Black And White Justice

The white Highland Park shooter killed seven people and injured 46 (at this time). The police took him alive.

On May 14 of this year, a white gunman murdered ten black people at Tops supermarket in Buffalo. The police took him alive.

In 2015, white Dylann Roof shot and killed nine black parishioners inside a church in Charleston, South Carolina. The police took him alive and treated him to lunch at Burger King.

In March of last year, a white gunman murdered six Asian women at spas in the Atlanta area. Police took him alive.

In 2015, inspired by phony videos produced by a right-wing outlet claiming Planned Parenthood clinics were selling baby body parts, a white shooter attacked an abortion clinic in Colorado Springs and murdered three people. Police took him alive.

A white gunman murdered 12 at a theater in Aurora, Colorado in 2012, killing 12. He was taken alive.

In 2011, a white shooter killed six in Tucson, Arizona, and injured Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and several others. Police took him alive.

Racist right-wing whacko rancher Cliven Bundy and his heavily-armed white militia had a standoff with police in 2014 over some stupid right-wing bullshit. Guess what. They were all taken alive.

Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old white punk-ass beyotch, killed three at a Black Lives Matter protest and the cops initially drove right past him.

George Floyd, an unarmed black man, was killed by police after trying to spend a $20 counterfeit bill.

Breonna Taylor, an unarmed black woman, was shot eight times and murdered by police while she was sleeping after they broke into her home at the wrong address, looking for a person they already had in custody.

Rayshard Brooks, an unarmed black male, was shot in the back by police after they found him sleeping in his car.

In 2014, Cleveland Police murdered Tamir Rice, an unarmed black 12-year-old boy, for playing with a toy gun.

Philando Castile, an unarmed black man, was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop while reaching into the glove compartment to comply with the cops’ request for his vehicle registration.

Botham Jean, an unarmed black man, was shot and killed by a cop in his own apartment after the cop walked in thinking she was in her apartment and he was a burglar.

And last week, Jayland Walker was shot 60 times and killed by police in Akron, Ohio. Guess what. He was an unarmed black man.

It’s believed the Akron police shot at Walker around 90 times which is more shots than the Highland Park murderer got off (75). The Akron Police tried to put more bullets into one black man than the Highland Park mass shooter tried to put into a crowd.

Cops don’t seem to believe black lives matter, but white murderers’ lives do.

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  1. The numbers are staggering and the pattern has emerged. It’s taken too many bodies to happen and people to be like “wow, we have a real fear of black people even when unarmed in this country.” But the numbers that STILL WON’T SEE IT, even after all this, is even more baffling. Shouldn’t have taken this many for anyone to deny what’s going on, but you know until they see it right in front of their faces or cops talking openly about it, they’re not gonna see anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peacekeepers! Cops are supposed to be peacekeepers. They are not supposed to be armed vigilantes. Yet, when it comes to persons of colour, they suddenly become judges, juries,and executioners rolled into one fucking army of white supremicists, Nazi brownshirts!
    I’ve heard a lot of talk about a 2nd Civil War on the horizon. White folks hating on white folks. Meanwhile we are still in the middle of the 2nd Racial War, the first one having been fought against men of Red colour that lasted over 2 centuries in North America. Now this. And for the most part, only one side is fighting this 2nd Racial War, the white police state. If we don’t take away their guns, it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Police do not need guns to do their job. That is fear talking when they say they do. They really don’t, not regular cops. Leave the guns locked up until they are really needed. And teach them how to police peacefully.


  3. Tom Cruise movie from 2002 called Minority Report; a special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes”

    Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force about a vigilante police force that hunts down and dispenses extrajudicial punishment to criminals

    If only fantasy could be reality once in a while.

    We live in a world where all electronic data is monitored and stored and where the government surveillance is constant and invasive, yet we can’t manage to profile, identify, and monitor these wimp ass incels that post their threats on social media for all the world to see before they go on their rampages!!!

    We can do pre-emptive strikes on entire nations like Iraq and Afghanistan, but we can’t seem to stop a lone wolf incel from slaughtering an elementary school in Texas or shooting up a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park even when they post their twisted fantasy on social media.

    excellent cartoon clay.


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