Why Do I Hate Tucker?

Even though Fox News is more of an entertainment outlet than a real source of news, actual journalists do work at Fox News. Sure, you don’t see them in prime time and a lot of their contributions get manipulated to push agendas over news, but there are journalists at Fox News who take their jobs seriously.

But while Fox News highlights hacks like Greg Gutfeld sneering at actual news and Tucker Carlson defending Vladimir Putin while sitting in a comfortable studio where the greatest dangers are sniffles from the brisk central air system, real journalists like Pierre Zakrzewski, Oleksandra Kuvshynova, Benjamin Hall, and Brent Renaud are in war zones exposing the truth to the rest of the world.

Last week, Greg Gutfeld claimed the media were emotionally manipulating viewers with footage from the war in Ukraine. Since Fox News is the number one “news” channel in ratings, they are the media. And a lot of that war footage was coming from Pierre Zakrzewski and Oleksandra Kuvshynova who were risking their lives while Gutfeld was on the air downplaying their contributions.

Benjamin Hall, another actual journalist at Fox News who was on the ground in Kyiv, rebuked Gutfeld explaining to him, “This is not the media trying to drum up some emotional response. This is absolutely what’s happening.” Hall should know better than Gutfeld as he’s not only on the ground covering the war, he was injured shortly after his exchange with Gutfeld.

Greg Gutfeld should apologize, not just to Hall, but to his viewers for downplaying a war in favor of his pro-Putin bias. He should apologize for not doing his job.

Shortly before the invasion began, Tucker asked, rhetorically, “Why do I hate Putin so much?”

Tucker did an entire segment saying, “It may be worth asking yourself, since it is getting pretty serious, what is this really about? Why do I hate Putin so much? Has Putin ever called me a racist? Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him?”

Tucker asked his viewers whether Putin had promoted “racial discrimination” in schools, made fentanyl, attempted to “snuff out” Christianity, or eaten dogs. Tucker said, “These are fair questions, and the answer to all of them is ‘no.’ Vladimir Putin didn’t do any of that. So, why does permanent Washington hate him so much?”

Tucker, I can give you two damn good reasons to hate Vladimir Putin: Pierre Zakrzewski and Oleksandra Kuvshynova. We can also include Benjamin Hall and Brent Renaud.

Vladimir Putin killed Pierre Zakrzewski this week. Zakrzewski was covering the war on the ground in Ukraine so his colleagues back home, like Tucker and Greg, could report the information and know exactly what was going on. It’s just a shame Tucker and Greg abused the resource that was Pierre Zakrzewski.

Pierre Zakrzewski was an Irish photojournalist and a fixture in war zones and in addition to Ukraine had covered conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Fox gave the cameraman the company’s “Unsung Hero” award for helping evacuate Afghan citizens who had worked for the network along with their families last summer.

Oleksandra Kuvshynova was also murdered by Vladimir Putin this week. She was serving as a consultant for Fox News in Ukraine, helping the network’s team navigate the area, gather news, and speak with sources.

Pierre Zakrzewski and Oleksandra Kuvshynova were killed when the car they were traveling in came under fire. Benjamin Hall, who had to rebuke Greg Gutfeld that this was is actually happening and not some anti-Putin media extravaganza, was in the same vehicle and injured.

Brent Renaud, a documentary filmmaker who was in Ukraine for Time Studios, was killed last week in a suburb of Kyiv.

Journalists are putting their lives at risk to bring us the news. It’s just too bad that the majority of viewers are watching an outlet like Fox News.

While the goons at Fox News would rather defend Putin and repeat his propaganda, real journalists are in danger covering news in a war zone. Fox News’ Pentagon correspondent Jennifer Griffin said, “If ever there was a time that the world needed journalists, reporters, risking their lives to tell these stories, it’s now. Without a free press, the autocrats win.”

We do need journalists. What we don’t need are the Tucker Carlsons and Greg Gutfelds posing as journalists. Tucker and Gutfeld, instead of being cheerleaders for Vladimir Putin, should understand why they should hate the man who murdered their colleagues.

Sure, Tucker. Putin’s not eating dogs or making fentanyl. He hasn’t fired you or tried to “snuff out” Christianity. He hasn’t taught any Critical Race Theory courses in our schools. He’s never even called you a racist. So, why hate Putin? There are a lot of good reasons to hate Vladimir Putin, like his killing of civilians, but you can hate him because he killed your colleagues.

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  1. Marina Ovsyannikova flashed a “No War” sign on a Russia news show. She was arrested and little heard since. She had a web site called ” NOWAR.com ” . Zelenskyy purchased the domain of her web site and in her honor posts daily information and photos and has a tribute to her bravery. The site can be accessed at https://volodymyr.com/

    As for Carlson and also Madison Cawthorn and their pro-Putin, Pro-war comments and video clips …. Russia broadcasts their video clips over and over to the Russian people. Tucker and Cawthorn play right into the hands of the Russian Propagandists.

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  2. Tucker would probably run if someone threatened a love one on the street. He is a coward, and therefore a long-distance bully. He bullies his watchefs from afar, but if there was even a nint of danger he would disappear like a ghost.


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    THIS!! ,,, “We do need journalists. What we don’t need are the Tucker Carlsons and Greg Gutfelds posing as journalists. Tucker and Gutfeld, instead of being cheerleaders for Vladimir Putin, should understand why they should hate the man who murdered their colleagues.”


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