Thems The Breaks

In a column in today’s Guardian, Gaby Hinsleff writes that England’s Conservative Party “owes this country a groveling apology.”

She writes “It should hang its head in shame for foisting on us a man so wholly unfit for office that he had to be dragged from it kicking and screaming and threatening to burn everything to the ground. It should apologize for choosing a leader it knew to be a lightweight and a liar, and propping him up for three years at our expense long after its worst fears had been realized. But most of all, it should apologize for repeatedly underestimating what he was capable of when cornered, and how hard he would be to remove. Nor should it expect, having apologized, to be forgiven.”

Boris Johnson submitted his resignation this morning in a speech in front of 10 Downing Street, and Gaby wrote, “you could almost hear the country sigh with relief. It’s goodbye to the worst prime minister any of us has ever known, and frankly, good riddance. He has brought this country to its knees, and his only legacy will be the long painful years of clearing up the damage.”

When Johnson resigned this morning, he said “thems the breaks,” as if it’s just bad luck he has to resign, as though he’s a victim of circumstance. Boris Johnson refused to accept any blame. Out of the 55 Prime Ministers the UK has had, Boris Johnson is the worst.

55 of Johnson’s ministers resigned, forcing him out of office. The plan is for him to stay on until around September after the Tories find a replacement, but it’s questionable how he’s going to lead when nobody wants to be in his cabinet.

Voters in the UK don’t directly elect their Prime Minister. He’s chosen by the party in power. It would be as if the House majority here chose the president, so if we had the same system, the GOP could put Donald Trump back in the White House if they retake Congress this November.

And, that’s exactly what they would do because unlike the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, which finally gave up on a failed horrible leader, our conservative party still consists of boot-licking, toadying sycophantic troglodytes who have turned the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan into a cult worshiping an orange clown.

When Donald Trump was impeached…the second time, only ten Republicans voted in favor. Only three in the Senate voted to convict. This was after he tried to overturn an election he lost by sending an angry mob of rabid white nationalist terrorists to attack Congress while it was certifying the 2020 election.

Today, he is still the party’s leader and presently the favorite to win its nomination in 2024. In fact, there’s speculation he’ll announce his presidential candidacy this month in order to distract, and maybe to stall, a prosecution.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have several things in common. Neither were qualified for their jobs. They’re both racists and pathological liars, neither can accept blame or fault, and they both have ridiculous hair. The two things they don’t have in common is that Boris has some sense and his party isn’t as cultish.

Another thing both “leaders” have in common is that they’re both the worst. Johnson is the worst PM in UK history and Donald Trump is the worst president (sic) in U.S. history. Some historians say he’s only the third worst, but I disagree.

The Tories actually put their nation before one person today. Even after trying to steal an election and implant himself as a fascist mango Mussolini, the GOP still worships at the altar of Trump. They’re still pushing his election lie.

Donald Trump spent his entire time in office grifting the nation and lying. He engaged in petty feuds and endorsed racists and pedophiles. He downplayed a pandemic and touted Clorox enemas as a solution. He groveled at the foot of fascist dictators while attacking our democratic allies. He had a net loss of jobs when he left office. Trump’s approval never rose above 50 percent during all four years of our national orange nightmare. We are still cleaning up after the Trump disaster and the GOP wants to hit us with it again before we’re finished.

I don’t know if the Conservative Party has any shame, but I know the GOP doesn’t. They owe this nation an apology, and they should not be forgiven.

The UK gets to say good riddance to Boris…in three months or so. In November, we should say “good riddance” to the entire Republican Party for putting a lying racist orange shitweasel before the nation.

And if voters do that, well then, thems the breaks.

Music note: I listened to The Beatles and a little Warren Zevon while drawing this.

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  1. Worse than Chamberlain? That must’ve taken a great effort! Well done, Boris. Goodbye, good luck, & don’t let the door hit you on the arse, you public school git!


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Here’s hoping!! … “The UK gets to say good riddance to Boris…in three months or so. In November, we should say “good riddance” to the entire Republican Party for putting a lying racist orange shitweasel before the nation. And if voters do that, well then, thems the breaks.”


  3. Just to correct one item, Clay, the majority party in British or Canadian parliament cannot appoint any leader to be Prime Minister. Two things must happen first. The “person who would be Prime Minister” would have to be duly elected by that party to be its leader, and then thst person would have to be duly elected in whatever riding he or she ran in. Only once those two things happen, being party leader, and being elected to parluament, can the leader become Prime Minister. If the people in his or her riding reject that leader, he or she cannot automatically become Prime Minister.
    I grant you that I cannot remember the last time this happened, if it has ever happened, but it could happen. And if it did, one of two more things would have to be done. Either a new leader of the majority party would have to be elected by the party, not appointed, from avilable elected memvers, or an elected person would have to step down and a byelection be held where the originally elected party leader would run and seek election to Parliament that way. It is a vague memory, but I believe this happened in a provincial election (like a state election, not federal) that a party leader was not allowed to become premier of the province until he has elected to the legislature.


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