on the Disney classic, my first thought wasn’t that there’s now a black mermaid. No, my first thought was, “Isn’t she kinda old to be playing Ariel the mermaid?” But I was wrong. No, not on the old part (she’s still lovely, so don’t misunderstand me. She’s just not a teenager anymore. OK?) I was wrong because it’s not 52-year-old Halle Berry playing the Little Mermaid but 22-year-old Halle Bailey.

Bailey is the first Black actress to take on a live-action princess role. A video of little black girls’ excited reactions to a black Ariel has gone viral and can bring tears to your eyes. One little girl screams, “Mama, she’s Black! Mama, they made a Black Ariel!” Another cheered, “She’s Black? Yay! I just want to watch it now!” Another little girl cried. Who wouldn’t get a warm gushy feeling watching that? Racist Republicans. That’s who.

Racists are calling this “blackwashing,” forgetting all the times when a white actor played a non-white character, like that time Johnny Depp played Tonto, or that time when Emma Stone played a Chinese-Hawaiian, or that time Ben Affleck played a guy named Mendez, or that time when Marlon Brando played a Japanese man named Sakini, or that time Kirsten Dunst played a mixed-race character named Edwina, or that other time Disney cast Jake Gyllenhaal to play a Persian, or that other time Scarlett Johansson was cast to play a Japanese character, or that time Angelina Jolie played an African-Chinese Cuban, or that time other time Angelina Jolie played a black woman, or that time Josh Hartnett played an Inuit, or that time Roona Mara played a Native American, or that time Liam Neeson played someone from the Middle East, or that time Laurence Olivier played a black character in black face, or right now as the film Bullet Train is in theaters starring Brad Pitt playing a Japanese character.

This is like when people got upset when Idris Elba played Heimdall in Thor (he was awesome) or when people were outraged just over the possibility Elba might be the next James Bond (he’d be an awesome James Bond because he’s just that cool). Or how about that time Megyn Kelly argued that there can’t be a black Santa Claus or a black Jesus?

But these racists are using the hashtag #NotMyAriel. How was it ever your Ariel? I saw one meme asking how would black people feel if Mel Gibson was cast to play Martin Luther King Jr. And as usual, racist conservatives use false equivalences. Mel Gibson is a known racist. Halle Bailey is not. Also, Martin Luther King Jr was a real live person. He really existed. Ariel is a fictional fish girl. As far as I know, we still haven’t proven the existence of mermaids.

So, since mermaids don’t actually exist, probably, who says there can’t be black mermaids? Why would a mermaid be white anyway? Is it because the sailors who were stuck at sea so long that they started seeing mirages of mermaids were white Brits? Probably. What did Spaniard sailors see in their mirages?

There being a huge Disney movie with a black mermaid is sweet and it’s inspiring to little girls. Why would anyone wanna crap on that? It’s not like these racist memesters were going to watch the movie anyway, no matter what color the mermaids are. Sheesh.

It’s a busy time for racists. They’re using brown refugees as political pawns and getting angry over fictional black mermaids.

Black lives matter. Migrant lives matter. And if there were black mermaids, I’d be saying, “Black mermaids’ lives matter too.”

I don’t think we’ve seen Republicans this angry over a black person taking what was previously a white person’s role since Obama won the presidency.

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  1. If mermaids were really manatees, there’s your color. BUT Hans Christian Anderson was white; the Danes he wrote for were white. And the ending of the original story was NOTHING like the Disneyfied version. It’s only a MOVIE.

    Distraction. Distraction. Distraction.


  2. How about we ship planeloads of shit and drop them on DeSantis’s governor’s mansion. Doesn’t matter where the shit comes from, it can even be white birdshit (guano). Colour isn’t significant to us!


  3. I Think Halle Bailey as Ariel In the live adaptation of Disney’s The Little Mermaid Is the Worst Casting Of all time


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