Trump Turdlings


A New York state judge issued a ruling Thursday that Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Ivanka Trump must sit down and face questions from investigators over potential bank fraud, tax dodging, and shady real estate values. The judge wrote in his order that they must also turn over documents, those that haven’t been flushed yet, and the three turds must sit for depositions, probably in chairs, within the next 21 days. In case you’re a Republican, 21 days is three weeks.

The Trumps are also facing other investigations, criminal and civil, in Manhattan, Washington, D.C, and Atlanta. The Trumps don’t believe they should have to provide testimony, documents, or be held accountable for anything because they’re royalty and they smell better than us lowly commoners.

New York’s attorney general Letitia James has a civil investigation that’s been going on since 2020 and she claims to have “significant evidence of financial fraud.” Eric Trump has already been forced to testify. When Eric did testify, he invoked his Fifth Amendment right over 500 times. Remember when his father claimed anyone who had to invoke the Fifth was lying and probably a member of the mafia? Yeah, good times.

Trump and his turdlings have been smearing James to distract from the case. She responded by documenting how the Trump Organization has, allegedly, faked the value of at least six of its New York state properties. Last week, the Trump Organization’s longtime outside accounting firm, Mazars, ditched them as a client stating they can’t trust the documents the Trump Organization has given them. This is yet another example of someone close to Trump saying you can’t trust him. Duh.

The state’s civil investigation is also linking up with the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal investigation into alleged tax dodging and financial fraud by the Trump Organization.

Trump, Ivanka, and Jr. will be forced to testify about how so many family real estate development projects and properties had wildly fluctuating values that seemed high whenever they needed loans but low whenever it came time to pay taxes.

As the great John Fogerty sang:
Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
Lord, don’t they help themselves, yeah.
But when the taxman comes to the door
The house look a like a rummage sale

During the two-hour court hearing over the decision to force the Trumps to testify, part of their lawyer’s argument that they shouldn’t have to is because Hillary Clinton spied on Donald Trump. Shockingly, that lawyer wasn’t Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, the MyPillow Guy, or Mr. Hanky.

Before the hearing, Eric tweeted, “On Thursday, our team will be in front of a New York Judge outlining the blatantly unethical behavior of @TishJames the NY Attorney General. There are 81 pages of videos, tweets & fundraising solicitations (some as recent as two weeks ago) in our lawsuit for the judge to see.”

It didn’t work.

Hopefully, the family that goons together goes to prison together.

Music Note: I listened to The Beatles’ Revolver album while drawing today’s cartoon. It’s probably the only Beatles album where I don’t like any of Paul’s songs.

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  1. Best cartoon I have seen in years! (Or maybe I am just in the perfect mood to be entertained.) To go with the “flow,” I doubt 15 flushes will be sufficient to getting rid of his two “off”-spring!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. On-going hearty laugh with this cartoon. Trump’s legacy will forever be linked to toilets, toilet plungers, and multiple toilet flushings.
    (Trump=All things Toilet)
    Some get thrown under the bus …. others just get flushed.
    Nice job Mr. Jones!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Where is Hunter? Where is his computer? What about all of Brandon’s nefarious dealings in Ukraine? You know the one he admitted to in public while he was VP. He also took a $3,000,000 payoff from the then wife of the mayor of Moscow. Shouldn’t journalists (cartoonists are journalists too) be interested in holding truth to power no matter the political party?


      1. I thought it was being kept in Giuliani’s bedroom, with all the other ‘evidence’ he’s claimed (and claimed and claimed, ad nauseam) to have.


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