Trump Shot


Donald Trump said “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” The sad thing is he’s right. But that’s because your voters, Mr. Trump, are hateful and stupid idiots. It is incredible. The other sad thing is, this isn’t even close to being the most outrageous thing he’s said on the campaign trail.

My first idea had Trump making the quote and proving his point that he shoots himself in the foot repeatedly. Nah, it wasn’t good enough but if you’re another political cartoonist feel free to take it.

I thought about Trump’s comments a little longer and it came to me that if he shot a minority then he’d probably gain Republican voters. Because in addition to being hateful, stupid and idiotic, they’re also racists.

Last August, two white men who allegedly beat a homeless Hispanic man cited Donald Trump’s rhetoric as their motive. Trump said his supporters are very passionate. There’s also been hecklers at his rallies roughed up and he’s even advocated for his supporters to steal a heckler’s coat while it was freezing outside.

Donald Trump could sell baby back ribs made from real minority babies and his supporters would back him.

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No Justice For Tamir


Prosecutors usually prosecute. That’s their job. When it comes to prosecuting police, some act more like defense lawyers.

Cleveland police shot 12-year-0ld Tamir Rice within two seconds of stopping their cruiser a few feet from him. Rice was playing in a park with a toy gun. A citizen called the police and said he thought the person with a gun was a juvenile and the gun could be a toy. The dispatcher didn’t convey either of those points to the responding officers.

Prosecutors usually work closely with police. So when it comes time to see if they should be charged for shooting someone, the prosecutor can be resistant. That’s what happened in Ferguson.

Prosecutors put together a grand jury and they control the process and the information the jurors are exposed to. California, realizing there could be conflicts of interest, doesn’t allow grand juries to make decisions on charging the police in shootings. In the Cleveland case, the prosecutor brought in witnesses and evidence that pointed toward it being a “perfect storm of human error.” Tamir Rice’s mother described it more as a sabotage.

The defense centers on the police mistaking the fake gun as a real gun. But even then, should police shoot someone within two seconds? Tamir was playing with a toy gun. Some police shouldn’t be playing with real ones.

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Rahm Matters


I grew up in several states. I was born in Texas but Louisiana was home. My mother also dragged me to Georgia, California and Illinois. My first memories are from living in Elgin which is about 50 miles from Chicago. I attended several games at Wrigley and was a Cubs fan before I even knew there were other teams. I will always be interested in what’s going on in the Chicagoland region.

Watching mayor Rahm Emanuel squirm underneath the political heat lamp is especially interesting.

Mr. Mayor Didn’t seem very interested in the police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. This is where police shot McDonald 16 times, 14 times while he was on the ground. It took 13 months for the officer to be charged and the video to be released, which the mayor fought against. There was a rush to settle with the family before the officer responsible was even charged or there was a lawsuit (which sounds more like paying hush money than admitting guilt).

The mayor stated that he had not watched the video before it was released. Did he not have any interest in the case? His constituents have been yelling at him for over a year and he doesn’t get around to watch the evidence of what they’re screaming about? This is a leader?

After the video came out, proving the police union wrong with the self-defense defense, the mayor fired the police chief. That did not put an end to the calls for Emanuel’s resignation. If fact they’ve only increased. Now the Justice Department is going to investigate Chicago’s police force.

There really isn’t a procedure on the books to impeach a mayor (as Rahm is not going to resign). Now a state representative has introduced a bill in Illinois’ legislature to recall the mayor.

Rahm is not going to resign unless all his money backers tell him to. It will have to get very loud in Chicago before that happens. It may yet happen. The best route will be a recall vote. I don’t think the legislature is going to have any problem creating a law to recall Rahm. Soon it will be up to the voters.

But hey, go Cubs.

This cartoon was tedious to draw. A lot of cartoonists use a computer program to do the white lettering with a black background. I do it old school as it’s all by hand. I don’t do that because it’s better or out of a sense of morals or purity. I do it by hand because the computer drawing method doesn’t really work for me. I think a lot of cartoonists are doing amazing work on computers. It would be nice to never have to buy paper, pens, pencils or erasers again or have to wash correction fluid off my skin, clothes, and Beagle. After 25 years of doing this, I think I’m too old for new tricks and I really hate learning software stuff. I have very little patience.

When I started my career a cartoon would take four to five hours to draw. Over time it got down to two hours on average. For some reason it’s taking a lot more time for me to draw cartoons. I don’t think I’ve drawn anything this week in less than four hours. I gave myself additional work with this one because I originally just had the mayor’s name on the desk. While waiting for the toon to dry and walking Chubbs The Beagle, I got the idea to make the sign say “#RahmMatters.” That required more correction fluid, a separate sheet of paper (cheap copy paper for that purpose), and cut and pasting. The real pain in the butt was drawing the hashtag symbol and every “S.”

A colleague has been doing live streams of drawing his cartoons. I don’t know if readers would be interested enough to watch someone draw for two hours. It interests other cartoonists, who don’t have the two hours to watch. I wonder if my readers would be interested in seeing something like that from me. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.

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Pulp Friction


I’m a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino. He’s an amazing film maker. Pulp Fiction did for movies what Nirvana did for rock music. It changed a lot. I love Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained. I’m really looking forward to The Hateful Eight. I didn’t like the Kill Bills very much.

The man is an artist. He refuses to shoot in digital. He makes films on film. He bought a theater in Hollywood to show classic movies he loves. He loves his craft and that’s something I can respect.

I understand taste is subjective and a lot of people don’t like his movies. I get that. I get that a lot of people don’t like his politics. After this week police especially don’t like his politics.

Tarantino spoke at a rally in New York City against police brutality and said he stands with the murdered. Those comments really pissed off the cops and police unions all over the country have banned together to stage a boycott of Tarantino’s upcoming flick, The Hateful Eight.

To his credit, Tarantino has not apologized. And he shouldn’t. He mentioned murderers. He did not say all cops are murderers and has elaborated that is not what he’s saying. Good for him. He could have made his initial comments a little clearer but it’s not his fault people want to get their tighties in a bunch over words. This upsetting people over an opinion is something I’m familiar with. A lot of times people hear what they want to hear, especially when they want to play the victim.

Jim Pasco, the head of the national Fraternal Order of Police, told reporters that “something is in the works” against Tarantino. What does that mean? He elaborated a bit that the union’s plans “could happen any time” between now and the premiere of Tarantino’s new movie. Right when shutting up might be in the cop’s best interest he went on and said “We’ll be opportunistic. Tarantino has made a good living out of violence and surprise. Our officers make a living trying to stop violence, but surprise is not out of the question.”

How do you take something like that without a veiled threat of violence being something you want to hear?

The police don’t have to like what Tarantino said. But instead of getting upset with celebrities they should be upset with cops who are hurting their image. They should be upset that innocent people are dying at the hands of police and most of the time they would get away with it if it’s not caught on camera. They should put more effort into preventing cops from targeting minorities and killing unarmed black men and less into a stupid boycott.

I find that to be something much more worthy to get angry over.

Pass the popcorn.

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Police Barrel Roll, Cartoon For The Daily Dot


Here is this week’s cartoon for The Daily Dot.

I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make fun of the cop’s silly barrel roll, and why not incorporate into the even more silliness of those defending the cop (or blaming the media). Someone made a video of the cop’s barrel roll to the tune of the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.” It’s awesome.

Here’s the rough.


Policing The Pool Party


I don’t normally draw two cartoons in a row on the same subject but this has just been too huge. What sealed the deal for me was all the defense of the policeman I saw today. A friend of mine even said that crying racism was racist. Yeah. Wow!

I was also nervous about hitting this too hard and scaring off some of my clients. Race is a scary issue for a lot of editors, newspapers and readers. Then I remembered that there’s at least one perk of not having a job, an editor, benefits and being poor and that’s I can do what I want.

Here’s the rough. Ignore the typos.



I went through a few ideas. This is the first one and I sent it to a friend who didn’t get it. She apologized for not getting it but hey, if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. The idea is the cop is doing a barrel roll out of his job. That barrel roll was so ridiculous that I had to take a shot at it.



This one. Eh. Again, ignore the typo. Sometimes when I’m drawing a rough I tend to rush the drawing.



This last one I felt good about for my clients’ sake. But…eh. Just too bland for me.



A Rough Ride

cjones05022015Update: There were a lot of comments on social media and at Gocomics about how I drew each officer white. Three of the six officers charged are African-American with one being female.

So why did I draw each of them white and male? For one very technical reason, I drew the cartoon before the photos were released. I was relying more on the point of the cartoon than actual caricatures of the police involved. I also did not draw two of them wearing bicycle helmets.

Another reason is that in the video of Freddie Gray being arrested, each officer is white. The three officers who chased him down, arrested him and fabricated the “switchblade” lie are white.

If I had waited two more hours then I would have seen the photos before I drew the cartoon. If I had the information I would have drawn them reflecting their race and sex.

I do like some of the comments at gocomics. Yeah. I read my criticism. I really enjoy it actually. They call me a “racist” and one called me a “reprehensible demagogue” while slightly defending me. How could I not enjoy that?