Mr. Taliban Head


Tucker Carlson has a nightly TV show in prime time where he offers his opinions on anything and everything despite the fact he has no real world experience at anything. Tucker especially fails at grasping foreign relations and the military. This trust-fund baby barely survived prep school and even got kicked out of one in Switzerland, probably for being too white.

None of that stops Tucker from being Tucker. Even if Tucker was capable of understanding complex matters, he’d still use the fall of Afghanistan as ammunition for his favorite cause, hating progressivism, which he also seems to know nothing about. Yes, Tucker is blaming the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban on wokeness.

First, when liberals speak of being “woke,” they’re being sarcastic. It’s kind of a way to mock conservatives who mock liberals, or just empathetic people for being openminded. Woke is another culture war brand like cancel culture and political correctness. Woke is gaining a better understanding or race and sex. Cancel culture is getting rid of hateful images and not letting Nazis speak on college campuses. Political correctness is just not being an asshole. Conservatives hate all these movements and if they’re really good at hating it, they get a talk show. But none of this stuff is weakening our military.

Last week, Tucker said on his show, “It turns out the people of Afghanistan don’t actually want gender studies symposia. They didn’t actually buy the idea that men can become pregnant. They thought that was ridiculous. They don’t hate their own masculinity. They don’t think it’s toxic — they like the patriarchy. Some of their women like it too.”

This is why people who watch Fox News are so ignorant of current events. If you listen to Tucker, it sounds like the Taliban won an election and the people rejected the liberal agenda of the former government. This sells really well to Tucker’s audience, which is mostly made up of Christian male white supremacists. But how does Tucker know any of this? Has there been a poll in Afghanistan? Can Tucker cite a source that he didn’t pull out of his ass?

The Taliban did not win an election. The people of Afghanistan did NOT choose the Taliban. For that matter, the government that was chased out was only slightly less conservative than the Taliban. Both sides create laws guided by their religious fundamentalism. This was not a battle between conservatives and progressives. Basically, this is like going from conservatives in Alabama to conservatives who want to eliminate voting and women’s right entirely. OK, Alabama was a bad example.

Prep boy Tucker is also selling the idea the military was selling “wokeness.” Do what? The United States military wasn’t selling liberalism to Afghanistan. The U.S. military was even turning a blind eye to the child-abuse culture of Afghanistan. Yes, that is a real thing. Ignoring child abuse is not being woke.

But Tucker is not alone with this idiotic argument.

Rod Dreher, from the American Conservative (it’s a magazine…I think), wrote, “America might not know how to win actual wars, but it sure is going to equip its troops to win the culture war against traditional morality and old-fashioned American values.” Dreher, like Tucker, is a big fan of the nationalistic Hungarian government. They’re hungry for Hungary. See what I did there?

Kurt Schlicter, who writes for the ultra-conservative website, Town Hall, also uses the word “woke” to describe our military. He also ponders the question: Why hasn’t Antifa done anything about the Taliban yet? This is where you’re allowed to pause to slap your forehead.

You can look at these morons and believe their opinions shouldn’t matter because they are in fact morons. These opinions are not based on any facts and they’re only used to spread their brand of hate. But, they have a large audience that eats up these moronic opinions. Tucker has the most popular “news” show on primetime. Kurt Schlicter has over 340,000 followers on Twitter. Roy Dreher has over 70,000. People, mostly racists, are listening to these mooks. Hate sells. It got Donald Trump elected. It’s making Tucker Carlson richer. It makes people buy shitty pillows.

While the United States didn’t defeat the Taliban, Afghanistan lost Afghanistan. And it’s not because people can’t decide if Mr. Potato Head is a mister or not. Fact: Neither Mr. or Mrs. Potato head has a penis.

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  1. I try to live by Voltair’s maxim: I may disagree with what that man says, but I will defend, to the death, his right to say it. Some of these folks present a real challenge to my beliefs. Deep breath.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    There are so many ‘basking’ in a sea of willful ignorance!! … “The Taliban did not win an election. The people of Afghanistan did NOT choose the Taliban. For that matter, the government that was chased out was only slightly less conservative than the Taliban. Both sides create laws guided by their religious fundamentalism. This was not a battle between conservatives and progressives.”

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  3. The Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Saturday weighed in on the situation in Afghanistan, describing it as “largely a wealth transfer from U.S. taxpayers to military contractors.”
    On Twitter, many responded to Taleb’s post by noting that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said years ago the goal in Afghanistan “is to have an endless war not a successful war,” in order to “wash money out of the tax bases of the United States…into the hands of the transnational security elite.”

    The war in Afghanistan has served our military industrial complex well. Mission accomplished.

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    1. Yet you all are critical of Trump who finally had the gnads to say let’s get the hell out of there. Biden agreed but had no gnads which benefitted the taliban quite nicely


  4. People like Carlson are the reason a recent picnic turned into people yelling about how awful cancel culture is and an elderly woman asking a substitute teacher if he has to teach Critical Race Theory…. [eyeroll] [facepalm]


  5. Yeah Biden really showed how much smarter he is compared to Trump. Pulling the military out first and leaving all of that “wealth” for the taliban to take possession of was brilliant. Your woke definition is very funny, really it is.


      1. Earlier deadline doesn’t mean it would have been the disaster that it was when we pulled out the way we did under Biden. Trump gets no credit for being the one to set a withdrawal in motion. As far as I’m concerned Bush and Obama deserve to be criticized for us being and staying there. Biden just put a big rotten cherry on top of a big turd sundae.


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