Roughs, Volume 129

Hoo boy, I drew a lot of roughs last week. I drew even more this week which you’ll see next week. I’m tired. Here are 16 from the previous week.

I just find it very convenient for Republicans to be standing up for Ukraine and its president now when in 2019, they were fine with Donald Trump commiting the crime of extorting the guy with (what?) U.S. weapons authorized for the defense of Ukraine (against who?) Russia. The cynic in me believes Republicans don’t really care and this is more about politics.
I didn’t draw this cartoon because of time and I had covered the baby hospital a good bit.

Big oil is profiting off this war. When oil prices go up, the prices at gas stations go up, and big oil makes profits. And, last week when oil prices came down, and gas prices, gues what they did, they went up. Everyone sacrifices during a war except big oil and the defense industry. They’re almost as bad as the GOP.

I wasn’t sure if I liked this one or not.

This is one where I knew I’d lose half my audience as only people who have seen the movie Tommy Boy would get it. When I go into a cartoon knowing that, I’m OK with it. And it’s not a reader’s fault if they don’t get it. I was also accused of body shaming but I don’t feel as if I’m calling him out for being fat because we already know he’s fat. He knows he’s fat. Hell, I know I’m pudgier than I used to be. When Chris Farley did the joke, he was making fun of himself for being fat. The joke here is not the fat guy but the little coat. But, if I’m wrong and I did body shame William Barr, a liar and a very vile person who used his position as United States Attorney General to be Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, I’m ok with that too. He’s fat.

This is just something I threw against the wall to see if it’d stick. This is the kind of idea I’ll shoot down and let other cartoonists draw. Unless of course, if my CNN editor had picked it, then I would have drawn it.

This is the rough I sent to several friends to see if I should go with it. I went back and forth on it several times. I even slept on it and woke up against drawing it, then changed my mind again. But, I didn’t get any backlash from the LGBTQ community for this which is the only thing I was afraid of.

I posted this on social media last week and someone actually replied, “Wait…this isn’t a political cartoon.” That was some fine sleuthing, but yes. This is NOT a political cartoon. I was in the middle of drawing these roughs, getting kinda frustrated, and popped this out to release some steam.
I thought of this while messaging with my friend, Quannah. We were talking about war crimes and I made a typo and wrote “warm crimes.” Then I joked about “worm crimes.” And then this cartoon came out of that. Yes, this cartoon came from a typo. This cartoon was drawn for me to amuse myself. Worm crimes. HAHAHAHA! I like worms.

Again, I throwing something against the wall to see if it would stick. It did not. Honestly, I don’t even know what this means.

I liked this but I combined it with the idea below…

…and I turned it into Tucker making excuses for Putin with the Hitler baby photo. It was funny. Trust me. How many times in one week can I draw a Tucker cartoon? Three. I drew three Tucker cartoons this week and each one of them was well deserved.

This is a subject my editor threw at me which I was pretty sure we weren’t going to do. I wrote this from that just to get something out of it. We do this occasionally. In a way, it’s another venting to release steam. By the way, Donald Trump is a moron and literally suggested we engage in war crimes, and no…not worm crimes.

I did an official version of this cartoon.

I don’t like this one. It didn’t stick either.

Another that wasn’t sticky. I’ve been making a lot of spaghetti lately because I’m really good with sauce. A lot of people throw a noodle against the wall because if it sticks, your noodles are done. I don’t do that because I can tell when noodles are done and don’t like noodles on my walls…but I’ve been using the analogy.

This is the rough from which last week’s CNN cartoon was picked from. The editor and the page designer both snickered a lot over “SS Harumph.” I did too. Did I get “harumph” from Blazing Saddles? Probably. Would I even know of “harumph” if not for Blazing Saddles?

My editor laughed about this one too and it was the last rough sent to him for the week because I told him that if he didn’t pick one of these now, I was going to throw some hot noodles at him. Another way to see if noodles are done is to throw them at newspaper editors. Fact.
We didn’t go with this idea and I never seriously considered it for my newspaper clients. But, we did have a conversation about McRibs. Now, I kinda want a McRib. Did you know that you can tell a McRib is done by throwing it on a wall? If it sticks, it’s a McRib. If you’re a Republican, you should really try this then let me know how it worked out.

So, kids…which of these are your faves?

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  1. Fave: The Devil saving a room for Putin. But it should probably be a worse room.. overcrowded with 2 sets of bunk beds, with Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot ( or your choice) saving the last bunk for him……😭😭😭


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