Roughs, Volume 103

I drew twelve roughs the week before last. Yes, I did record them.


I love Schmebruary. I was totally going to draw this one until one of my readers said I should do a cartoon on a deep-state calendar, and totally ruined it for me.


I liked this one so much that I went ahead posted it on social media after the reinstatement failed to happen. I shared it because I knew I wasn’t going to make an official carton out of it. I had just covered the reinstatement failure and I thought this cartoon would be be overkill. I felt different about the Shmebruary cartoon. Maybe I’ll resurrect one of them when the Trump presidency fails to resurrect at the next selected date.


I think this was my first stab on the anti-science crowds threatening school boards members in Tennessee over school mask mandates. This was definitely not good enough.


Then I drew this and it became the cartoon for last week’s opinion newsletter by CNN. I really liked it and had fun with another crowd scene.


I thought this would be a fun point to make in regards to Cuomo, but I knew someone else would make the very same point. That’s OK and cartoonists often make the same points as each other, but this wasn;t strong enough to join in. I do enjoy drawing political conventions which I was robbed of last year because of Covid.


I don’t know what I was doing here, but it definitely didn’t work. It did lead to something better.


Which was this. This idea went from the rough to being a finished and published cartoon.


I didn’t get around to drawing this one because I didn’t love it. But it’s always safe to draw a weather cartoon. Editors love them which means they’re usually not very good. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, you do believe it has been hot.


I like this one. I might bring it back because we all know Rand Paul isn’t done demonstrating he’s an idiot with science. Plus, the bird. 


I didn’t finish this cartoon, but it did lead to the next one.


And it pissed off a lot of hillbillies. And honestly it’s not fair. Not everyone in rural America is a banjo player. 


I was in the process of drawing this when I got an idea I like better…which I think was two dogs watching TV. I didn’t even get around to drawing the fish in the fish bowl in this one.

Which of these are your favorites?

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  1. Amazing, isn’t it, how those who say, ‘Don’t believe the science and the doctors!’ are the same ones who run to the hospital when they contract COVID. THEN, they suddenly believe the science and the doctors.


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