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You can’t claim it’s a just a few bad apples among America’s police when we see time after time again, entire departments engage in cover-ups.

When cops in Buffalo shoved a man to the ground busting his head open, the department shoved it aside. When cops in Minnesota arrested a black reporter, the department issued a statement that was proven false by the live footage of the arrest. In Louisiana, several cops kill a black driver, and the department covers it up for two years.

In 2019, several Louisiana State Police officers pulled Ronald Greene over near Monroe (where I was mostly raised). The cops tased, kicked, punched him in the face and dragged Greene while his hands and ankles were shackled. They left him alone on the ground, bleeding for nine minutes to suffer. He died minutes after arriving at a hospital. The state police told his family he died in a car wreck.

Body cam footage was leaked to the Associated Press. The Louisiana State Police is not outraged by what’s on the footage, but that the public has seen it.

Louisiana State Police spokesman Nick Manale wrote in an email to The Washington Post, “The premature public release of investigative files and video evidence in this case is not authorized and was not obtained through official sources.” He added the release “undermines the investigative process and compromises the fair and impartial outcome for the Greene family, LSP employees, and the community.”

Yeah, but the release of the footage probably isn’t nearly as unfair to the Greene family as a bunch of Louisiana State Troopers killing Ronald Greene on the side of a highway and then lying about the cause of death for two years.

The Justice Department is now investigating this which is awesome because during the Trump administration, the department was very lackadaisical about investigating cops killing unarmed black men.

In the video, one cop puts Greene in a chokehold and another calls him “stupid.” He is stunned repeatedly. One cops says, “Blood all over…I hope this guy ain’t got fucking AIDS.” Obviously, Louisiana State Police officers are mean and stupid.

One of the troopers who engaged in beating Greene was Dakota DeMoss, a white cop, who along with three other white cops, was later arrested on accusations of excessive force, lying about multiple arrests and turning off their body cameras, after they boasted about beating another black man. According to court documents, DeMoss texted his partners in beating unarmed black men after they surrender, that their victim was “still digesting that ‘ass whoopin’.”

Are you detecting a pattern with the Louisiana State Police? Are you detecting a pattern with the nation’s police?

This is not the last time we’re going to see this. How many more videos are being withheld by the Louisiana State Police? How many times has the LSP lied about causes of death? How often does this happen nationally?

The one thing this proves is that footage from bystanders is what’s needed to receive justice from police brutality. That’s the only way it was delivered for the murder of George Floyd. Since it doesn’t exist for Andrew Brown, the police, district attorney, and a judge in North Carolina are covering it up.

It’s not just police reform we need. The entire justice system in this nation needs to be reformed, especially in the deep south. We need to root out every racist cop, district attorney, and judge in the nation.

Conservatives often claim that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. It’s not. The ones doing the terrorizing in this nation are the cops.

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  1. So far, our beloved Governor Edwards hasn’t commented much, but he also referred to the timing of the release of the videos.

    “I can’t speak for them about whether there’s going to be a criminal prosecution,” said Edwards.

    “Parts of the video leaked to the Associated Press are hard to watch. The video shows troopers kick, stun, and drag Greene while he was face down in handcuffs. The governor was asked by the 9News Investigators on Thursday, May 20, why it took so long for the video to get out and why Louisiana State Police still refuses to release it.

    “Well, the state police didn’t release it because the DA asked that it not be released before the investigation was concluded and then, subsequently, the US Department of Justice initiated an investigation and made the same request,” replied Edwards.”
    More here:
    Tim Smith

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Can’t forget this one! … #SayHisName … #RonaldGReene … this is really bad!! … “Yeah, but the release of the footage probably isn’t nearly as unfair to the Greene family as a bunch of Louisiana State Troopers killing Ronald Greene on the side of a highway and then lying about the cause of death for two years.”


  3. Police hold the public in contempt generally. The generous interpretation is that they can’t sympathize with potential suspects, as a conflict of interest. Police rarely join civilian block parties, lest they arrest their own neighbors.

    However if police really respected the judicial process, they would strive to assist all officers of the court, including defense attorneys. But there are no bonuses paid for exerting restraint toward ticketable traffic violators. They are promoted for ticketing aggressively.

    Then when a minority individual enters their gunsights, the safety was clicked off long before.

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