Made Possible By The GOP

Part of the Supreme Court majority’s argument in overturning Roe v. Wade was that this nation needs more children available for adoption. Justice Samuel Alito cited a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on why so many “suitable homes” are available: “the domestic supply of infants … relinquished at birth or within the first month of life available to be adopted [has] become virtually nonexistent.”

Alito pushed aside the argument of the constitutionality of abortion and “adopted” the reasoning that we should ban abortion to stock up baby mills. A high demand for rich people to adopt is not justification for women to lose the constitutional right to make decisions regarding their own bodies.

Let me sidetrack for just one paragraph to counter COVID deniers who’ve created a false equivalence that choosing to wear a face mask is the same as choosing whether or not to have an abortion. They like to throw “my body, my choice” at liberals. This is so basically simple I can’t believe I have to explain it, but I don’t have a lot of choice in you giving me COVID. You wear a face mask to protect others. A woman you don’t know having an abortion doesn’t affect you, but you can catch COVID from ignorant obnoxious assholes who are stupid and selfish enough to politicize a pandemic.

Speaking of politicizing an issue, that’s exactly what Alito and the rest of the majority goons did with abortion. That’s exactly what you do when you leave out crucial facts to your sidebar that when revealed, turn it into total gobblygook bullshit. Research shows that 90 percent of women who choose not to have an abortion end up keeping the child, not giving it up for adoption.

Republicans always argue they want “constitutionalists” to be judges. Yeah, me too. These right-wing goons on the highest court in the land rely more on fucknut talking points than the United States Constitution.

Adoption is for the rich and powerful, which means the product has to come from the poor. Basically, the Supreme Court wants poor women to be baby mills for the rich. The average cost of adopting a child in the United States is around $70,000. SCOTUS is less concerned with the Constitution and more concerned with capitalism.

Adoption is a great thing. I’m not dissing it and I’m not trying to put people down for being wealthy enough to adopt. I want every child in need of a home to find one. I love that there have been two adoptions in my own family (neither were babies). But, we shouldn’t purposely create children for adoption. Republicans are making the decision for women to use their bodies to be baby factories so the elite will have more options to adopt.

But it’s not just with forcing women to give birth where Republicans are great at creating parentless children.

Aiden McCarthy is two years old and he doesn’t have parents because they were both murdered during a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park this week. Kevin and Irina, Aiden’s parents, were murdered with the type of assault rifle Republicans and the NRA fight to make available to every person in the United States. They continue to resist, not just bans to these killing machines that nobody needs, but they even resist regulations for them.

The killer in Highland Park bought his assault rifle legally, even after at least two encounters with police. One encounter was over a suicide threat and the other was when a family member reported him saying he was going to “kill everyone.” Highland Park police confiscated 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword without arresting him.

Later, the then-19-year-old future murderer applied for a firearm owner’s identification card, which his father sponsored despite the kid’s past threats. The future killer passed four background checks. FOUR FUCKING BACKGROUND CHECKS. There were reports on this guy with the Highland Park Police and the Illinois State Police.

Now, because of our wishy-washy laws and regulations regarding assault weapons in this nation, Aiden McCarthy’s parents along with five others are dead. In addition to overturning Roe, the Supreme Court also weakened gun laws two weeks ago.

So, yeah. The Pro-Death Party is good at creating orphans for adoption.

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  1. Thoughts & Prayers 🤗

    My thoughts are that every elected official taking money from the NRA should be voted out of office (or stop taking money from the NRA, so we are sure his decisions regarding gun safety and regulations are legitimate).

    My prayer is that the same laws that are used to restrict abortion allow us to place a $10,000 fine on any gun manufacturer, gun show, gun store, internet sales, and lackadaisical, uncaring parents that allow someone who says he wants to “kill everyone” in his house (the Highland Park shooter) or threatens to “kidnap, rape or kill” (the Uvalde killer) others, buy a weapon of mass destruction.

    After all, if you can shut down abortion in an entire fucking state, you can certainly slow down mass shootings in that same state using the same laws and regulations.

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  2. YES AND YES to all you wrote…… but…. you missed that all too many of the children from the baby mills WILL BE MINORITIES… little black and brown children. Ya, I can see daddy money bags shelling out lots of cash for that. I am sure the majority will head to Sweden instead.

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  3. Every gathering of people in the United States is a soft target. The next incel shooter is out there planning a massacre at some soft target right now. The future shooter is posting his intent on social media. The future shooter is a failure and has no successes in life to date. The future shooter is a loner and people avoid him because in some way he is clearly and openly odd and weird. The future shooter has told others of his intent and more than likely has had some kind of interaction with law enforcement. The future shooter has a fascination and access to firearms. The future shooter is parading around waving red flags for all to see. Yet he is ignored. Yet he is ignored. Yet he is ignored, ignored, ignored. He only stops being ignored when he starts pulling the trigger.
    That basically is the beginning of the future shooter profile.

    There should be a GOFUNDME account to reward vigilantes that stop a future shooter incel from carrying out a massacre.

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  4. Instead of the wealthy adopting new-born children, make them adopt foster children. They won’t have to deal with dirty diapers than way, and the foster child will be happuer than hell to get real, long-term parents.
    Like that will ever happen. Rich people don’t want to adopt older kids, they’ve already been contaminated!
    Pro-Life my ass. Once a kid is born Pro-Lifers are done with them. Let them live unloved, or let them die violently, they don’t care!

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  5. RE “the elite”

    The first rule of truth telling is to use TRUTHFUL language.

    It means calling a spade a spade.

    In this article this rule is violated.

    As an example, the governing authorities or bureaucrats or corporate leaders or ‘deep state’ players are not ‘the elite’ — they are THE SCUM OF HUMANS because they are REALITY-VERIFIED PSYCHOPATHS … read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” ….

    By failing to use TRUTHFUL language we are aiding in maintaining and promoting the destructive propaganda world (keeping lies and insanity alive) instead of revealing the deepest most important reality, promoting truth, and maintaining healthy authenticity.


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