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A few days ago when my most recent Trump cartoon was posted on GoComics, one of the trolls went after me for being obsessed with Trump. I took a look at what else was on the page that day and there were two cartoons about Hillary Clinton from the MAGA cartoonists…on just that day.

This cartoon isn’t inspired by that one wingnut but by all of them. Every time I draw a cartoon on Donald Trump, I get these accusations that I can’t let Trump go. It’s also funny that while they think Trump won, they say I should ignore him because he’s not president (sic) anymore.

But this criticism is coming from the same people who screamed about Benghazi for years and never produced anything. They claimed without evidence that the Clinton Foundation is corrupt, yet it’s the Trump Foundation that doesn’t exist anymore because the state of New York dismantled it because…wait for it…it was corrupt. They scream about Clinton’s private server, her emails, and destroying government cell phones and ignore that Donald Trump literally stole presidential records and took them home and also tore apart documents and flushed them down the toilet.

Can you imagine the outrage if there was a Hillary University?

Now, the MAGA brigade is jumping up and down while hollering about Hillary Clinton spying on Trump, and not just his campaign, but his presidency (sic). What?

MAGAts have been using the phrase “Russia hoax” for the past several years, claiming all the accusations and investigations on Trump and Russia were based on something that never happened, yet it did happen. A LOT of Trump/Russia shit happened. It’s not a hoax that Russia helped Donald Trump win the presidency. It is not a hoax that Trump is subservient to and protective of Vladimir Putin.

But just last week, Trump was on goon TV and said, “All of the things they said about me and Russia, it was them and Russia. It was them and Russia, they worked with Russia.”

Now, that’s a hoax.

He also predicted there would be “a lot coming” from special counsel John Durham and that Durham would “fully expose” Democratic efforts to tie his campaign to Russia.

First off, if Democrats attempted to tie Trump to Russia, there is no crime in that. Campaigns investigate other campaigns. Campaigns make accusations. Campaigns tie opponents to people and entities they don’t want to be tied to. Do you remember Republicans trying to tie President Obama to terrorists? That’s a fact of politics. But, what’s this John Durham shit?

John Durham was appointed special counsel by Trump’s attorney general and protector William Barr… in secret. The idea there was to appoint a special counsel to undermine the special counsel appointed by Barr’s predecessor, Jeff Sessions, and destroy the credibility of all the accusations on Trump and Russia. But at first, the Trump/Barr Justice Department didn’t want anyone to know they were doing it.

Four days after Trump made the prediction about Durham “exposing” Democrats, Durham made claims in an electronic federal court filing that have led MAGAts to believe Hillary Clinton spied on Donald Trump while he was president (sic). Golly, this special counsel wasn’t in contact with Trump, was he?

Durham is accusing a prosecutor of lying to the FBI about a conflict of interest, that he was also working for the Clinton Campaign. The prosecutor had previously had clients who worked for the Clinton Campaign. The entire gist of the 13-page document is about this guy lying to the FBI, not spying for Clinton. It’s really confusing, but somehow, the MAGA people are connecting this prosecutor, Michael Sussmann, to an internet security provider that kept track of the web addresses that Internet users at the White House were visiting. That’s the easiest way I could break this down as it’s truly complicated. But you have to split a lot of hairs that this is connected to Hillary Clinton or that if anyone gave her web addresses White House internet users were visiting, is somehow spying on Trump. Also, this tracking is done by every internet security company, and this particular tracking may have been done before Trump was president (sic).

The Washington Post has probably done the best job of compiling how all this is put together. Be warned, your head may spin.

But, the special counsel appointed by William Barr doesn’t actually accuse Clinton of spying on Trump. It’s not mentioned anywhere in the 13-page document he transmitted at midnight on a Friday.

That hasn’t stopped right-wing media, GOP members of Congress, former members of the Trump administration, other assorted Trump goons, and Trump himself, who once claimed Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, that Hillary spied on his presidency (sic). Trump has even suggested there should be a death penalty for this.

Now, could you imagine the outrage if Hillary Clinton had invited nationals from another country to visit her campaign headquarters to dish dirt on Trump? Can you imagine the outrage if a foreign government hacked into the Trump Campaign’s computers, and released emails to the public? Can you imagine the outrage if Hillary had read the hacked information out loud at campaign events? Can you imagine the outrage if Hillary ever publicly asked a foreign nation to hack her opponent’s campaign? It wasn’t Hillary who said, “Russia, if you’re listening.”

These new accusations that Hillary Clinton spied on Donald Trump’s presidency (sic) may be the greatest example of a nothingburger there has ever been. Yet, while I’m “obsessed” with Donald Trump, here’s a right-wing cartoon on Hillary. Hey, here’s another. And here’s another. And here’s another. And here’s another. And here’s another. And here’s another. And here’s another. And…you guessed it…here’s another.

I’m going to make a wild guess that none of those MAGAt cartoonists have actually read Durham’s 13-page report.

There’s nothing on that Hillary burger; meanwhile, my next cartoon will be on Trump. Why? Because it has to be. You can’t ignore what Trump has done and the danger he still poses. There’s a whole lotta shit on them burgers.

Music Note: This was a quick cartoon so I didn’t have much time for music while drawing it, but I did squeeze in a few songs from Blondie while coloring.

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  1. Clay, one reason to discuss the former president is too many of his fans still believe his BS. By the way, a couple of key conclusions in “The Mueller Report” are there was way too much inappropriate contact with Russian resources with the Trump campaign and the former president lied. Just because AG William Barr took a big white paint brush to it, does not mean there were not inappropriate conduct findings.

    Yet, the former president has blown past the Mueller report with his shadow diplomacy and extortion of the Ukraine president and his Big Lie and seditious actions leading up to and on January 6. The latter and his poor handling of the pandemic has led presidential historians to put Trump in the bottom five of presidents as per CBS Sunday Morning News. And, yet his fans still do not think his #2 stinks.



  2. Silly people–don’t you know there are separate sets of rules for Republicans and Democrats? It’s right there in the 8th Article of the U.S. Constitution just after the section on the two Corinthians.


  3. Wait – didn’t Michael Flynn lie to the FBI too ? Oh yeh – wait…

    And John Durham’s facial fungus makes John Bolton’s look regal.


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