Fresh Terrorists


We don’t just need police reform in this nation. We need justice reform.

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live did a skit of a morning news show where the white hosts were certain Derek Chauvin would be convicted while the black hosts were like, “eh…we’re not so sure.” I’ll be honest, I will not be shocked if Chauvin walks. Sure, his defense has been ridiculous, but have you met white America? The jury is mostly white and they only need to convince one juror there’s doubt of Chauvin’s guilt…not even that he is innocent. They only need one juror to refuse to convict. Let me remind you, they’re in white Minnesota.

Last June, the National Guard used tear gas to clear protesters away from the White House for no reason other than a photo-op for Donald Trump. The attack from the government came before curfew in broad daylight. The protesters were peaceful. Later, additional fences and barriers were placed around the White House. The protesters were protesting against police violence on black Americans.

Before the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, the Capitol Police were told not to use their most aggressive tactics or weapons against the expected “protesters.” Those protesters were terrorists. They were white terrorists. Now, do you honestly believe they would have been told to hold back if they were expecting black protesters? After the white terrorists broke into the Capitol, one was killed by the Capitol Police. If they were black, how many do you think would have died?

MAGAts are still defending the terrorists and they want the cop prosecuted who shot her. Do you think they’d be making the same demands if the terrorist was black and a part of “antifa?”

Daunte Wright was killed by police in Minnesota last Sunday. They police say it was an “accidental” shooting because the cop, a 26-year veteran, mistakenly used her Glock pistol instead of her taser. Police later said they pulled him over for an expired tag, but moments before they killed him, Wright called his mother and said he had been pulled over because his rearview air freshener was obstructing his view. How often do white people get pulled over for air fresheners?

Do you believe Army Lt. Caron Nazario would have been assaulted by police in Virginia if he was white? Do you think they would have approached his vehicle with guns drawn if he was white? Do you think they would have at least apologized by now if he was white? The chief of the Windsor Police Department says the department doesn’t owe Nazario an apology and even though they’ve fired one of the cops, wishes Nazario “would have complied a whole lot earlier.” Somehow, it’s still the black guy’s fault for being pulled over and pepper sprayed despite not breaking any laws. In Windsor, they haven’t fired enough cops yet.

The National Guard tear gassed a black crowd in Washington, D.C. The Capitol Police were told not to be aggressive with a white crowd. The Chauvin defense has witnesses saying he wasn’t aggressive enough while killing George Floyd. The Windsor Police will not apologize for how aggressive they were to Lt. Nazario.

The best evidence we need police reform is America’s police. No more racist cops. No more system of systemic racism.

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  1. I live in Minnesota and it makes me sick that racism is so prevalent in the US of A. Police killings of blacks and POC are the current lynchings of the not so distant past. We haven’t progressed much, have we.

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