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When I heard that President Joe Biden was going to deliver more remarks last Friday on Afghanistan, my first thought was, “Stop.”

President Biden usually has a speech every day. Sometimes he does two. I think it might be a bit much in absence of press conferences, which he does occasionally. But he has done a good job showing he is on top of the issues and knows what he’s doing…until Afghanistan.

After Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, Biden took a day…and another before addressing the nation. He had to figure out what to say to the nation after his prediction, that the Taliban wouldn’t overrun the government, was proven wrong in 11 days. He never addressed that.

President Biden went from saying the Taliban won’t fail to it was inevitable to it’s not a failure. While saying the buck stops with him, he spread the blame. He even blamed Afghans for not wanting to leave, ignoring the backlog of visa applications before the troop withdrawal. As Biden likes to say, c’mon, man.

But at least he’s not Trump. Yes, a lot of this is the fault of Donald Trump who set the timeline, who negotiated with the Taliban instead of the Afghanistan government, who claimed the Taliban would fight terror which is like saying McDonald’s will fight obesity. And mostly, it was Donald Trump’s administration who did everything it could to prevent Afghan refugees from entering the United States. George W. Bush should also accept a lot of the blame because like with Iraq, there was never a plan to get out of Afghanistan.

For the record, while I was opposed to the invasion of Iraq, I totally supported the invasion of Afghanistan to the point of taking out the host of al Qaida, the terrorists who attacked our nation from Afghanistan. People forget that 9/11 was NOT the first terrorist attack against our nation committed by al Qaida from the comfort and security of Afghanistan, courtesy of the Taliban. But I was never in favor of nation building or staying in Afghanistan for two decades. That’s lunacy and history tells us it doesn’t work.

Being in Afghanistan is not President Biden’s fault. Withdrawing from Afghanistan is not President Biden’s fault. The way we conducted this withdrawal is partly President Biden’s fault. If Donald Trump left us in such a horrible position that a withdrawal would create a disaster such as this, then the current president should have done something about it. Maybe he should have gotten all those visas approved before we closed our embassy and gave up the military airfield. Just saying.

While you can blame Trump, you can’t look at this and say Biden has done a good job with it. But, you can say, “At least he’s not Trump.” Right?

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  1. I remember the al-Qaida attack on a ship the year before 9/11. It killed a young man from the city where I live, so the local newspaper ran stories on it all the time. Then 9/11 happened and dwarfed the attack on the ship, which went into the memory hole.


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