Fun With White People


A lot of people are pointing out that the most diverse field of presidential candidates in one party isn’t so diverse anymore. That was painfully obvious at last night’s debate in Iowa.

While there was still diversity on the stage with two women, one gay candidate, and one really old white Jewish guy, there was no ethnic diversity. Kamala Harris dropped out weeks ago. Cory Booker dropped out this week and he didn’t qualify for the last debate. Andrew Yang is still in the race but he didn’t qualify for last night’s debate.

Why would the party of diversity, whose supporters don’t go around marching with tiki torches chanting “Jews will not replace us” and “blood and soil” disregard so many non-white candidates? And the way it appears to be going, the party is going to settle on a really old white guy, and not the Jewish one.

Seriously, Democrats. What’s up with that? At the very least, you could have supported one of the black candidates through the first primary.

While you and I can dig at the Democratic Party of letting us down on diversity, the people who can’t criticize are Republicans. Seriously, GOP. Look at yourself.

There is a serious lack of diversity in the Trump administration. The only black representation in the cabinet is Ben Carson and the highest ranking in the White House WAS senior adviser Omarosa. Seriously, Republicans? The two best Americans with a dark skin tone you could find in your party was Ben Carson and Omarosa? C’mon! Trump does have one Latino and one Asian in his cabinet, but do they count if one gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart sentencing deal and the other is married to Mitch McConnell?

Every group photo that comes out of the White House has white upon white in it. And the funny thing is, nobody in the White House seems to notice. Each of those photos demonstrates that Donald Trump is not president for all of America and he has no desire to be. Donald Trump is only president (sic) for white America, and for that matter, only racist-white America. Who was he talking to when he said, “Send them back?”

Even in Congress, the GOP only has one African-American in the Senate and just one in the House (who’s retiring). While they do have 13 women in the House, the Democrats have 89 (in case you’re a Republican, 89 is a greater value than 13). The Republican Party talks a lot about diversity, but they’re only talking about it to their white members.

But tell you what, Republicans. Go ahead and crack on Democrats for their “lack of diversity.” I’ll let it go if you can tell me the last time your party made an African-American or a woman your presidential nominee.

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Race With Jared


In 2009, New York Post political cartoonist Sean Delonas drew a cartoon that made Vanity Fair write that he may be the “worst political cartoonist on the planet.” Obama had just signed a stimulus bill and Delonas drew a dead chimpanzee on the ground that was just gunned down by cops, who were saying, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

I didn’t have anything to do with that cartoon, but I knew it was racist.

In 2014, Boston Herald cartoonist Jerry Holbert, competing for Delonas’ title, drew a cartoon of someone crashing into the White House, sitting in Obama’s bathtub and asking the BLACK president, “Have you tried the new watermelon-flavored toothpaste?” Holbert denied ever knowing the connection but he caught serious flack for it, and his syndicate asked him to change the flavor in the text (which remained unchanged in the Herald).

I didn’t have anything to do with that cartoon, but I knew it was racist.

In 2014, cartoonist Gary McCoy drew black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri stealing TVs, one with a sign saying, “No 60″ plasma TV, no peace.”

I didn’t have anything to do with that cartoon, but I knew it was racist.

Glenn McCoy, Gary’s younger brother who competes with him over who can draw the largest purple lips on Obama (and also draws storyboards for the Despicable Me and Minions movies), drew a cartoon in 2017 comparing Betsy DeVos with Ruby Bridges, equating the protests DeVos was receiving to the racist attacks Ruby Bridges was receiving for being the first black child to enter an all-white school.

Do I really have to say it again?

While I don’t draw cartoons for the troglodyte audience, I am a political cartoonist. I’m in the same profession as the cartoonists mentioned above. Even though we don’t think alike, I’m in their wheelhouse. While not being involved with their cartoons, I can recognize their racism. Jared Kushner has been involved with Donald Trump for years, marrying his daughter, working on his campaign, attending secret meetings in Trump Tower with Russians, lying on security clearance applications, and occupying an unpaid position he’s unqualified for in the White House. Donald Trump is in Kushner’s wheelhouse.

In a bizarre interview with Axios, Kushner demonstrated his incompetence several times.

Perhaps the most bizarre take was when Kushner defended Trump from accusations of racism, saying, “You can’t not be a racist for 69 years and then run for president and be a racist.” Kushner could be correct because there are several examples over the past 69 years of Donald Trump’s racism and then he was kinda sorta elected president. But, hey, this is America. While Trump didn’t win the popular vote, his racism was not a dealbreaker for 62 million Americans.

When asked about Trump’s birther campaign, the lie that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.A., and instead was born in Kenya, Jared said he didn’t know it was racist because “I was not involved with that.” Obviously, racism is not a dealbreaker for Jared either. He repeated the line several times adding, “That was a long time ago.” 2015 wasn’t THAT long ago, Trust Fund Baby.

The interviewer should have asked Jared if his new immigration plan is racist. It’s the plan that favors immigrants from Europe over Central America and Africa. Jared designed it with the help of the White House’s very own Baby Goebbels, Stephen Miller. Jared should know if this is racist or not since he is definitely involved with it and it wasn’t designed “a long time ago.”

He could have also been asked about Trump’s plans for the 2020 census that adds a question that will suppress participation by nonwhite people and, therefore, artificially increase white (and Republican) power in a new round of gerrymandering, which the GOP is foaming at the mouth for since the majority of Americans don’t vote for them anymore.

The administration argued to the public, the lower courts and the Supreme Court that the disadvantage to nonwhite Americans was statistically questionable and that the Justice Department needed the change to enforce the Voting Rights Act. That’s almost as bad as comparing Betsy Devos to Ruby Bridges.

Donald Trump is a racist and he’s stocked his White House with incompetent people, often through nepotism, with other racists. Or at the very least, if they’re not racists, racism is not a dealbreaker for them.

If you work for Donald Trump, support him, or voted for him, racism wasn’t a dealbreaker for you either. At some point, when racism stops being a dealbreaker for you, then you’re not just fine with racism too. You yourself have also become a racist.

Somewhere, there’s a white sheet with Jared’s name on it.

Creative note: I drew this cartoon this morning. Right before I started coloring, I got my D-Day cartoon idea. I pushed this one aside to publish the D-Day cartoon first. Also, I’ll update and let you know if any conservative cartoonists scream at me.

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What Color Am I?


I’m probably gonna get a little heat for this one.

Did you hear this story? The president of the Spokane NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, is white. Not a big deal except she’s spent years telling people she’s black. What? How did that work? Why would someone lie about their ethnicity? I don’t know.

A photo was posted on the group’s Facebook page of of a black man presented at Delezal’s father. A reporter later got Ms. Dolezal on camera and asked her if the man in the photo was her father. She said yes and then was asked if she’s African American. She stated she didn’t understand the question. It was a simple question. Ms. Dolezal walked off camera.

Now her parents, her real white parents, have presented information like her birth certificate and oh yeah…their faces, to show that Dolezal has been living a lie for a very long time. Their information shows that she’s Caucasian and European descent, Czech, German and a few other things. I’m German and a bunch of other European things and you don’t get much whiter than that.

She does have adopted brothers who are black.

Her 22-year-old brother, who says he’s 25% black, says that what she’s doing is creating more racism.

She’s also claimed she’s been a victim of hate crimes and has received threatening letters (for being black). If none of that happened then that really is creating more racism.

She’s also stated that she’d be uncomfortable at a Tea Party event because of all the white people. Now that’s just asinine to say. I’ve been the only white guy at a lot of events and places and if I was ever uncomfortable it didn’t last long. I would be uncomfortable at a Tea Party rally too, but not because of all the white people. I’d be uncomfortable because of all the stupid people.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your hair, clothes, appearance, etc. But to fabricate your background, your history, your ethnicity, your life, is totally wrong. We should really care less about what race each of us belongs too (while being proud of our heritage) but don’t create an entirely different history for yourself to gain brownie points (no pun intended).



Policing The Pool Party


I don’t normally draw two cartoons in a row on the same subject but this has just been too huge. What sealed the deal for me was all the defense of the policeman I saw today. A friend of mine even said that crying racism was racist. Yeah. Wow!

I was also nervous about hitting this too hard and scaring off some of my clients. Race is a scary issue for a lot of editors, newspapers and readers. Then I remembered that there’s at least one perk of not having a job, an editor, benefits and being poor and that’s I can do what I want.

Here’s the rough. Ignore the typos.



I went through a few ideas. This is the first one and I sent it to a friend who didn’t get it. She apologized for not getting it but hey, if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. The idea is the cop is doing a barrel roll out of his job. That barrel roll was so ridiculous that I had to take a shot at it.



This one. Eh. Again, ignore the typo. Sometimes when I’m drawing a rough I tend to rush the drawing.



This last one I felt good about for my clients’ sake. But…eh. Just too bland for me.



The Boogey Man


You can’t turn on Fox News without hearing the name “Al Sharpton.” Lately it seems he’s to blame for every culture shift. Maybe that’s why Obama wants him around.

I am not a fan of Al Sharpton. I do think he’s a little too quick to jump on every race-related tragedy. I also don’t think he should have his own show on MSNBC. I don’t think any politician or political activist should have a show on a news channel (Mike Huckabee, I’m looking at you too). MSNBC needs to examine their ethics policy and Fox News needs to get one.

Even though I’m not a fan of Sharpton, going out and saying there needs to be social change and that police need reform is not promoting violence. Accusing someone of race-baiting while seeking change is just a feeble attempt to ignore the real problem, which is there needs to social change, police departments needs reform, or justice system needs reform and yes, there is a problem of discrimination toward the black community by a lot of police.

A lot of people are mad at the police. A politician or activist is not making them angrier. Conservatives need to open their mind and actually entertain the thought that the police have incited a lot of this public outrage.

Saying cops need to stop profiling, discriminating and shooting black men and boys is not a statement that cops should be shot.

Al Sharpton, President Obama, Eric Holder and Bill De Blasio have not promoted violence. They haven’t made any mention of promoting or encouraging retaliation. Conservatives who say they have are bald faced liars. Conservatives who accuse others of race baiting are actually excusing, ignoring and promoting racism. Good job, conservatives.

Raise That Flag


Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu stated that Obama has a tougher time being accepted in the South because of his race and went on to make the quote “the South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. I think most Americans will say “D’uh!”. It’s a painful truth.

Conservatives, specifically Republicans, are lashing out. How dare she insult the South. Others accuse Democrats of race baiting. I guess reminding black voters how “well” the GOP has treated them over the past several years is race baiting.

A lot of people engage in racism and discrimination. Others prefer to ignore it. If you point it out then their argument is that that’s the real racism. They give that argument with a straight face.

Now the GOP has gotten pretty good at veiling their racism under the banner of economics and fairness. When they want to test welfare recipients for drugs who are they really aiming at (despite the drug testing program being a huge costly failure and one that punishes children receiving welfare much more than their parents). When they gerrymander districts who are they really trying to hurt? When the GOP pretends to care about voter IDs who are they really trying to block from voting?  During the 2012 primaries GOP candidate Rick Santorum said “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better with taxpayer money.” Congratulations, Ricky. You haven’t made any black person’s life better.

But let’s look at the South’s history of being friendly to African-Americans: First off there’s slavery. There was the Ku Klux Klan. There was the entire Civil Right’s movement. There was segregation. If all that stuff didn’t put smiles on African-American’s faces then what’s wrong with them? In addition there was Nixon’s Southern Strategy to win the south by winning the hearts of segregationists. Reagan made a big speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi (site of the Civil Rights murders and a racist hot zone) about state rights. George H.W. Bush race baited his way to the White House on the Willie Horton ad. To this day the Confederate battle flag is part of the state flags of Georgia and Mississippi. South Carolina flies it over their capitol building and it’s not even a part of their state flag. They just love giving the finger to blacks. Please don’t start that lame defenseless argument about the flag being about heritage. You’re right. It is about heritage and that heritage is hate.

If you look at the polls in Louisiana only 17% of whites approve of the job Obama is doing while 76% of non-whites approve. Go figure.

I’m from Louisiana. I mostly grew up there. I also lived in Georgia and Mississippi. You’re going to have a hard time convincing me the South was friendly to blacks. Bad thing is, a lot of other people who grew up in the South refuse to see it.

Landrieu talks about how the white South doesn’t like Obama because he’s black. That goes farther than the South. Since Obama was elected (and before actually) he’s been accused of being a terrorist, a muslim and of being born in Kenya. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal says Landrieu is living in a different century. No, Bobby. Racism still exists in this century. It exists this year, this month, this week….Hell, it’s going on today. Go ask Donald Sterling, Phil Robertson or Cliven Bundy.



Ya know all those conservatives that keep crying about the Constitution?  They swear Obama is shredding it and they fear a new world order or something to that affect.  Where are their voices now when police trample individual rights, freedom of the press, fun stuff like that?

I wonder if those people have even read the Constitution.