Night and Day

Eric Trump went on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show a couple nights ago and pushed the laughable idea that his father was tough on Putin and the Russian dictator never would have considered invading Ukraine while Eric’s daddy was president (sic).

Eric said, “My father would have called up and would have said, ‘Vladimir, don’t even think about it, don’t even try us.'” Eric is basically still in the mindset of my daddy can beat up your daddy. Eric, your daddy got his ass kicked by Nancy Pelosi. Your daddy got his ass kicked by Hillary Clinton. Your daddy got his ass kicked by Barack Obama. Your daddy got his ass kicked by Joe Biden. Eric, your daddy got his ass kicked by Greta Thunberg.

And, Eric, your daddy’s ass was owned by Vladimir Putin.

It’s stupid, laughable, and ridiculous to even suggest that Putin didn’t invade Ukraine while Trump was president (sic) because he was afraid of him. Trump, the guy who was afraid of getting his hair wet during a ceremony for war dead, is tough? The guy who needs two hands to hold a glass is a badass? If Donald Trump was ever going to kick Putin’s ass, for Trump’s sake, let’s hope Putin’s not at the top of the stairs. Donald Trump is afraid of rain, stairs, cups without handles, strong women, and black women especially.

Donald Trump built a reputation of being tough from a reality TV show where his catchphrase was “you’re fired.” But in real reality, he always sent an underling to do his firings because he is a coward. He couldn’t even fire Omarosa. He even chickened out when she called him and blamed someone else.

If Vladimir Putin was afraid of Donald Trump, then why did Putin help Trump win the 2016 election? Why did Putin endorse Trump if he’s afraid of him? Putin was afraid of Hillary Clinton and I don’t blame him because she was going to kick his ass.

People are typically not afraid of their subordinates, especially ass-kissing subordinates. Trump was kissing Putin’s ass before he ever met him. Trump loves Putin so much, he was lying about meeting the guy before he met him. Trump thought being on the same TV show with Putin, even though they weren’t on it together, qualified as meeting him.

It’s bad enough Donald Trump was a poodle for Putin, but it’s worse he betrayed his nation to do it. When Trump took the oath of office, it was for an office Putin gave him. Part of that oath is a promise to defend your country. When the time came for Trump to defend America, he instead defended Vladimir Putin.

While Putin was stacking his army around Ukraine, Trump said it was a “savvy” strategy and called Putin a “genius.” Three weeks into this war and we know now that Putin is NOT a genius. This military “genius” is running out of fuel, armor, food, and troops for his war. Vladimir Putin seriously underestimated Ukraine, which is now threatening to become his Stalingrad. Speaking of Stalingrad, Putin is about as much of a military genius as was Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Saddam Hussein.

People like Trump, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, and every Republican and NRA member who’ve taken vacations to Moscow to see a white nationalist utopia up close, believe that being a fascist dictator is the result of strong leadership skills. How many people called Hilter, Stalin, and Mao geniuses while they were killing millions of their own people? Donald Trump called Putin a genius shortly before he started bombing baby hospitals and kindergartens.

President Joe Biden doesn’t call Vladimir Putin a genius. President Joe Biden says Vladimir Putin is a “war criminal.” Biden probably called Putin that because he is a war criminal. The Kremlin says that’s “unforgivable.” The Kremlin has never criticized Donald Trump that way. What’s unforgivable is targetting civilians, including children, the way Putin has. What’s unforgivable is betraying your nation to be Putin’s toadie.

Eric Trump is the dumbest Trump, but to be fair, that’s like saying someone’s the dumbest in an elevator with Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Madison Cawthorn. The reason Vladimir Putin didn’t invade Ukraine during the Trump presidency (sic) is that he didn’t have to.

If Putin’s attack on Ukraine is all about NATO, then why would he have invaded Ukraine while Donald Trump was undermining and trying to destroy NATO?

Donald Trump was never tough on Putin. Joe Biden has been nothing but tough on Putin. Putin didn’t invade Ukraine because Biden is weak. Since the invasion began, Putin has learned just how tough Biden is.

Right now, Vladimir Putin is missing him some Donald Trump…because Donald Trump was NEVER tough on Vladimir Putin.

Music Note: While drawing today’s cartoon, I listened to the White Stripes album “White Blood Cells” until I got tired of it, then switched over to Kings of Leon’s “Only by the Night.” Fun fact: Every KOL album title is five syllables.

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  1. Putin is undoubtedly a criminal, not just a war criminal! Biden’s “toughness” leaves a lot to be desired. Along with all those other Nato leaders, including Justin Ttudeau. Meanwhile, bombs keep falling and bullets keep buzzing in Ukraine, where it is “only” Ukrainians who are being sacrificed. Becsuse they are not officially a member of Nato? What a joke!


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