Don’t Say “Boom”

Is it a coincidence that Vladimir Putin and Ron DeSantis are both homophobes?

The president of Russia claims there are no homosexuals in his nation. Ron DeSantis started a war against the LGBTQ and education community long before Russia invaded Ukraine.

After attacking educators over face mask mandates and saying parents should make those decisions, Ron DeSantis attacked kids whose parents had made the decision for them to wear face masks. Now, DeSantis is expected to take the hand that pointed that bony finger at those kids, and sign into law the “Parental Rights in Education” bill, which is more commonly known as the “Don’t Say ‘Gay”” bill. Basically, the bill is giving rights to pick on gay and trans children. Republicans are sweethearts.

While Vladimir Putin is literally killing children in hospitals, apartments, schools, theaters, etc, from the bombs he drops in what amounts to war crimes, Ron DeSantis is also attacking children for his own selfish political benefits. Conservative parents sure do love picking on children who look different whether they’re gay or non-white.

Look at what conservatives have done with anti-Critical Race Theory laws. They don’t change anything but they sure do make racists feel warm and squishy inside. These types of legislations are presented from the standpoint that conservatives are the victims.

If you teach that slavery was a bad thing, or that it even happened, then you’re making white conservatives feel bad about being white, or at least, that’s what you’re trying to do. This nation enslaved black people for over 200 years but talking about it now makes white people feel bad. If you mention anything about gender identity or sexual orientation, then a formerly straight third-grader may return home singing Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.” We can’t have that. Pound your fist on your desk and say it with me, “WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!” Once that gay earworm gets in your head, there’s no coming back.

These Republican arguments make as much sense as Putin’s that he’s invading Ukraine to denazify it. Sure, there are Nazis in Ukraine, but there were probably more Nazis attacking the Capitol for Donald Trump on January 6, 2021. Can’t we denazify Mar-a-Lago?

I’m pretty sure nobody is teaching elementary students in Florida about gay sex, straight sex, or any sex. But being gay is something that should be acknowledged, and goddammit, normalized. The greatest fear of Republicans is that we’ll remove the stigmatization of being LGBTQ, and then a day will come where kids won’t be bullied for it anymore. Oh, the horror. How will future jocks who are unable to come to terms with their own confusing homosexual feelings supposed to cope if they can’t give gay kids swirlies? In case you’re a Republican, a swirlie is when you take a gay kid’s head and a toilet…oh, you already know what this is.

Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans aren’t protecting children. They’re protecting their own hate.

Whether the wars are cultural or literal, Republicans, Ron DeSantis, and Vladimir Putin should leave children out of it. And personally, I’d be more than happy to give Ron DeSantis a swirlie.

Music Note: I didn’t listen to any music while drawing this cartoon as I was/am in a rush. But, I did add The Hives’ “Tick Tick Boom” to the 30-second TikTok video of this being drawn.

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  1. Putin is already gay. He had sex with Donnie Toy Boy. So there is at least one gay guy in Russia. As for deSantis, he’s probably in the closet too. Nobody hates gay people like a gay man trying to conceal his gayness. Why not just open the closet door and let everyone look in. The only people who will hate them are other gay guys still in the closet, whose names I won’t mention, but all you need do is read a list of Republican Representatives and Senators. Why else fo you think they call it the “Old Boys Club.” (This will be sarcasm!) Straight males become men. Gay men stay boys! (My apologies to all openly gay men out there. I was just trying to make a point about hate-filled politicians.)


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