Roughs, Volume 125

Yay, kids. It’s time for more roughs. All of these were drawn the week before last.


I think I drew this idea before the Trump’s toilet fetish became public. I can’t remember why I didn’t make a real official cartoon from this idea. Something else I thought was better must have superseded it. 


This was one of my first ideas on the Marjorie Taylor Greene and gazpacho thing. The only thing I really dug about this one was having her sleeping with a Trumpy Bear.


This wasn’t a great idea but I would have enjoyed drawing Whoopi Goldberg in an official cartoon.


I thought of this idea while pitching ideas to CNN, but I didn’t send this to them. This is one of those ideas I knew was dangerous yet a few of my clients would still run it. The Detroit Times did just that. Everyone who saw it kinda lost their minds. 


This one got a lot of play too. I had an issue about the issue. Everyone was too busy making fun of Mararie Taylor Greene’s stupidity and either glossed over or totally overlooked her hatred and bigotry. So, when I was making a cartoon with a concept I knew was being kinda overplayed (the Soup Nazi), I was OK with it because I was using it to make a point nobody else was making. Plus, I thought it was funny and enjoyed drawing the Soup Nazi.


This is the one CNN picked, but we changed the labels to widen the net of all who we were criticizing. It’s not just official members of hate groups we have to worry about. And yeah, I know. I misspelled “gazpacho.” 

So which of these are your favorites? 

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