Fun With White People


A lot of people are pointing out that the most diverse field of presidential candidates in one party isn’t so diverse anymore. That was painfully obvious at last night’s debate in Iowa.

While there was still diversity on the stage with two women, one gay candidate, and one really old white Jewish guy, there was no ethnic diversity. Kamala Harris dropped out weeks ago. Cory Booker dropped out this week and he didn’t qualify for the last debate. Andrew Yang is still in the race but he didn’t qualify for last night’s debate.

Why would the party of diversity, whose supporters don’t go around marching with tiki torches chanting “Jews will not replace us” and “blood and soil” disregard so many non-white candidates? And the way it appears to be going, the party is going to settle on a really old white guy, and not the Jewish one.

Seriously, Democrats. What’s up with that? At the very least, you could have supported one of the black candidates through the first primary.

While you and I can dig at the Democratic Party of letting us down on diversity, the people who can’t criticize are Republicans. Seriously, GOP. Look at yourself.

There is a serious lack of diversity in the Trump administration. The only black representation in the cabinet is Ben Carson and the highest ranking in the White House WAS senior adviser Omarosa. Seriously, Republicans? The two best Americans with a dark skin tone you could find in your party was Ben Carson and Omarosa? C’mon! Trump does have one Latino and one Asian in his cabinet, but do they count if one gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart sentencing deal and the other is married to Mitch McConnell?

Every group photo that comes out of the White House has white upon white in it. And the funny thing is, nobody in the White House seems to notice. Each of those photos demonstrates that Donald Trump is not president for all of America and he has no desire to be. Donald Trump is only president (sic) for white America, and for that matter, only racist-white America. Who was he talking to when he said, “Send them back?”

Even in Congress, the GOP only has one African-American in the Senate and just one in the House (who’s retiring). While they do have 13 women in the House, the Democrats have 89 (in case you’re a Republican, 89 is a greater value than 13). The Republican Party talks a lot about diversity, but they’re only talking about it to their white members.

But tell you what, Republicans. Go ahead and crack on Democrats for their “lack of diversity.” I’ll let it go if you can tell me the last time your party made an African-American or a woman your presidential nominee.

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  1. Biden won’t stand a chance against Trump, he is not a dynamic leader. Where is the charismatic “young” candidate, someone representing the future?
    Lily white you say? Add some colour to the picture.

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