A Meme Choke Hold


The police of this nation and their defenders point out the unfairness of labeling all cops as racist or profiling black males. But what is true is that there is a culture of profiling, brutality, and racism among the nation’s police.

This is proven by the Plain View Project. The PVP examined the public profiles of police officers from eight jurisdictions since 2017 and their findings were published last Saturday in Injustice Watch and BuzzFeed News. What they found goes beyond disturbing.

The project found thousands of posts and memes that were racist, conspiratorial, and expressing a desire to use tasers and deadly force on suspects.

A captain in the Philadephia Police Department shared a meme featuring Sammy Davis Jr. with the caption, “Instead of hands up don’t shoot, how about pull your pants up don’t loot!” A comment from another Philly cop about a young black male accused of shooting an elderly woman called for a firing squad.

One meme shared by an officer showed a police dog baring its teeth, with superimposed text that read, “I hope you run, he likes fast food.”

A cop in York, Pennsylvania posted on Facebook, “Too bad this MF didn’t resist and meet a very violent and painful demise. Would have saved the taxpayers a LOT of money,” regarding a black male suspected of killing a detective.

The project matched about 14,400 listed officers to public Facebook profiles.

The Phoenix Police Department says they’re going to look into the matter. St. Louis claims they’re looking into it as well. Other departments examined are in Dallas; Denison, Tex.; and Twin Falls, Idaho; and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

The Philadelphia department has placed 72 cops on desk duty, pulling them off the streets while an investigation is being conducted. Perhaps every police department in the nation should be conducting a continuous effort to monitor all officers’ social media posts. Every cop in the country should have his social media posts looked at. If they find cop brutality hilarious, then they shouldn’t be a cop.

The project’s founder, Emily Baker-White said three major trends emerged in the posts she and her colleagues collected: posts that seemed to endorse violence by officers or members of the public, posts that appeared to show bias against minority groups, and dehumanizing language that referred to protesters or people of color as “animals” or “savages.”

She also said, “One of the most disheartening things in the posts we saw are the comments under them. Some of them are by citizens, and some are by police officers. There’s very much a pile-on culture, where someone may say something violent and the folks under that will ramp it up and say something even more violent or discriminatory. The feedback loop there has led a lot of people to lean into their worst instincts.”

The Phoenix Police Union is upset over the investigation and accusing it of an anti-cop bias. He highlighted how Phoenix police have used Facebook to raise money for charity and left out posts like the one by Officer Joshua Ankert who congratulated George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin for walking after dark while being black, the day after his trial and thanked him for “cleaning up our community one thug at a time.”

In Phoenix, 73% of the city’s 2,937 police force is white, while 19% is Hispanic, in a city that is 43% Hispanic. With 42% of the city being white, the police department is not representative of its citizens. That may be where the problem begins in all communities.

Another Phoenix cop, Rueben Carver III posted, “It’s a good day for a choke hold.” No, Officer Rueben, it’s a good day to fire some racist cops.

Be Complicit

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To Protect And Something Something


While an active shooter was killing his former classmates last week in Parkland, Florida, the only cop on the scene stayed outside and took cover. There are now reports that other officers arriving at the scene also remained outside choosing to hide behind their cars.

Trump has called the School Resource Deputy a coward. He and others are choosing to ignore that a gun on campus didn’t stop the slaughter as they argue for more guns on school campuses.

Trump and the good folks at the NRA, who value assault weapons over children’s lives, want to put guns in the hands of teachers. Trump says it will be different for teachers since they’ll know the students they’re protecting. The cop at the school knew those students too as he worked there since 2010.

The deputy failed to protect and defend as he swore to do. He has resigned in disgrace since this information went public. Maybe Trump should think about resigning too.

Donald Trump has refused to protect and defend this nation, which he swore to do when he took the oath of office on inauguration day.

When NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre and spokesgoon Dana Loesch spoke at CPAC Thursday, they blamed dozens of individuals, institutions, and circumstances for mass shootings without blaming guns. When Donald Trump finally acknowledged Russia hacked the 2016 election, he blamed dozens without blaming Russia.

That’s because Donald Trump is a coward, and he should resign.

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Trump Shot


Donald Trump said “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” The sad thing is he’s right. But that’s because your voters, Mr. Trump, are hateful and stupid idiots. It is incredible. The other sad thing is, this isn’t even close to being the most outrageous thing he’s said on the campaign trail.

My first idea had Trump making the quote and proving his point that he shoots himself in the foot repeatedly. Nah, it wasn’t good enough but if you’re another political cartoonist feel free to take it.

I thought about Trump’s comments a little longer and it came to me that if he shot a minority then he’d probably gain Republican voters. Because in addition to being hateful, stupid and idiotic, they’re also racists.

Last August, two white men who allegedly beat a homeless Hispanic man cited Donald Trump’s rhetoric as their motive. Trump said his supporters are very passionate. There’s also been hecklers at his rallies roughed up and he’s even advocated for his supporters to steal a heckler’s coat while it was freezing outside.

Donald Trump could sell baby back ribs made from real minority babies and his supporters would back him.

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Black Fridays Matter


Yeah, this will upset some people. I don’t expect the majority of my clients to run it. It’s scary.

Over 18 months ago 17-year-old LaQuan McDonald was shot in the street by  Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke. Laquan was shot 16 times. Fourteen of those shots were after he was laying in the street. Van Dyke shot LaQuan, ran out of bullets, and it appeared he was going to reload before a fellow officer stopped him. The initial defense was Officer Van Dyke felt threatened, while LaQuan was walking away from him.

For over 18 months this case sat. Officer Van Dyke was put on a desk. Right before the mayoral election the city settled with the family for $5 million, before the family even filed suit. The tape of the shooting was held from the public, until Tuesday when a judge ordered that it be released after a journalist filed for it be released under the state’s open record law. Right then the prosecutor decided to press charges for first degree murder.

The video is from a dashboard camera from a police cruiser. No other footage has been made available. There’s not any audio. There’s allegations the police destroyed additional footage and even went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken and destroyed evidence their cameras caught. We’ll see if any of this actually comes to light.

A lot of people are tired of cops being questioned and accused of targeting minorities. A lot of other people are tired of cops targeting minorities and having it excused, covered up, pushed aside, or ignored. In fact, despite the footage on the video showing Laquan shot 16 times, where the cop started shooting six seconds after leaving his vehicle, it still took prosecutors 18 months to charge the officer.

I watched CNN, MSNBC and Fox News last night to see how this would be covered. Two of those covered the news of the issue. One of them spent most of their time acknowledging the footage looked bad, but kept questioning why minorities don’t protest black on black killings in Chicago. Guess which news source that was. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “cox.”

There’s several questions over this. Such as: Why was the video withheld from the public for so many months? Would they have held on to it if it vindicated the cop? If there wasn’t a video would the cop have ever charged.

I’m a natural cynic, but I think I know the answers to all each of those questions.

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Pulp Friction


I’m a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino. He’s an amazing film maker. Pulp Fiction did for movies what Nirvana did for rock music. It changed a lot. I love Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained. I’m really looking forward to The Hateful Eight. I didn’t like the Kill Bills very much.

The man is an artist. He refuses to shoot in digital. He makes films on film. He bought a theater in Hollywood to show classic movies he loves. He loves his craft and that’s something I can respect.

I understand taste is subjective and a lot of people don’t like his movies. I get that. I get that a lot of people don’t like his politics. After this week police especially don’t like his politics.

Tarantino spoke at a rally in New York City against police brutality and said he stands with the murdered. Those comments really pissed off the cops and police unions all over the country have banned together to stage a boycott of Tarantino’s upcoming flick, The Hateful Eight.

To his credit, Tarantino has not apologized. And he shouldn’t. He mentioned murderers. He did not say all cops are murderers and has elaborated that is not what he’s saying. Good for him. He could have made his initial comments a little clearer but it’s not his fault people want to get their tighties in a bunch over words. This upsetting people over an opinion is something I’m familiar with. A lot of times people hear what they want to hear, especially when they want to play the victim.

Jim Pasco, the head of the national Fraternal Order of Police, told reporters that “something is in the works” against Tarantino. What does that mean? He elaborated a bit that the union’s plans “could happen any time” between now and the premiere of Tarantino’s new movie. Right when shutting up might be in the cop’s best interest he went on and said “We’ll be opportunistic. Tarantino has made a good living out of violence and surprise. Our officers make a living trying to stop violence, but surprise is not out of the question.”

How do you take something like that without a veiled threat of violence being something you want to hear?

The police don’t have to like what Tarantino said. But instead of getting upset with celebrities they should be upset with cops who are hurting their image. They should be upset that innocent people are dying at the hands of police and most of the time they would get away with it if it’s not caught on camera. They should put more effort into preventing cops from targeting minorities and killing unarmed black men and less into a stupid boycott.

I find that to be something much more worthy to get angry over.

Pass the popcorn.

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Eaten Alive


Yeah, I’m getting tired of race issues. I’ll stop drawing cartoons on racism when authority stops engaging in racists acts.

On to the analogy I used: Over 20 years ago I worked in the reptile house of a zoo. I was a real reptile enthusiast. I even had snakes and a free roam Iguana at home which came in handy with preventing inlaws from giving you a surprise visit (they literally slept in a van in the driveway once).

I am not an actual Herpetologist but I do know you’re going to have a very difficult time convincing a snake to actually swallow a human being. So when I saw the commercials of an idiot volunteering himself to be eaten alive by an Anaconda  on the Discovery Channel I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Maybe he should have let the snake in on the deal and cut him on a piece of the TV royalties.

I do know from experience that it doesn’t take any convincing for a snake to bite the living crap out of you. I once had a Reticulated Python bite me in the forehead. I had an oval of about 20 tiny cabs above my brow for about a week. I’ve actually been bitten quite a few times but you don’t want to hear about that girl from Delaware.

But hey, if you can convince a network to finance a show called Finding Bigfoot where nobody actually finds a Bigfoot then why can’t you have a two-hour documentary advertising being eaten by a huge snake where all it really consists of is a moron sitting in the water waiting on a big snake not to eat you? I do love those Bigfoot experts who are actually only experts at walking through the woods catching poison ivy and never catching a girlfriend. Even that lesbian on the show couldn’t catch a girlfriend.  I also love that those Bigfoot hunting “experts” always believe every witness account is an actual “squatch” encounter. You’d think that at least one time one of them would say “ya’ know…this person might be full of shit.” But then again they never ran into Michele Bachmann so they haven’t met a real challenge yet.

My latest animal “scare” happenedtoday. I took a walk and I was attacked (really!) by four Pomeranian puppies. I was in more danger than those Bigfoot and Anaconda hunters. I socks were covered in dog spittle.

I digressed again. To sum up: racism bad and does still exist in America. Bigfoot: doesn’t exist but still has marketing power. Being swallowed by a giant snake: not gonna happen unless you’re a rodent. A quadruple Pomeranian attack: Nightmares to come.